AKVIS Photo Retoucher Software Reviewed | Damn Good Reviews

AKVIS Photo Retoucher Software Reviewed | Damn Good Reviews

Looking for a stand-alone application or plugin for Photoshop to help with digital photo restoration? After looking at a few software options for fixing damaged photos — Akvis Photo Retoucher stands out and is one excellent tool.

Akvis has a full-line of imagine software and plugins and I highly recommend that you check them out. There are a few different version of Photo Retoucher and you can get a 10-day free trial at their website.

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hey all Allen from damn good reviews damn good reviews calm and right now I'm gonna do a little software review it's a standalone application and also a plugin for Photoshop and this is called activist 8k vis retoucher this company provides a lot of plugins both standalone and plugin for Photoshop that do some really amazing things I was looking to do some photo restoration and a lot of times it will take a good amount of time in Photoshop and this tool I saw it and after going through a bunch of different tools that offer photo restoration and trying out different ones I really enjoyed using the at this retoucher program I've used both the standalone and the interface in Photoshop they both pretty much work the same and the tutorials on the active site akv is calm really helpful maybe some more video tutorials on the site as a step by step but reading all the tutorials that they have and there's a lot of pictures to go through it really really helps right now on the screen you'll see the act this retouch our version 4.5 they have a couple different versions there's a home and then the home the advanced version which lets you do both the plug-in and the standalone and then there's a business version so depending on where you're going to be using it for now I like to use this program in conjunction with some of the Photoshop filters so if this program maybe didn't fix it entirely Photoshop combined with this really was it was really excellent and I think they did a great job with this software and it's definitely one of the top ones that I tried out for phone arrestor restoration so let me just show you real quick this is the user interface and pretty much I took this photo from their site and they're just showing you a basic you know photo that's damaged when you open up the retoucher program you'll see the Express mode and for the most part Express mode has some you know really simple options and I'm not going to go through this to show you step-by-step how to do things but the interface is generally easy to use everything you go over you'll see over here will tell you what it is and then you have your your selection brush your exclusion tools eraser selection bucket magic wand a lot of tools like in Photoshop and your best bet is to really do a couple of the tutorials that they have on the website to learn how to utilize all the features and make sure the photo looks great for the most part we can go ahead and if you want we can just you know select a couple things using the selection tool just give you a basic idea so I mean even if I did something like this I mean this is not going to be exact but then all you got to do is just you know select it you can select your tool sizes fast processing exclusion areas and then you go ahead and you click run and you see it pretty much fix that error pretty good now certain photos are going to be damaged more than others and you might need to really you know work closely with your tool sizes and you know zooming in and zooming out and then you know you can do different things obviously using the tools and if you really are into it and really need to you know get down to the nitty-gritty you can use the Advanced Options which you'll see there's sample sizes sample numbers and things like that and then you have a couple more tools here as far as you know the patch tool clone stamp chameleon brush and things like that which will really help get you going and you know give you all the tools necessary to fix the photos and a tool like this even though it's you know around 80 $80 or so if you're looking to offer services locally or maybe online this tool is going to save you a lot of time again it's really easy to use and then you also have the advanced features when the photo really needs it and again not only you're using the advanced features but once you got the image looking at how you want it take you back into Photoshop and make those you know tweaks that are gonna actually perfect the image where it's gonna you know help it look great use it in combination again this tool is absolutely excellent I love the features of it I really didn't do any tutorials right off the bat I just you know played around with it and thought it was very easy to use very straightforward and it's great because this will give you the information of what the actual tool or what's going on wherever you are in the window so again the at fist retouch our version 4.5 if you're looking to do photo restoration old photos new photos that need damage fixed I would highly recommend checking this out it also worked great for some scanned photos that I found that had some scratches and some dust marks again at viscom a K V is calm a really really great tool and I highly recommend it and give it one damn good review

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  1. This is a crappy review because there is just a bunch of talk about how great it is but why not use the tools and show the miraculous performance. I give your review an F!

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