23 thoughts on “Advice For Workout Schedule with Newborn Kids – Jocko Willink

  1. Project Kratos by Drew Baye is a great resource for working out anywhere, anytime. As a dad of a 4 month old and a 2 year old it was a great way to stay in decent shape.

  2. My wife and I just found out last week we are expecting twins. We have a son that will be 2 when they are born. One child was easy to get on a schedule and get my workouts in at 5am. Twins will be a challenge until they start sleeping through the night. Will have to squeeze in calisthenics when I can. Sadly, since I'll likely be the sole income on a tight budget during this time my BJJ training will have to stop for a while.

  3. Mannnn, Jocko wasn't gettin it at the end. Not only was he not being the best husband he could be, but he was not being a very good father. These are just facts.

  4. Small children are great as added weight for squats. And when they’re a little older, and they’re running around the playground, there are a ton of calisthenic exercises you can do using playground equipment.

  5. This weekend one of our 3 month old daughter twins was, as baby's do, crying. As I was walking through the living room in order to comfort Her, Jocko's suggestion to squad while holding the newborn came to mind. While I did some squads She did a burpee relieving Her from our distress. Maybe it's situational but it was a usefull suggestion.

    Thank you.

  6. this actually helped a lot. I just had my first. so the insight is appricaited. ive been working out after work at 5pm.

  7. this resonates so much. it was tough with my newborn but i was lucky enough to have a home gym. still a struggle but probably wouldve been near impossible for me at a gym

  8. ‘I have to work out or I will be a jerk’ -Which leadership principle does this line up with? Being a jerk in any case does not seem to be a good option. I struggle with this as well so am interested in hearing more on this.

  9. I wonder which Jocko is worse: the “I-haven't-trained-yet“-Jocko or the “I'm-hangry“-Jocko. You promote to control your reaction to the basic need of food yet it seems like not being able to train or work out does a bigger number on your mood. Right?

  10. god dammit Jocko I fucking love you bro. I have 2 year old identical twin sons. You know what you need to do. GET IT DONE

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