Aquaman - Doug Reviews

Aquaman – Doug Reviews

Has DC gotten another great film under it’s aqua-belt, or is this one also dead in the water? Doug checks out Aquaman.

Aquaman is a 2018 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Directed by James Wan, with a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall, from a story by Geoff Johns, Wan and Beall, it stars Jason Momoa as the title character, with Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman in supporting roles.

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hey everybody Doug Walker here I just saw Aquaman sorry it took a little bit to get to this came out on Christmas so like three big movies came out on Christmas and I'm maybe because of my job I don't usually see movies around Christmas time you know cuz I I see them all the time uh you know I want Christmas just be my friends and family but a lot of people go see movies on Christmas they like sharing that experience you know cool um I usually don't have time so three big movies came out one was Mary Poppins which came out before this because I really wanted to see I'll come him first but I came out first like a day before so now I've seen this one and I'm gonna try and see bumblebee believe it or not not because I had much interests of the transformer movies anymore but I have a friend in it John Bailey that the eyes trailer guy epic voice guy he's in it he's technically two of the Transformers I like supporting my friends so if you go see it if I haven't seen it yes I'm gonna try and get to that too blah blah blah talk about Aquaman um let's give really good reviews a lot of people are liking it and shit if you were to tell me like out of the DC Universe that the two superheroes that wouldn't get very good movies were Batman and Superman and the ones who would get the best movies are Wonder Woman Aquaman I'd be like what Universal Michael yeah this was a lot of fun I have a blast with this movie it's not perfect but I mean like this is like the closest to like a big epic DC movie like I feel like they just went to James 1 and they're like okay your big hit director and everything I mean we don't want to be a horror film or anything I know you probably want brand Chad so uh just give us a good superhero movie I mean it's Aquaman I know that's tough it's the guy that talks to fish and everything but you know just me do something with it uh you know when we got Drago that'll help you know he's pretty cool so you know just do something within he's like yeah cool I want to make Lord of the Rings so that's what he did he did this big Lord of the Rings epic and he's not bad it's actually hugely entertaining and it feels big it looks big you know we saw this on IMAX just because we couldn't find a time for the standard screen I was just like oh I don't I don't need to see Aquaman on IMAX I don't need I am so glad I did this looked amazing this was just like one of the best looking films I've seen all year and that's it's a good year of like good-looking films uh so I mean it's the story is very I want to say basic but but like you've kind of heard it before it's the long-lost you know the person who was born who shouldn't have been born has a connection to like greatness in this case it's like a royal family and he doesn't think he's anything he's in between worlds but now something bad is gonna happen that's gonna affect the world he came from and the world he's in and that's going to you know set everything a blunder cuz everything's gonna blow up or whatever so now he has to go back and redeem himself but he's not ready so he has to go on this big journey with this person he doesn't get along with but it's probably gonna get along with by the end some connection to his parents some connection to some device or devices that he has to find you've heard this a million times that's not the strength of the movie honestly if you showed me this script I'd be like well there's some cool things in here but come on you got it you got a scale scale some of this back and I the problem that the problem I do have it is long it is such a long movie I mean it felt like it was three hours when we look at the running time it was like kind of close in like I don't know I got a factor in previews and everything but it felt long and every time they're gonna go do something else it's like oh Christ do we have to but then when we got there it was always fun it was always entertaining and I think a lot of that is the main actor is a very enjoyable Aquaman very different I haven't read Aquaman growing up but I I know what he looks like I have a general idea about his power it doesn't seem that interesting to me but they they made them a lot of fun in this I mean getting the guy who played Rago but that's really cool that's a cool actor um and just the the wide scale of this I mean Atlantis in this looks amazing I mean all the shots in this some of the circling shots get the the you know there's a prison here the camera like circles around it that gets a little old after a while but they they still look really nice and there's probably a little bit of like the exposition stuff where somebody would be like well now we have to do this why well let me go into the grand story blah blah blah and there's a lot of that well now we have to get this thing what's that thing well let me go into the grand story oh so there's there's a lot of that and it does feel like exposition but it's such beautiful looking exposition and the actors are so dedicated to it and they're just so in this world and they're they're saying it like they're in the Lord of the Rings movie I mean now with that comes kind of the goofy comedy and not every scene works and again who feels long but uh by the end you kind of felt like you saw this big big movie uh it didn't feel like it was about much and that you know again you've seen this kind of story millions of times but it's just the the scale of it and the way it was shot and the way they act in everyone treated it so seriously but not to a fault not to a point where you're like okay lighten up because because there are funnier moments and the main character is kind of a you know he cracks one-liners and stuff and the Percy's traveling which he can't does the same thing she does I have faith with them so she makes fun of them and stuff and yeah even the opening the waves parents meet I mean it's this lighthouse attendant Nao's guy looks after a white house and like the queen of atlantis and they form this relationship and they're learning about their two worlds and it's funny and it's cute and it's charismatic and you really like them so yeah the action is a lot of fun in it it's it's a very