Advice for pre-med students: Grades + My story

Advice for pre-med students: Grades + My story

Today I will be talking about grades, my perspective, and my story.
A bad grade does not define you. How you react and bounce back DOES!
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47 thoughts on “Advice for pre-med students: Grades + My story

  1. Wow I'm a sophomore in undergrad right now experiencing similar struggles, and for so long I've been beating myself around for the mistakes I've made in freshmen year. I just found your channel and I'm really inspired. Thank you for sharing your story, it really means a lot to me!!

  2. Thanks for your video. I am a Highschool senior what year would you say I should apply for Medical school? I am also so scared of the Mcat because I didn't do well of my SAT I was around the 1000s. What major do you think will better prepare me for the Mcat?

  3. I just finished my first semester year of college and it was way worse than I hoped for. I was losing hope but I'm happy I came across this video. This was the motivation I needed for my next semester. Thank You!

  4. I had a bad semester my first year and another one this current one due to me finding out about my depression and me learning how to deal with it ( I am currently in my second year) . Seeing this in my recommended made my night because I feel like I wont be able to get in anymore. Med school is a a goal I'm determined to reach no matter how long it takes but in all honesty, it can become very discouraging.

  5. I took the nursing route to go to med school and don't have the best grades in the world!! you think i can redeem those with the premeds??

  6. Thank you. As a pre med undergrad who has been told time and time again you need that 3.8+ gpa and a 511+ to be accepted and hearing your story tells me that there is a chance. There’s always a chance. Maybe not for Harvard med but there’s still a chance at other schools 😂

  7. I’m at Princeton which is so overwhelming because my curve competition is killing my motivation. I have finals after break and have been struggling hard to find the motivation to study over winter break. But if I don’t study I know I will get 2 Cs. I’m really hoping I can get through it.

  8. I am a high school senior with a 3.8 GPA, I got a 1020 on my SAT. I feel like I am not good enough to be in med school. Any tips?

  9. I plan on applying as a junior, if my gpa by then was 3.5 with a good mcat score and a good upward trend would you say my chances are good? Factoring in the usual clinical experiences, volunteer, and extra curricular, leadership etc?

  10. literally me rn. I am a first year in college and enroll in gen chem, cell and organisms, chem lab. Cells and organisms is just way to much for a human to remember everything

  11. Hi, i am a junior in college and i have really messed up. This is my worst semester of my college career. Orgo chem II really messed me up plus i had a lot of problems with my mental health and at home. This semester dropped me down to a 3.0. Is there still a chance for me?? I really want to go to med school but i might have to go into a post bac program

  12. School is just hell in so many ways…… its designed to be that way p.s. functional integrative medicine is better than conventional medicine just google search it

  13. I'm so glad I found your channel! I just finished my first semester of sophomore year, and your story literally sounds just like my story. This video gave me so much encouragement, thank you!

  14. Since y’all are becoming doctors I need advice. I want to be in the area of orthopedics but it’s hard to do something that takes time and I feel like you have to be super smart. I’m in high school rn but I hear everyone in my classes talking about doing UCLA medical programs during the summer and I get kinda get sad cause I feel that I’m not good enough 🙁 any advice

  15. I have a 3.4-3.5 gpa as a junior right now. I felt slower than a lot of other pre med students because I wasn’t involved with research or volunteering first and second half of my college life:( I was wondering if there is hope for me since now I have two research positions and volunteering that I genuinely enjoy. I’m panicking because idk if there is hope for me

  16. I had some medical issues happen during my second semester freshman year and I dropped out but I got appealed and got back in. Raised my gpa from a 1.5 to a 2.3, and plan on raising it even further. Logistically I don’t think that I could attain more than a 3.0 at the end of undergrad because of those F’s when I dropped out. Could I still have a chance of getting into med school?

  17. Skated through the #1 public high school in my state. Was always seen as super smart. Everyone told me if anyone could do it, itd be me. I believed them through my freshman year of college. Fell in love with chemistry, was so happy to be where I was. This semester I took O-chem, tried online class for a gen-ed (didn't go well), and moved off campus for the first time. My boyfriend dropped out, I didn't know how to study, and the depression and lack of motivation hit me hard after the first exam I studied for and didn't do well. I took my final a few days ago. I'll probably end up retaking O-chem. Really needed this video because I plan on coming back strong

  18. Hi i have question i study in my country laboratory medicine this is my second year and anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and genetics are pretty much all i study, and my gpa is pretty good i think it’s 3.81/4 so if i wanted to get in medical school would it be easier or it won’t effect?
    And what i can do in the last two more years to increase my chances of getting excepted into med school?
    I would really appreciate if anyone answers 🙏🏼

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your story!! The first semester of my sophomore year just ended and I also struggled with chem because I had poor foundation in high school to begin with. After watching your video, I felt that somehow, someone finally understands my frustrations because I'm not the only one who experienced the same situation. Let's do our best!! Good luck to you, future Dr. Trillo!!! 🙂 I wish you all the best!

