Apex Legends 10 PRO tips to INSTANTLY get BETTER in Season 1

Apex Legends 10 PRO tips to INSTANTLY get BETTER in Season 1

Season 1 has had a lot happen that you need to know to get instantly better at Apex Legends. The video will teach you how to get better at Apex Legends and will have something for everyone whether your a beginner or a pro as I do also talk through some more advanced tips for Apex Legends.

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hey what's up guys and welcome to another apex legends video now one of the things I always want to do on this channel is to try and give you as many tips as I can to help make you better at the game and teach you things that I learn from playing apex a sickening amount and this video is going to be no different off the back of this video you're going to be able to go away and instantly be able to be better at apex legends not just as an individual but also what you can contribute to the rest of your team season Warner's had a lot of changes since I made my last tip video and I've learned so much that's going to help you get more kills and get more wins in apex so let's get into that first big tip as many of you know there was a big update around the midway point of season 1 that has completely transformed the games meta if you're not taking advantage of it you're going to be missing out and that's that snipers have received a huge buff that includes the g-seven scowl longbow triple take and the legendary Craver sniper like when the game first came out the longbow especially felt like you were firing a potato gun against Thanos like honestly they suck so what they did with these weapons is reduce the gun sway and sway speed as well as reducing damage drop off what this means for you is that if you have a slower pace game style or like to keep gunfights at around a medium distance using the g7 scowl or longbow which I believe are two of the best guns in the game right now and is especially going to allow you to win those gun fights where players are still trying to use the are 301 or hemlock and single-shot at those kind of distances start actively trying to use the longbow and g7 scout and apex and you'll see a big improvement in your gameplay also the longbow got a fire rate buff which has also raised it to the top of the list when it comes to the best guns you can find on the ground in apex legends so make sure you use it and if you've got a great shot the g7 scale and longboat are still great at close range in a worse case scenario but my advice would be is to try and get on top of rooftops or cliffs whilst using these weapons to get the most out of them but snipers are definitely something you want to be using in season one my next tip to instantly help make you better at apex legends is to play to your team's legend composition strengths now what I mean by this is depending on the legends that you and your teammates select at the start of a match it's going to drastically affect what locations and situations your team is going to be best at for example if you've got a team that consists of Gibraltar caustic and lifeline that is a team that you will not want to be rushing across open ground at every possible opportunity with where you're trying to get into everyone's face with a peacekeeper or r99 because that doesn't play to any of those legend strengths firstly Gibraltar and caustic have bigger hit boxes and lifeline this doesn't have any abilities I'll get her out of trouble if she starts getting shot at in the open leaving her to be a sitting duck but I guarantee you if you as a team lock down a building or location like bunker with caustic settings gas traps at every entrance and Gibraltar shooting out windows or peeking over ahead glitch taking full advantage of his gun shield which also received a buff in season one then you're instantly going to have a better chance of winning because you're playing to your legend strengths on the other hand if you've got a team that consists of / finder Wraith and bloodhound by all means rush to your heart's content use bloodhound to track down enemies use Pathfinder ziplines to travel large distances quickly along with race portal always have in your head what legends are in your team and change your play style to suit them and you'll start winning a lot more games this next tip is something that I struggled with it first because let's be honest there's no better feeling than hoarding all that lovely epic and legendary loot that you find on the off chance that you'll need to use it later on in a match infantry management is honestly one of the hardest things in because you're normally looting under pressure or after an intense gunfight so it's always more of a second thought and they I'll deal with it later kind of thing so my advice to you is always have a rough idea of the loot that you 1 slash need and obviously get the best backpack you can find as quickly as possible firstly when it comes down to ammo think about the guns that you're using if you're using a shotgun like the Peacekeeper realistically you probably only need one stack of 64 bullets if you've got more than that you're taking up infantry space that just doesn't need to be used which means you might not have that extra stack of grenades that could win you a match though if you're using an hour 99 you're going to burn through light ammo especially if you have a few fights close together and you never want to be caught out of ammo so try and make sure you've got three or four stacks of light ammo if possible whilst using automatic guns like the r99 or our 301 meds I try to usually have a full stack of med kits and then a full stack of shield batteries and shield cells so I'll everything in Apex legends you're better off having more shield batteries as you and your team can go through them pretty quickly especially towards the end of a match if gunfights are at medium to long range so I'd suggest never leaving those behind I also find health meds like syringes not be as important as shields but always try to have some Phoenix med kits on you especially if you don't have a lifeline on your team try not to carry things like attachments and scopes that you don't need you're better off just pinging them for your teammates as odds are they'll have a weapon that they can use them with and you don't want to have dead inventory slots for no reason and then just fill the rest of your inventory with ARC stars and frag grenades as they'll help you a lot thermite's I tend to find to be the least effective so try to only ever have one stack of those at a time but just have in the back of your head do I really need this much ammo or meds or attachments and if the answer's no drop them on the floor and ping them for your teammates to grab it can make all the difference my next tip is a habit you you want to get into in apex legends and that is how to heal and reload without being killed you never want to be caught in the middle of the open reloading or using meds always make sure that you've duck behind cover to reload or use a shield cell or battery quickly this of course a lot easier if you play as lifeline or have the fast heal backpack but there are always a couple things you want to be doing when you go to heal always be behind some sort of cover whether that's a rock on top of a roof or blocking a door as you also never want to be standing still but a reload bit is what I find most useful because in a gunfight when you're reloading is when you're most vulnerable which you can also look at using to your advantage where you reload as I mentioned try and duck behind any cover you can so you're not a complete sitting duck but if you ever see an opponent reload mid gunfights or in the open that's the perfect time to push them as it's a small window where they cannot do anything to stop you from killing them and also means that you won't take any damage so that's a big tip and have it to get into if you're ever completing any action whether that's using meds or reloading when possible always try and use nearby cover so you don't become an easy target but