Apex Legends | 100 Tips and Tricks - LEARN EVERYTHING FAST

Apex Legends | 100 Tips and Tricks – LEARN EVERYTHING FAST

Apex legends is a great take on Battle Royale but it’s so new we are all still learning everything about the game. I’ve been stalking the devs on twitter and those twitch masters and have compiled 100 pro tips. There’s loads I’ll probably miss so if you have a tip write it below and I’ll heart it to get it noticed. You ready lets do this…

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hello and welcome to PlayStation granade apex legend is a great take on battle royale but it's so new we're all still learning everything about the game I've been stalking the developers on Twitter and those streaming masters over on Twitch and have compiled 100 Pro tips there's loads I've probably missed here so if you have a tip write it below I'll give it a heart to get you noticed anyway you ready let's do this when dropping from the ship keep one eye on your velocity meter when gliding with a horizontal torso you will gradually lose speed be sure to dive down regularly to regain that momentum to reach your target quicker if you're a passive player and you prefer to drop further away from other teams use this method of diving to get there quicker dive to gain momentum level out dive to gain momentum level out always keep an eye on that glider speed when a new game begins look at the small print on the map the blue circle is a hot drop area meaning there's going to be a few teams here trying to take this point it has the highest chances of top-tier loot on the entire map including a fully kitted weapon to make your squad gods if you're aggressive but don't fancy the unknowing hot drop area try use the drop ship which moves around from the start of the game landing here usually rewards you with quality weapons but it's more than likely you'll not be the only ones here it's important to stay with your group in apex legends when following your drop master try to break away at the last moment to stay close but not so close that you're taking weapons away from each other so we're on the ground now and from our experience bullets can be hard to come by in early game this is where communication is vital bring up your inventory and use the freaking awesome ping system to tell your teammates what you need on consult that's the hour one button what's in your inventory look at the bullet icon next to the weapon you have it's a godsend ping this to let your buddies know what you'll need if your team wants to win they'll split ammo to help you out you can pay anything inside this inventory screen if you need help finding an extended Mac pick the slots on the flip side of that ping things you don't pick up helmets armored backpacks high-level attachments barbecue via mobile cool if you're playing with randoms without a mic you're going to need all healthy and get this system is that help carrying on from this always have in the back of your mind the weapon you are trying to find maybe you love the wingman maybe you prefer the headlock try to be proactive and find the ammo for that weapon and a few attachments for the moment you finally stumble across your baby then you're instantly ready for battle oh and a quick reminder if you see the apex crate bot in the world smash it for additional loot damage numbers are color coded to armor quality white indicates a standard common shield meaning that guy has a maximum health of 150 the blue number indicates a rare shield meaning they could have 175 health in total and the purple indicates potentially 200 hit points if you see yellow numbers you put them in the head and finally if the numbers are red red indicates that they have no shields so they only have a maximum of 100 health oh and if you hit a smashing sound that's their shield giving up this should be your team's moment to rush in and finish the fight a general piece of advice from many pro players is to switch the damage numbers in settings to floating as it will show your damage after each hit rather than accumulative in total if you've played fortnight this will feel more like home remember to put your weapons away out of battle you'll move much faster hold triangle on ps4 to do that and is it just me is Gibraltar running slower than everyone else well we tested it he's not all the characters run at the same speed the difference is the slower hand animation play mind tricks on us similarly Wraith is not moving any faster even with that ridiculous anime run enabled you can gain a small speed boost by first running then going into a slide and then jumping out of that animation it's only a small amount but it makes a huge difference on long jogs through the storm not only is this slightly quicker it also makes you harder to hit predicting somebody bobbing and weaving is very difficult just for ask a boxer so don't give your enemy an easy shot even when stuck in the object still talking about reversal when going downhill you have to slide for yet another speed boost coincidentally you can use medical items while sliding bloody useful it's we all know that high ground can be a game-changer in fights with pathfinders grappling hook a great way to quickly get above foes did you know that you can use doors to double vault to high ground an open door can be hurtled upon so even my thick boy Gibraltar can take the high ground if you find a group holed up in a building use grenades to blow the door open Rainbow six siege though throw a second one in and watch them abandon that building in general don't dismiss your knaves always take a few they can be thrown crazy far if you have the high ground throw them down on other teams there's a short fuse time it's a few seconds so it should perfectly coincide when you throw it off a clip going back to doors for a second it's possible to block them with your body as are on the other hand you can break through these with melee if you do this the rule is straight you must shout out this and a SWAT snigger quote when looting corpses pay attention to the strike icon this little blighter helps you quickly realize you do not require this item breeze past it so you can move quicker I play with a chap called Zack who steals loot from everyone's kills so we almost learned to loot faster and also hashtag Zack sucks when switching guns the game will automatically move across any attachment to a new weapon of course this will only work if they fit Oh remember the ping system it works when looting to ping things inside these dashes for your teammates we all need to be better team if you're killed in battle don't leave your carcass has a chip which can be picked up by your teammates taking this chip to a respawn beacon will get you back in the fight the problem is you'll be completely naked you'll have nothing no armor no weapon it also doesn't matter who picked up your tag anyone in your squad can call the respawn by the way a great teammate will drop a gun for their friends or maybe tag one nearby on the flipside of that if you hear a respawn station used get over there you know you're only facing two fully equipped enemies at the most because usually the third is easy pickings and in case you didn't know enemy caskets are color-coded gold means you may