AirPods Pro - 5 Tips, Tricks and Features You Should Know

AirPods Pro – 5 Tips, Tricks and Features You Should Know

Got yourself the new AirPods Pro? Here are 5 tips and tricks you need to know for your new AirPods Pro that will enhance your ownership.

Let’s dive in.

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hey guys socket from sake taken today's we don't want to do is I'm gonna show you five tips and tricks you should know for your new air pods Pro so let's dive in and discover now the very first thing I want to talk about is known as the ear fit test so the first thing you want to make sure is your air pass Pro or it connected to your iPhone once that is done you want to go to the settings alright and then you want to go into your bluetooth menu and as you can see the air parts pro are in fact connected and then you click on that I button which is gonna bring up a menu that allows you to control functions only air pods Pro so obviously before we actually start to listen to music we want to make sure that we have a good fit into our ears and here's a menu right here that says ear tip fit test so basically when you buy the air puffs Pro you get three different sizes of tips you get small medium and large right now as you can see I have the small tips installed right onto the tip of the earbud and we're going to do is I'm going to grab this I'm gonna put this in my ear and I'm gonna grab grab this I'm gonna put this in my right ear and I am going to actually see if I do have a good fit in my ears so I get a perfect seal so as I listen to music everything is high quality and of course the noise cancellation features work properly so I'm gonna click continue that's the test of fit so I'm gonna click continue I'm gonna click play and let's see what happens it's saying do not remove air pods as I'm listening to the song that's playing inside and right after it is done it says I do have a good seal so you want to make sure if you have purchased these new guys to run this test as a first step to make sure you're getting maximum benefits all right let's move on to the next tag and of course we don't have a good seal after you run the test you simply want to just change the seal as you can see in the video so I grab the little one and put it right on top fits right in place and we are good to go now one of the biggest features of the airport's pro actually is the active noise cancellation feature that the previous air pods simply do not have so when you put them in your ears and you listen to music and there's loud noises around you you are gonna hear those and you're not gonna be immersed in your music in your audio books or whatever podcast you're listening to so with these guys again by going to Bluetooth and tapping on this button right here the eye button you can actually enable the noise cancellation mode once you do that all the noises on the outside environment are going to completely disappear and this option does work very well now I do want to let you know if you want to quickly change the noise cancellation on and off you can go here you'll see your iPads over here at the volume knob you press and hold and from here you can also activate deactivate noise cancellation which is great that's the second way you can change the turn on or off the noise cancellation feature that is new on these new airports Pro and this brings me to the next tip now if I go to the settings alright again as you can see we have a noise cancellation mode we have an off mode and we have a transparency mode now when you keep this on off these airports Pro are going to behave exactly like the last generation air pods so there's not gonna be a big difference but let's say you do have noise cancellation and then your friend comes over and he starts talking to you but you don't want to pause your music you wanna listen to your music and also hear what your buddy or whoever is talking to you has to say all you do is you go to transparency mode and that's gonna allow all the voice to travel through the air pots into your ear from the outside world so you can be aware of your surroundings and listen to music at the same time that's fantastic I do like the name they picked up for that that's a transparency mode and again you can go here into the control center press and hold boom transparency mode can be enabled from here and disabled as well alright so the next thing has to do with your Siri being able to get you information for your airport so I'm gonna grab the airport right now I'm gonna put them in my ear alright let me just grab it put it right here in the right ear the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kill you press and hold the button just so you're Siri doesn't get activated every time I say it so let me press and hold and watch this what's the current battery level on my air pods so as you can see it tells you how much battery you have on the air pause pearl on the left and the right they're both at 98% and I did hear them through my actual air pods now the next thing you can do is pretty cool here's what I can do again I can say the word to activate Siri but I'm not gonna do that I'm just going to press and hold just a demonstrates so press and hold turn on the noise cancellation so as you can see I can turn on and off noise cancellation by asking Siri to do that directly and I can actually use voice activation alright I'm just using the button here so it doesn't activate your Siri so again I can also do this press and hold turn on the transparency mode alright so that turned on noise cancellation and actually turned on the transparency mode as you can see and I can also turn them off so you can control your air prospero using Siri with voice commands you don't have to go inside and press buttons if you don't want to alright so that brings us to the end of this video guys if you do any questions comments or concerns or any other tips to share with us drop them down below and let me know and for now have a fantastic day alright alright so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to sake tech by clicking that button and also click that Bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time I upload a new video and if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can follow me at sake tech online to get the latest updates as well all right have a fantastic day

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  2. Hello Mr. Sakitech hope you'll notice this lil info. I just got an update on my Note 10+ . It's the official Android 10 and One UI 2 update. Its almost 2GB . Btw im a fan from Philippines.👌🏼

  3. Thank you for your fine video. I have had mine for about a month and I've tried all three sets of ear tips several times but they always show that I need to change tips or adjust them. Can you suggest something else to try?

  4. I ordered the Airpods Pro (received Dec 20th) with zero expectations since I hated all the other ones I tried.. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I'm in love. Sony XM3 were terrible in comfort, Galaxy buds were ok but don't have ANC and calls are terrible. The hype is real, for once.

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