25 thoughts on “Advice For Pre-Nursing Students!

  1. I lovvvvvveeeeee your videos! There so encouraging and great information to give for people that is interested in studying nursing

  2. I've passed anatomy and microbiology but physiology is killing me I wish I would have gotten the 9am instead of the 7am my sleep schedule is destroyed and I'm really burnt

  3. I just got my esthetics license and am going back to school to pursue nursing. I am very nervous but excited about helping others. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us future students!

  4. I’m glad I ran across your channel because I’m starting nursing school this year and I’m veryyy excited about it it’s what I been wanting to do forever

  5. Thank you so much for this video!!! I came across your YouTube channel and I’m hooked!! You have no idea how much u elevated my confidence!! Keep the videos coming!!!

  6. I'm in Anatomy/Physiology II now. Definitely going to study and not just memorize everything like I was before haha.

  7. This was SOOO helpful and relieving to me. I just got accepted into a pre-nursing program at my dream college but I had so much anxiety about going into it but this video made me feel a lot better and I feel more confident going into the program next fall.

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