Almond-Shaped, Acrylic Nails Step By Step Tutorial

Almond-Shaped, Acrylic Nails Step By Step Tutorial

Suzie shows, step by step, how to create natural-looking, almond-shaped Acrylic Nails. This tutorial is in-depth, and focuses on the technique of making the almond shape. The video has many great tips including how to use a nail drill, hand-file, how to shape the nail with acrylic, and finish with a nude polish.

00.25 Introduction
00.43 Shorten Nail with Nail Drill
01.15 How to Use a Carbide Bit
03.53 Arbor Band
04.03 Shaping the Almond Nail with Acrylic
05.47 Pinching
06.35 The products used in this design
06.59 Continuing the Almond Shape on the other nails
07.25 Cuticle work
08.15 The Almond Shape
08.53 Using the Drill for the Almond Shape
09.30 Finding the Almond shape with a hand file
10.15 Filing in preparation for the hand polish
11.11 Finishing the look with nude polish
11.23 The finished design reveal pictures

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24 thoughts on “Almond-Shaped, Acrylic Nails Step By Step Tutorial

  1. So gorJussssss. Love! You do beautiful work. How do you keep the acrylic from being too thick which of course makes the nail look awful no matter how pretty the polish is.

  2. Could you do a bit tutorial. Showing all the different types of bit and bands and their "proper" uses? I feel that would be a great refresher and education. Then also a acrylic color and types groom cover to builder etc. Ive had a time explaining that in plain speak to people.

  3. I love your videos ♥️ and you also remind me of Abby lee from dance moms lol ♥️but the nicer more soothing voice version

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  5. I love this shape but I've found that I want mine to look very natural meaning no polish but when i went to a salon and tried to explain they didnt listen, quite frustrating.

  6. I watch your videos to pass the time or to relax. I love how calm your videos are. I also love the fact I actually understand them and I don't understand nail stuff! You are one cool lady!!!

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