take advantage of those small windows when other players reload or heal to push them and pick up an easy kill one of the biggest things that I've learned whilst playing apex legends is that hip firing is underrated a lot of players don't take into account that when you go to aim down sight your movement speed is reduced depending on the weapon that you're using if you're using an LMG like the Spitfire when you're aiming down sights you're going to move slower than someone using an hour ninety nine for example who is also aiming down sights so if you ever get into a gunfight at close range in a building for example and go to aim down sights you can actually get taken down pretty easily as you're not that hard to hit as you're just moving a lot slower so how can you get around this well really it's quite simple whenever you're in a situation that's close range and is at a distance where you can hit shots consistently from hip firing if you using an automatic weapon just hipfire also this means that you can throw in a Crouch whilst moving left and right and hip firing that is just going to make you really unpredictable and harder for your opponents to hit you it's one of the things with apex legends is hip firing especially with guns like the r99 or devotion is incredible the hard thing is to just get yourself into the habit of doing it and not just automatically going to aim down sights which from years of playing Call of Duty is a hard habit to break as I've had to aim down sights at every opportunity whenever I played Call of Duty but you'll see yourself improving and getting more kills if you get into the habit of hit firing with automatic weapons at close range and moving quickly left to right and throwing in that Crouch whilst you're playing apex Legends also with the game's meta now making long-range weapons like the g7 scout and longbow some of the best guns in apex legends you're going to want to focus on trying to get the high ground at every possible scenario just like obi-wan Kenobi use legends like Pathfinder and octane to help you get on top of rooftops with their grapple zipline and jump pad the second you start playing to get that high ground you're honestly be surprised at how many more kills that you're able to pick up especially because in apex legends the design of most rooftops in the game gives you a perfect piece of cover to shoot from there really is no negative for pushing for the high ground in any situation in apex legends so try to make sure you do that with the rest of your team and you'll win a lot more games another important thing with all the updates during season one is that your weapon combinations is even more important than it used to be with long-range weapons like the g7 Scout excelling at medium to long range and guns like the are 99 and peacekeeper shredding at close quarters which didn't use to be the case guns like the AR 301 used to be a pivotal rounder and dominated at all ranges so everyone used to use that but because updates have made things change you now want to make sure that you've got a weapon to dominate at close range so either the r99 peacekeeper if or our 301 and then either a wingman g7 Scout or longbow so you could win those medium to long range gunfights don't ever get caught in a situation where both your weapons are only really good at medium range like having a g7 Scout and a longbow because if you do the odds are you're going to end up getting caught at some point in time whilst playing because someone manages to get up close to you and you're not going to stand a chance with a longbow against an AR 99 when they're 5 feet in front of you so always pick up a nice balance of weapons 1 long range and 1 short range and then you'll be ready for any situation that you come across in Apex legends you'll also want to make sure you use grenades at every possible opportunity Ark stars and frag grenades are incredible at flushing enemies out of places that they might have got fully locked down or hiding behind a rock healing is something I don't see enough new players in apex legends do is take advantage of the game's grenade meta if you've got eight grenades to throw that's not a bad thing you can just lob them while you're pushing an opponent to force them into the open because grenades deal a ridiculous amount of damage on top of causing enemies to panic so along with having a good weapon combo don't ignore using grenades in every gunfight that you can this is my biggest tip to any player on any first-person shooter and I cannot stress this enough if you want to see an improvement in your gameplay please make sure you use a headset there's are so many advantages that you get from using a headset you're going to be able to tell exactly where enemies are coming from whether that's through the sound of their footsteps or the sound of gunfire or the use of a healing item it's just small important sound cues that you're otherwise unlikely to pick up as well if you weren't using a headset so if you're going to make an investment to help make you a better player at any first-person shooter not just Apex legends that's the thing that I would advise picking up get a good headset as we're all aware apex Legends is a team game but sadly people don't always play it if that's the case because no I never wants to be the player that gets knocked down but sometimes getting knocked down isn't the worst thing in the world if it's for a kill train if you're playing with a group of friends you always want to put as much pressure on opponents as possible and because the game can allow you to be respawn trading kills is always going to be a good thing if you and your teammate both push into a room at the same time and focus on a single player at a time one of you might get knocked down but it's almost guaranteed that you'll also pick up the kill or down the opponent at the same time it's something that you'll see in any first-person shooter pro scene players will always surge into a building or area together and trade kills whenever possible because do you'll be making it a lot more difficult for opposing teams as they're going to be under a lot more pressure to try to get into that habit go with your teammates into a gunfight focus on one opponent at a time if one of you gets downed make sure you also get the down on the other player because they're going to be weak from the first gun fight you'll be shocked at how big of a change it'll make to your gameplay and the amount of teamfights that you'll win and my final tip is that every single team in Apex Legends needs a par finder some of you may not think that this is the case but he is the one legend that can completely transform a team thanks to his zipline Ultima the zipline has a fast recharge time and can allow you to always have the upper hand in apex legends because you can always make sure that you get the best map position which is one of the hardest things to do in apex you can also use the zipline to escape if you're losing a gunfight you can use it to bait enemy teams to ward you and on top of that since respawn fixed his hitbox he's also an absolute beast with his grapple allowing him to always out position opponent honestly he is hands down the best legend in the game because of what he can bring to the table not just as an individual but what he can do for the rest of your team I did a video going a bit more depth on how to get the most out of Pathfinder to do make sure to go check that out if you want to get some extra tips and tricks on Pathfinder specific but there we have it that's the end of my season one top ten tip I really hope that you learned something I'll help you win more games at Apex legends from now on and I would also love to hear from you any other tips and tricks that you have down in the comments below I'll highlight a few of my favorites as well as everyone always has that one tip or trick that they've learned that others may not have thought about if you're new to the channel do make sure to subscribe for more apex legends videos and smash that like button and I'll see you next time bite

