All Nations Anime! | Hearts of Iron 4 [HOI4 Waifu World]

All Nations Anime! | Hearts of Iron 4 [HOI4 Waifu World]

Let’s try the Hearts of Anime mod for HOI4! This can kind of be considered an all Waifu World but maybe a few traps are sprinkled in here and there. I think I was only able to find one tbh guys. We are also getting closer to PaintBrush DDay at 200k subs! Help us get there faster before I have to start Chemo!

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About Hearts of Iron 4:
Victory is at your fingertips! Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in 1936, the most engaging conflict in world history.

for some reason this mod has a portrait pic for everyone except for Paraguay and some other random place in China they're the last fortresses we have left they're the only places that haven't given in to the cancer just shed so today I have a fantastic video to start off destroy dick December now Deering milf world I promised you guys in all waifu worlds or possibly in all trap worlds and i guess technically this could be a little bit of both so this is a super random odd that I found in the workshop called hearts of anime before we jump into it I've got to show off the loading screens because these are too good to pass up I don't know what the s she's bleeding lots of anime girls dying I guess okay so this right here is only the tip of the iceberg this mod includes much more than just the main leaders because there's a whole bunch of different chicks from plenty of different nations so this should be exciting I guess now that I think about it I should probably take notes try to figure out which is my favorite leader by the end of this we also have nice little banners from these tabs as well I guess this is supposed to motivate me into killing thousands of people and possibly committing genocide it's working it's definitely working and as you can see the technology tabs have also been affected wait what the hell was she oh ok she's drinking something I thought this was parts of hentai for a second which please someone get on that okay you know what maybe I did fuck up somewhere along the lines a little little splash of hentai here and there's I guess alright so I'm gonna be honest I don't watch a whole lot of anime so I am unfamiliar if these are actual shows but I will say I've beat my meat to plenty of anime girls in my life so I think that helps my qualifications here I do want to do a real quick test to see what happens to these leaders when ideologies change and wow this is a fucking beautiful mod I don't think I'll ever be able to play bass game boy for again and you probably also notice some of these generals as well since they're holding rifles and shit there's a whole bunch of them I think Douglas MacArthur happens to be my personal favorite now I have noticed there are a few dudes here so you know if you're into that sort of thing this mod has something for everybody Oh see look British Malaya as well with a nice little twink leader Francisco Franco oh my god you have never looked better in your life if you always look like this I wouldn't mind you always showing up in my games consider that for the future just FYI Mao Zedong also looks fantastic by the way just to kind of throw that out there for some reason this mod has a portrait pic for everyone except for Paraguay and some other random place in China that's a little bit weird I'm just kind of wondering about that they're the last fortresses we have left they're the only places that haven't given in to the cancer just shed Wow Irwin also looking pretty fantastic here really loving all these generals I'm seeing I mean this chick right here is doing the salute uncle Adolf would be very proud I know I mentioned there are both male and female leaders but if you're into bestiality and shit well we even got that too yep as I said for the first time I am totally okay with this this is fine I'm actually excited also let me know if you'd smash Francisco Franco by smashing that like button I want to see how many people have Franco as their newest waifu this mod should make japan like super Opie I feel like that would make sense and there you go we're gonna find out right now in their war with China it does seem like they have a lot of divisions but I'm not sure if it's any more than normal Wow anime Benito does not mess around he's already joining the axis it's only 1938 that definitely seems pretty early Wow okay can't believe this even in hearts of anime Mussolini is balding and he's still trying to hide it okay so we have a communist anime French Empire which might be God's greatest gift to earth and of course she's already supporting Mao back in China wow that was quick Italy's already gotten themselves into a war with Greece and Romania I don't know how they both got involved in the war but they might join the Polish faction but it is a pretty lonely team so far nobody from the Baltic states have joined either I just feel bad for this small little polish anime girl Stano Tuva would have the sexiest male leader he's fashionable perfect jawline and some amazing brows all right he's gonna do great things in this nation hey but you know what I think this Italian general might be my favorite anime girl this is seriously though the first time I've seen a normal portrait in this game that is really weird I don't think I've ever seen this war happened before oh so that's because we're not gonna have a unified communist faction this is gonna be a pretty messy game I guess and there you go okay so World War 2 just basically started in 1938 and of course now with all this tension Croatia has popped out of Yugoslavia so I think this French faction is already done and naturally Croatia still has a very hot woman in charge and this is