Advice To Young Women From The Oscars Red Carpet

Advice To Young Women From The Oscars Red Carpet

Actresses share their messages of inspiration to young women.

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49 thoughts on “Advice To Young Women From The Oscars Red Carpet

  1. One day I'm gonna sing my a** off for the world and it's gonna be great! I am going to inspire people to be themselves and NOT back down for what they believe in! And, I am going to inspire young girls–such as myself–to go for their dreams and to do the frick whatever they want to! (If the things they want to do are good–off course).

  2. I always go back to this video when I need that inspiration and I’m going make my dream of acting a reality and one day I’ll be on that red carpet giving advice like this too 💕

  3. This may be a stupid question, but what does Zoe Saldana mean when she says to "not think in color"–is she referring to ethnicity?
    Btw, this is a beautiful video with a very uplifting message 🙂

  4. I like Viola's dark makeup in contrast to her light dress. (Sorry for the shallow comment on this powerful video. :P)

  5. My advice don't beat your self up (mentally and physically) for what you did wrong, encourage your self for what you did right

  6. I thought Anna's response was the most thought out, she understands that just by saying "be yourself" won't get any results, and real results take time.

  7. Im sorry, its kinda funny comming from people who are actually the ones defining these stereotypes.the most perfect people telling u that its ok not to be perfect. These people are caked in makeup. In real life even they dont look as pretty as themselves… do u get it?

  8. "Be who you are" is the way for successful people to keep the rest of the population in check. Yeah, stay who you are, losers. Be whatever you are, just don't dare to try and improve. Improving would mean to betray yourself, right? You don't want to do that. And of course, LOVE your insecurities. After all, those are what is keeping you down, as you should stay.

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