Allen Iverson Crossover Move Tutorial

Allen Iverson Crossover Move Tutorial

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what's up YouTube professor live today I want to break down for you one of the very first moves that I ever mastered in my career I did it when I was in sixth grade it was walk by one of my favorite players of all time Allen Iverson shoutout to Iverson we're going to break down his signature crossover it's called the Iverson crossover now there's a lot of strategy that weighs into this move some people do this move and they barely get by the defense some people do the move and the fans go flying 10 feet ok what's the difference though so strategy that weighs in it's the footwork ok it's the handwork I work we're going to break it all down alright let's get into it alright first off on the Allen Iverson crossover you want to do it an arm's length away from the defense ok you don't want to be any closer than that ok you can be a little further sometimes arm's length and a half to arm's length whatever that could work just don't get closer than arm's length in ok the second thing is as you go through this move you're going to want to go from high to low okay high to low the hardest players the guard and basketball are the ones that can get down low and then come up high and then go low again ok that's very key the third thing that I like to talk about on this is doing a precursor move when Allen Iverson came up to the defense he didn't always just come up and go on the crossover now he may have sometimes but most of the time most time you'll note that Allen Iverson even when he crossed Michael Jordan he gave a little precursor move boom to sort of heat the defense up make him think he's doing something else and then boom went into the signature crossover okay that's the way I actually love to do it I love going left to right like Allen Iverson you know some people like this move going right to left we done either way we're going to demo it from left to right so as I come to the defense I like to come up the defense casual okay casual like this a little high okay then when I get low I do my precursor move right to left boom you see I did that I shift it right to left with it but it's slight those boom boom okay then when you do the Allen Iverson crossover here's when you do you get low again you push as hard as you can as your feet are a little more and shoulder width apart you keep push as hard as you can off that right foot as if you're going to attack left to where I get low so I'm boom I'm low as hard as I can and immediately after your body shifts this way you want to push off this left foot to make you shift back the other way for that explosion you could practice this move without the basketball how quick you can weight shift that's how quick your crossover be so look I'm coming up here boom boom I shift it shift the weight from right foot to left foot boom boom that's the crossover Wow okay now as you do it your shoulders and everything it goes with the body look I'm pushing the whole body you've got to go okay because if that defender is looking at me look my waist look boom the waist I've got to go boom and that's how you shake them so if I have the basketball I come up okay Milou high okay we're gonna precursor move quick low boom boom then I'm exploding boom boom and bring it with me okay other things to remember during the move when you do it are your eyes can play a big part I like to look the defender right now boom boom okay I look a little bit left as I'm going to go left okay but my arm is out why okay I'm acting as if I'm gonna go left how would you go left you probably go boom okay after that precursor move I'm boom but pulling the ball back the other way alright so all in all to remember is you got to go from high to low to high he'll miss okay changing that is key number two the precursor move is key you don't do it as wide as the crossover the precursor move is tight boom then the crossover is wide okay that's another key and then remember you're always going to be an arm's length away from the opponent when you do this but it's all about that waist shift and that explosion alright we're getting to the demo

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  1. So how to do this is:

    -the sound of my heart
    -the beat goes on and on and on on

  2. The key is to watch this video while listening the black eyed peas song: i gotta get that boom boom boom….

  3. A.I. proved his worth by now u see me now u don't against Jordan.Sorry he had to feel some embarrassment.This damn rookie just juked me good.

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