distinct style which I found interesting like I think it works here I think she kind of stopped here you know cuz the the way it's kind of done there are a lot of shots that kind of go on and on like seeing if they can do it in one shot which clearly they use computers to break it up and stuff but there's also again kind of that circling really wide angle lens way of doing things where they'll kind of get really close to a person then back up and then circle around and go over here it's a person flies they'll follow him and then circle back the other way they try to do these really super wide angle one take shots which again I mean I feel like a computer broke it up in certain scenes but they're mostly done good but I don't want to see it to be like a continuing thing or if they're gonna do it they have to add more to it cuz here it's like great now I feel like if I saw that the exact same thing another movie I'd be sick of it but the actual stunts are great the underwater scenes they well they don't look real they look great there's I was kind of wondering how you gonna do this underwater world I mean first of all it's gotta be super expensive because a lot of stuff not surprisingly as underwater in this somehow they work in the desert I don't know how they did that but but that's it not even like you know half the movie I mean a lot of it is underwater and again it doesn't look like wow it's really there but it just looks so gorgeous and so beautiful and everybody moves so elegantly that you just kind of go you know this is just beautiful I'm diggin it I just think it looks fantastic um the so yeah even kind of like the swimming around there's times it doesn't make a whole lot of sense I think you kind of know that going into a comic book movie like it's not gonna be like you know they start off this one fight it kind of came in the middle of the movie I think it's like near the end of the first act maybe but you know the main villain who's a good main villain in this to it have very dignified and very strong or interesting you know he's fighting Aquaman here and they're fighting like on the ground you know like walk around and they shoot into the air and they start fighting at the air the water I guess and they start swimming around I was just like well why why did it start with them on crowd how does that even work but that's that comic books so it's kind of that weird movement where sometimes they'll walk around just like they're people but then they'll you know like project I don't like a super fart the water I can't be the first one to say that but it it's this cool thing where it's almost like a rocket pack that kind of go like this and boom like something almost shoots from their feet and they go across the water and it's cool it just looks like they're farting sorry that's tell me someone else's made that joke alright anyway it might be only mature bass I don't care so alright so you got this beautiful world is this beautiful it can looks like the avatar better looking avatar in my opinion and you have this again this very typical plot but we just likeable actors who are really dedicated some decent enough character writing I I feel like this this could have felt like too much exposition this Coffelt like too much going from place to place and everything but every and it does a little bit but every time it starts to they add something cool they add something neat like there's just enough of a spin on it or just enough new stuff on to make it like really fun and with that said I feel like there are gonna be people that watch this and they're just gonna be like this was way too much for you know kind of a run-of-the-mill story even though it's a it's a run-of-the-mill epic story you know it's like you've heard these a lot of epics it's like what Eragon tried to do the movie I've never read the book but but like what the movie tried to do it's like god we've seen this so many times and there's nothing new where with this there is a lot of new stuff and impressive stuff and visually stunning stuff in it so I think there are gonna be people they're gonna be like there's just too much going on in this and in terms of character and story they're not adding too many new elements and it's fair enough I can see that especially when the film goes as long as it does uh and that is a problem but for me like they always they always just added some sort of new twist or some sort of cool visual or some sort of interesting thing about the world or a funny one line there are the characters are just likeable enough but if you were to give me this script like you know no production designs or anything just the script that belie lucky this one guy is haunting him because you know uncle MELAS father died you could cut him out they have to go to like five places to find this device that's gonna like bring them all the power you could cut out like three of those places you know I'd be looking at the script and say chop that chop that chop that uh and yeah you could but there's so I don't know the screenwriters or the director or whatever months I just looked at this and saw a possibility it's like no weekend I want this to feel epic and in epics they got to go to various places you know lore the Rings Zelda you know a lot of these quest stories so I feel like it worked just enough and the characters and the acting we're strong enough and the visuals were so amazing and the action was entertaining that I really had a good time and I was squirming in my seat every once in a while but when but then something cool would happen and I just fell in love with it so yeah it's man in terms of the DC movies I guess I think yeah I think it's still like Wonder Woman more Wonder Woman had a little bit more character and she was a bit more interesting but it Mia really had that epic sighs it really had this huge scale where when a battle was happening like it felt like a big battle I was shot like an epic battle like there's some real Return of the King scenes in here that if you're gonna see it see it on IMAX I mean you will like with this way if you see it you don't see it on IMAX you're gonna be kicking yourself you're gonna be like dammit why didn't I pay the extra a couple of dollars or whatever because yeah it is really amazing to look at it is it really is one of those spectacle movies in my opinion where it's like I said it doesn't look realistic but it looks amazing it's just this phenomenal looking film and you're behind it you don't want to see the bad guy take but you also understand where the bad guys coming from you want to see aquaman win you're following him on the journey and you like the guy and he's funny and he's the arc he