22 thoughts on “Apex Legends 10 PRO tips to INSTANTLY get BETTER in Season 1

  1. Damn it looks like it helps to have a mouse. I feel like I’m drunk every time i play ps4’s version. But i suck anyways so i cant judge. Every time i get in a firefight i get melted in 3 seconds.

  2. "Get caught with a longbow against R99 5 ft away" false it depends on how good you are with the gun regardless what gun at any range, I've seen it all🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. You know what’s funny I like it when YouTube’s make videos like this but what I hate is that evreyone can see this and now evreyone is going to know this info

  4. When I first played apex I thought it is boring but when I got killed at the beginning of the match I want revenge and here I am travelling 2kilo meters just to play apex on a cyber cafe

  5. dude thank you i recently got the game like a week ago and i was bad but now i am improved thanks here have a like and a subscriber

  6. i don’t think any specific set of guns is best for every player. everyone handles different, and is comfortable with different things. if you have “good” guns, but handle them badly, you might as well die right away. if you have some not as good guns, but handle them godly, it’s better

  7. how to be a pro
    maneuver like some lit up your ass with kerosene
    using semi autos as secondary guns and accepting the fact that you have dog shit aim
    always flank your enemy with your rather than jumoing into the gunfight alone like me

  8. Bro ur such good I have a such a big improvement I died in start of the game I used to die but not anymore I end up with at lest 10 kills

  9. Good points, but people were so bad when this game first came out. The players you were killing are absolutely terrible. lol. Now with ranked out, its really hard to win, not as easy as before.

  10. Best way to manage your inventory is when you get a new gun if it is a different ammo type get rid of the ammo that have the no use sign on it

  11. Before you get in a fight just be confident and tell yourself this guy is guna die. If the enemy kills you, give your face a light slap for lying to yourself.

  12. Some great tips here in the audio and decent kills in the video, but they contradict each other sometimes. Like the bit halfway through where you’re saying not to ADS you’ve matched with a bunch of kill clips where you’re ADS, even on guns like chokeless Peacekeeper which don’t benefit at all from ADS and even ending on a clip where you’re using a 4-10x sniper threat scope at super close range and then miss the one shot you take not ADS. I’m glad you’re preaching Lowbow though, post-buff that thing is an absolute death cannon even close range with iron sights

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