ACT Tips and Tricks! 10 Strategies to CRUSH the test!

ACT Tips and Tricks! 10 Strategies to CRUSH the test!

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Are you taking the ACT soon? Or getting an early start on studying? In this video, Brooke shares some of her top tips for the ACT.

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44 thoughts on “ACT Tips and Tricks! 10 Strategies to CRUSH the test!

  1. I have one week to prepare, not cause I'm lazy but because I literally found put today I have to take it next week, y'all please pray for me.

  2. I'm in 8th grade going to 9th and I am taking it tomorrow . Took it last year and got an 18. Pray for me😭😭😭

  3. I'm in middle school,where there is a Act Program only a few participate in.(Intelligence)I got chosen and know none of the info I need to pass.THE PRESSURE IS REAL

  4. Regarding the math section , you said that usually the questions at first are easiest . So would you recommend starting at the end for math .

  5. ive literally giving up on this test lmao.. I'm taking it tomorrow morning and this is the only studying I've done rip

  6. i do good in school but taking this is so stressful, on my test i tend to rush cause of the time constraint, and my english isn’t so good at least when it feels i’m being rushed

  7. More guidance of details leading to select the most correct answer on the ACT of each section, please.

  8. Taking the ACT tomorrow! I've studied using the Offical ACT red book, Barron's 36 book, Barron's math and science book, and the official ACT website. These videos gave the most help while self-studying. Thank you for your videos Brooke!

  9. One tip that I do for myself on the Science, Math, and Reading section is to chunk the problems by tens (10, 20, 30, etc.) and give myself about eight minutes per section. Even if I dont see my watch, I can roughly feel if I am taking longer than eight minutes, and the good thing is that I almost always finish with around 3-5 minutes to spare on all of these topics. Then I go back and check problems I wasn't sure about. I dont have problems with English pacing or scoring, so I dont worry about it, but with science, timing was KILLER. After this, I almost always finished with enough spare time, and it wasn't rushing me so much that I lost accuracy. Hope it helps!

  10. Did the actual ACT online prep. After studying for hours I did the first practice exam and got a 20… All that work for a fucking composite score of 20. Less than my predicted score before fucking studying. ALL BECAUSE…

    I didn't practice time management.

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