has to go through is you know typical but it's still a good arc you feel like yet this guy would be thinking this at this point and maybe you would too you know like he's really charming enough I almost feel like this is the second real Thor movie we got because the first one my opinions writing Iraq but Ragnarok really had a life story you know and that was part of the fun this one has like even though it's kind of standard it is a heavier story and I feel like the the directing and the acting and the visuals just really cemented as something really large really a lot of fun so uh yeah this is out of I mean granted you should probably know I'm not huge fan but DC movies that have come out but yeah I feel like out of all of them this this is probably the second best one I mean just a solid fun movie I feel like there's gonna be people they're gonna think it's too much and fair enough that's completely understandable but I really thought I dug this movie a lot I just had a blast I could maybe see it again and like I said the length is tough but it's like I will definitely buy it on blu-ray I'm gonna watch a lot of these scenes over turns to see it on the big screen like I might which I don't save for a lot of movies like I did see spider-verse again that's another one if you told me out of all the spider-man movies the one where like this anime girl is spider-man and Nicolas Cage is a film noir spider-man and all these parallel universes that's only designed to get all this into Meg universe is going from Sony would be the best spider-man that came out this year to I'd be like what the hell so this year at least in terms of like some of these comic book movies has really been a surprise and I'm really happy about it because even though the Marvel films are still going strong and it's still really entertaining I feel like these other movies they've had such a history of trying to catch up to what Marvel is doing are now doing things so different and so unique and so entertaining that kinda surpassing Marvel and don't get me wrong it's only one or two fellow Sony head into the spy reverse DC had you know Wonder Woman but that's its debate on whether or not it's better than some of the Marvel movies might be yeah I did what I definitely look through them all but with Aquaman I mean I feel like this is really a change of pace for DC and just what a random movie to do it with maybe that's why maybe because you know people know Aquaman but like if you're ask someone what's Aquaman's backstory then name five of the characters from his comic like the common person probably couldn't do it so maybe there's a little bit more freedom with it kind of the same thing with you know Wonder Woman a lot of people know Wonder Woman they can name maybe two or three other characters from the comic you know but but not much more a same thing with a spider-man the Miles character you know like a fair amount people know the Miles character but not too many know the others so maybe because there's not that weight of familiarity they feel like they can kind of have more fun with her they don't have to be too bound by it they can really expand and try new stuff and I feel like even though it is like I said a standard story they're trying this epic size thing and I just I can't believe the amount of money they threw at this – for Aquaman maybe they just knew his popularity was growing and they just you know the Wonder Woman did really well so they're like okay we gotta try like the epic size stuff the big grand lands you know the the giant whirls the royalty the king the Queen that have to go and you know have the child that's gonna save the day and you know that kind of traditional epic story so yeah you know that's another thing – it didn't feel like it was trying to connect to the other DC films I'm trying to even think of like any point maybe one or two times they mentioned Justice League but they never say Batman they never say Superman like they don't mention any of that and yeah it it was really strong for and like says fight reverse mentioned all sorts of different spider-man's and cinematic universes and that's fine too they did it very cleverly so I don't know it's way it's the first time in a while even though once the end game I am still excited to see the other Marvel properties coming out it's the first time in a while where it's like wow like even though DC is only had you know kind of one I guess two with Wonder Woman two really big you know different kind of films and the Sony said one with spider first like I'm I mean I'm more excited what those two are gonna do in the future now as opposed to Marvel which don't get me wrong Marvel's cool I'm gonna watch that I'm still excited but I feel like where they're taking they're still evolving Marvel is evolving these two properties just through the randomness and I'm really experimenting and trying new stuff are kind of taking bigger leaps because they're taking bigger risks I feel like in terms of what they're gonna show like I said who would throw this much money into Aquaman to make it this grant and all the directors known for horror you know I mean he is a big hit with a lot of the horror films but I mean like he I wouldn't think I wouldn't think this guy would be like the pinnacle Aquaman director and he did a really great job and I kind of want to see him do more epic movies honestly I want to see what he does with more action films it this is prime my favorite James Watt I like your sort of films like I always because there's gonna be something new and something creepy but I never have like one that was great from beginning to end in my opinion but I do I do like his movies like just enough this is the first one where I'm like that was awesome I want to see more of this so yeah that's about it I I really enjoyed this it's like I said it's so weird to have a year where it's like Ivan seemed really any ban Marvel movies or anything but I'm like I'm excited for to see what DC is gonna do and what Sony's gonna do I can't believe I'm saying that you know I like I'm legitimately like oh I can't wait I can't wait so yeah I say check it out if you are gonna see it see it on IMAX it got please see it on IMAX I didn't see it in 3d I think they have it in 3d um the shots are pretty fast in a lot of the action see so I don't know how that would work but it try it out me maybe it'll maybe they'll be good but definitely if you're gonna see it see it on IMAX like it is worth the money to see it there so guys that's about it I had a blast I can't wait to see what's coming up next I can't believe I'm excited for Aquaman 2 this is so weird so yeah that's about it I'll see you later take care you