find a top-tier weapon here but more likely it's just an attachment then you're already aware next is purple and blue and then good when escaping the storm or rotating to a new position look at the skyline spotting a redeployed balloon early can save you a great deal of time when using it don't jump off too early your character can only use their redeploy glider if they get all the way to the top another great way to use e3 deploy points is to take advantage of going out of bounds when out of bounds you've got 30 seconds to get back in the fight that's bloody ages run across the mountaintops to flank enemies make sure you beat the clock though or you'll forever be sat on top of that mountain oh and if you are not do you know that you can open and close doors to frustrate enemies and protect a friend while they are being rest when knocked you are still able to ping enemy locations so be sure to do so especially if you aren't in chat saying that always call out when an opponent is rezzing this second can give you an easy victory and stop a two-on-one in the latter stages you can also use your nacht body to block off enemies and make eye lines difficult if you have a shield one down you can downright piss them off before you die so I guess what I'm saying is use down teammates as cover cannon fodder there's a small chance you'll find gold items in the game the weapons like the Mastiff shotgun and the caber sniper are easily the best in the game but the other golden items although very rare have a secret benefit a passive skill let's look at them the digital threat scope attachment will highlight enemies in red the golden knockout shield will grant you the ability to self revive when knocked this completely befuddled through the enemy when you rise on the ashes like a phoenix the golden backpack allows you to use health and shield consumables in half the time it would take anyone else the golden armor will reward those execution kills those cinematic kills with full shield instant 100 shields of course it can be risky though finishing someone as you're open to bullets the whole time and finally the helmet which will make your active abilities regen faster allowing for more Ultimates in a game oh and the best place to find gold tier items its buyer airdrops speaking of helmets helmets don't award shields instead they reduce headshot damage a white helm will reduce shut down by 30% blue 40% and purple and gold will half all damage D of rain box 50% less and the key point to know here helmets can not break they don't need to be restored once you're wearing it it's permanent lots of people are transitioning from fortnight to apex are trying to play both at the same time so let's quickly go through a few things you should be aware of we're still waiting for this to be confirmed by the developers but it appears bigger characters have bigger hit boxes in apex legends test it for yourself though compare shooting thick voyager brawl turf against the little tiny mole race I know which one I find easier to hit apex Legends uses projectile damage which means the bullet has to physically travel over to the enemy unlike the majority of weapons in fortnight which are hitscan meaning if your reticle is over the target the instance that you shoot it's already reached the target to be better at apex you'll need to slightly adjust your aim slightly in front slightly above you'll get it as you go along aim assist is almost non-existent in apex legends many control of players are struggling here at first because of the help we received in fortnight aim assist is definitely still here but I'll let you learn how to abuse it in many games gun recoil is randomized to make weapons rightly feel out of control and firing well in apex all weapons have a consistent recoil pattern learn the way your favorite weapon fires and you'll be able to counter it controlling the recoil apex uses scaled damage we all know how head shots are the quickest weighted down an opponent but did you know that shooting someone in the foot does less damage than their torso so if you like me and can't hit head shots make sure you at least hit the chest lifeline has a great ultimate she calls in supply drops this can actually be great for other teams to ambush all in-game supply drops are shown on the map so if you see one coming in check your map and you'll instantly know if it's your soluti adios to ambush oh he's a cool one of our scaling a wall if you release the jump just before the end of the animation it allows you to hold on to the top of the wall and check your surroundings before committing to climbing up let's move on to certain character tips did you know the void rifts that Wraith leaves behind can be travel through even when you're damned pretty when playing as Gibraltar use your bubble shield to dictate battle standing inside at the edge pop in pop out to take a few shots and keep in mind that he has a passive shield which doubles for extra cover coincidentally if you played halo an old strat can be used against the shield running drop a nade run out again this will force the opposition to leave the bubble or face the consequences mirages decoy ability can be used whilst gliding use it to trick the opposition on where you're landing when playing as bloodhound your tracking skills are increased when using a long-range sniper earlier we talks about blocking doors with your body did you know that cost it can block dolls with hiss canisters blocking them in to take full damage this is the reason why we have melee to smash doors a few general tips to end if you have ps+ check out the freebies in the store regularly skins and cosmetics will be added like this sexy bastard I know this is said too much but in battle royale games take as many gunfights as you can to improve the revive system is so substantial that even a noob like me can benefit from fights I don't mean going alone it's a squad game for a reason and you know what I've just broken my final tip play however the heck you want don't let anyone say you're doing it wrong but for the love of God please play as a team as that's how it's intended to be played I'm Adam from Playstation grenade it's been a pleasure if you want to talk to me come and grab me on Twitter I'm always around and remember to put a comment below if you have a tip you want to share with other people right I'm going I'll see you next time or if not I'll see you on the battlefield I'm the fat lad who dies first all the time see you next time

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  1. If you like Fortnite ama tell you a tip….

    Delet Fortnite because it’s trash

    Get apex and boom your now a legend

  2. A tip is when you use your ultimate also use your tactical like when you use a portal as wraith you can become invisible so they cant do damage to you😎

  3. Pathfinders grapple is based on where you are looking. (Haven’t seen the whole vid, sorry if it’s already in the vid)

  4. Does free falling make you fall faster than dropping normally? For example, if I were to fly straight into the mountains and make my character free fall, should I in theory hit the ground sooner than if I were to drop normally from the drop ship?

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