exactly why I think they're becoming my favorite European country yeah this is gonna be a pretty one-sided conflict Wow the exes are just demolishing these people Oh a man and Anna Mae Hitler has already broken through the French line Oh Tana Tuva has got some competition with Uruguay that is one very attractive eye and as you could probably tell the Germans declared war on Benny Lux pulling in the Allies Greece then also joined the Allies but they're not at war with Poland just yet which actually might be a good thing sometimes they just jump into World War a little bit too quick they can't do it this time I'm stupid I can't believe I didn't notice this anime Adolph has blue eyes and blond hair which means she's technically a better Hitler than real Hitler and there goes the French commune they are about to lose Paris and because France was dumb and they formed their own faction yeah the war is already over the axis get all of this oh I'm sorry I forgot to mention they only declared war on Luxembourg Belgium and the Netherlands are still chillin at least for now and Japan joined the axis okay so I'm pretty sure the Allies in the Comintern are about to feel some tentacles in some really weird places why does Panama get two chicks that's kind of interesting I think this might even be her mom did we just did we just find an anime milf top 10 anime crossovers interesting so I guess Estonia decided against joining the Polish faction Latvia has already gone stolen away by anime stolen and it looks like Greece is very close to capitulating surprised they haven't done it yet oh now the Soviet Union is going after Poland just before the Germans can do anything about it but I'm pretty sure they're only gonna take half the country and there goes Warsaw but I don't think all of Poland's gonna be taken usually they only peace out for the eastern half here oh damn sexy Hitler you're a little bit too late you're actually only gonna be a few maybe hours late well let's see because there's the official declaration of war damn this is brutal these anime chicks are hardcore and there's the peace deal the Soviet Union obviously took way more with nine states and the annex Lithuania oh and they also puppeted Poland's putting this nice polish communist anime chick here damn okay common term just picked up another hottie for their team I feel like we should go through all the factions and see which nations have the best-looking leaders where the fuck is my anime look how well Italy is doing in Africa I think we can confirm this mod does something to improve the axis because this shit never happens well I guess it's about that time for the most part you're pretty much ready you've already taken out all of Europe so I can't think of a better time to do it dammit I wish I had my katana collection on me Argentina's already way ahead of me oh now this poor Finnish girl has been attacked if she's lucky they might be able to join the axis just as Germany declares war and this video wouldn't be right if we didn't see something like this so Japan just took a bunch of states and puppeted everything in China and there goes Finland – so this world is really heating up I think the weird thing is a couple months have gone by and the anime axis has still not gone after the Soviet Union I mean for the most part I guess that's really smart since anime Hirohito can focus on British Raj which by the way she is definitely up there in terms of best portraits and I fucking hate how creepy this modest making be seen oh yeah and I've got to show off New Zealand and Australia those are basically mandatory actually Canada and South Africa would be important to South Africa what the fuck I don't know what that is it kind of freaks me out kill it with fire please so with all these new peace deals a lot of leaders are changing this is the first one I've seen with like different colour hair and considering this person's name I think this might be one of those traps we were talking about actually now that I think about it knows how many traps are exactly in this game wait a second this chick shouldn't be standing maybe this isn't as historically accurate as I thought belgium joined the Allies so Belgium's gonna die Wow okay they got crushed in like a week completely encircled luckily Lord whoever this dude is yeah he's holding off the Japanese military pretty well not much progress has been made it's about time us okay you're a little bit late so it's nearly 1941 and there's still no war between the Germans or the Soviet Union I think we can confirm all it took with some Japanese animation to bring these two countries together maybe a perfect world does exist anyways guys here's one last rundown of the war we have the German Reich Japan and Italy all losing over a million men nobody on the Allies just yet have lost anywhere close to that but I'm pretty sure that'll eventually change Franko is now my favorite waifu of all time she even showed us a little bit of anime titties and the Communists and Nazis have somehow found a way to come together and work together in a world like this somewhat at least they're peaceful with each other anyways guys thank you so much for watching don't forget at 200,000 subs I'll be cutting my hair we're calling it paintbrush d-day because I think I have to go on chemotherapy anyways since this video might have given me cancer thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time and of course big thanks to neo y own destiny fucker 9000 Jacob W Elfie storm blade Ethan J Kirby humour demon name ear Stefan M and free cruise for being my crack daddies if you want to support me you can find a link to my patreon in the description down below thank you so much for helping pack boy

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