27 thoughts on “Aquaman – Doug Reviews

  1. Its funny when you said Drago is in it I went true but its weird to emphazie Dolph…..and then half way through I went …OH you mean the OTHER DRAGO lol

  2. Just wondering if I'm the only one who found this movie excruciatingly boring? Also, I thought it looked really garish… trying to look beautiful, but ending up looking really cheap and cluttered.

  3. What I loved about the film was Mera.
    I loved her voluptuousness, her pluckiness, and her loyalty and dedication. Amber Heard played her spectacularly.

    Please like
    – Me

  4. I found this movie to be so, so boring. It did nothing new, or surprising. You could predict the outcome of every little scene. It was so boring. All the characters were standard, the plot wasn't punchy, the CGI was a weird mix of really shitty and really good. It wasn't very funny. It would've been much better if they cut out an hour or so. I liked Jason Mamoa before I saw this movie, in which he was a dumbass and wasn't interesting at all. It just sucked.

  5. Nostalgia Critic you should watch Marvels Black Panther then watch Aquaman then do your famous movie review as Nostalgia Critic. 🙂

  6. Aquaman to me is the one movie that made me believe the DCEU could be better than the MCU with the right directors and writers involved.

  7. The trick to making the "Avatar look" is to have 60% shadow and 40% light sources that are about 70% various shades of blue and 30% other colours.

  8. For me, the action scenes and cinematography were way better than IW. But yeah, the plot was very generic and obvious.

  9. Sure, some good fights, notably Italy and the final fight. On a whole, this movie was a complete misfire…again. DC is in a freefall. The story was mind numbingly poor. The script was poorly written. You could see everything coming a mile way. The plot was just exposition dumps to get to another fight scene. I was so bored during this film. I'm so over trusting anything from DC.

  10. The way I see it Aquaman is like the anti-Batman V. Superman. Whereas BVS was boring, brooding, and pretentious, Aquaman is cartoonishly over the top and unapolegetically fun. It was the most fun I had in a theater in 2018.

  11. jason momoa did good as aquaman, but he'd be perfect as Lobo. I'd give him B+ aquaman, but if he was Lobo?!? A++++++++++++++++++++

  12. What hasn’t been said here already? I waited until tonight when it was a new release to rent it from family video and see it on blu Ray and it was absolutely brilliant. The colors were gorgeous too. I haven’t seen a place as beautiful as Atlantis and the other sea kingdoms like this since the avatar movie. Like I would actually wanna live there it looks so nice. And this was a DCEU movie. Like wow

  13. I loved Aquaman almost solely off of the visuals. The story wasn't bad, but it did seem very generic. But visually? The visuals weren't on point. They were beyond that. The Scicily fight was amazing. The choreography in the trident fights was amazing. The trench scene triggering everyone with Thalassophobia was amazing (for better or worse). Atlantis itself? My god, Atlantis was the best part of the movie, if only for how amazingly beautiful it was.

  14. We now have a rule with DC.

    Standalone movies: Good to amazing

    Team-up movies: meh to Suck-tacular

    TV Shows: Good to great

    Animated movies: Awesome (except Killing Joke)

    Animated TV shows: HOLY SHIT

    Video Games: Terrible to ground-breaking

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