  20. Had a pretty similar situation to you. I’m currently a Pre-Med, but my first two semesters of college were not good. Kicked it off with a 2.3, and then my second semester with a 1.8 after it was said and done. My first semester was pretty much the same problem as you, I didn’t have the right materials and strategies to study. The second semester, I had to have a surgery to remove a wisdom tooth (won’t go into much detail but it was not in a convenient spot, so they could only remove the one). That cause me to fall behind, and fail one class. Although none of these classes so far are science related, I’m reserving to take those at a four year university, as I’m in technical college at the moment planning to transfer. It’s a much more cost effective method for me lol. Not to mention a couple semesters I had to miss due to a surgery and experiencing a near death illness. Although my last semester I aced all my classes, once there wasn’t anything standing in my way. I’m not sure if medical schools like that much error in the beginning of an academic career, but I hope they see my effort and grades going forward. Thank you for the video, you gave me a lot of inspiration to pursue my passion.

  21. As a 29 year public school teacher I like many people do not like standardized tests. Based on your commentary I feel we need a common national standardized tests for required courses. Overall public schools consistently perform markedly better than private school. Students here in IN will be prepared for the college rigor if they earn an A or B. Although I appreciate the hope you provide students that lag a little in their approach to their education, you are very mis-informed on many education topics.

  22. Yo thanks for sharing, I've been feeling super overwhelmed and discouraged about my abilities in chemistry and math. I've been getting better at studying but its definitely been a process.

  23. I’m in first year and I’m going through a similar situation. Only
    Difference is is that I’m actually studying very hard for all my courses however still not doing well. It’s because during exams, I often get anxious and choke. It makes it really hard to remember what I studied and do well. I never used to get test anxiety but I think it’s because of the huge weight and limited time for exams in uni. I feel pretty discouraged but I still wanna try and get back on track but I’m not really sure how I’m my situation. Any advice?

  24. For those upper level Biology courses you took, was it only those 2 courses or were you also taking other classes? I imagine if you only did those 2, then you must have been a part time student.

    Also were you involved in like extracurriculars, jobs, volunteering, etc?

  25. I’m a freshman in college, my first semester and similar to your high school experience, that was mine. I wasn’t prepared to study and even though it’s my first semester I already feel a little discouraged. I’m hoping for much better semesters, med school has always been my dream.

  26. Hi I have huge question, my case was I moved to the US from a Latin America country and graduated high school over there so adjusting to the US system was a huge challenge for me I I’m currently in a community 2 year college and looking to transfer to a 4 year one for a pre med degree the problem was my second and third semester were completely horrible I even got some F. What can I do about it ? If I still put the work and get As can I still aspire to med school or just give up? I would really appreciate your response and advise. Also English isn’t my first language I apologize if I misspelled something.

  27. “Things don’t always go your way in life and you just have to push forward and be honest about it” this made me relate so much and made me cry! Thanks for sharing your story, this is an inspiration! I won’t give up!

  28. I wasn’t the best high school student besides my senior year so I didn’t have any plans to go to college. I opened up my own small business and ran for public office at the age of 18 years old. But my parents and grandparents pushed me to at least start community college. Wellll, after being pushed I didn’t want to let them down so I went ahead and signed up for classes for a semester. I absolutely didn’t care at all (2017) and had a lot of personal family issues going on, so of course I failed my classes besides history. I dropped out of community college and decided to stay involved in local government and just work. Well now it’s almost 2020 and I’m 20 years old. I’ve thought long and hard about what I want out of life and I’ve always loved science and anything to do with medical and have decided to start over and give college at a university a try. I know I can do it because when I’ve put effort into any class I’ve always received an A or B, and now that I’m older I’m more disciplined. Do you think that one semester at my community college will effect my chances of even looking towards medical school later down the road, if I retook the classes I failed and improved and received decent (A-B’s perhaps one C) my next four years in my undergrad?

  29. I was completely freaking out and crying about school, until I clicked this video, so thank you for making this. It's my sophomore year and it feels like my future's about to be over because of how I've been doing in physics and organic chemistry. It's just so nice to hear someone who is as successful as you, share similar struggles and still come out of it as strong as ever and still growing. It's so stressful especially knowing that there are people out there with perfect GPA's, and it just makes me wonder why I'm not able to do it. This semester has really made me question so many things, but I really hope I can turn it around in these last 3 weeks, the way you had your junior year. Thank you, I am so glad I found your channel!!

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