ACEPC T11 Review AWESOME Mini PC 4K Box 4K - 4GB + 32GB EMMC - WIN 10

ACEPC T11 Review AWESOME Mini PC 4K Box 4K – 4GB + 32GB EMMC – WIN 10

ACEPC T11 Review AWESOME Mini PC 4K Box with HDD CADDY
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This is a very nice powerful mini PC which is licensed to play 4K Netflix and Youtube, play games and stream any movie or TV show. Runs super quiet with a finless design. This ACEPC T11 also has a 2.5″ inch HDD caddy which takes up-to 4TB drives.

CPU: Intel ATOM Z83 50 (64Bit)
GPU: Intel HD 400 Graphics
32GB eMMC Storage
Dual Band Wifi AC
Bluetooth v4.0
Windows 10 Home
Supports 4K Netflix, 4K Youtube & more


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hey what's up guys I'm chicks and you are watching chicks tech reviews today I got my hands on another mini Windows 10 PC and this one allows you to attach your own 2.5 inch SATA hard drive so this is the brand-new HP CT 11 a powerful portable Windows PC to sit under your TV and give you access to a world of multimedia this is not just a mini PC this is effectively a Windows TV box so as usual we'll begin with a quick unboxing followed by a series of tests testing 4k video HD streaming gaming and finishing off with a benchmark in Wi-Fi test so let's begin to the specs I'll put the specs on the screen so you guys can have a quick read the CPU is the intel atom z3580 to 400 graphics four gigs of ddr3 ram 32 gigs of emmc storage dual band Wi-Fi AC bluetooth version for a fully licensed version of Windows 10 home this supports 4k Netflix 4k YouTube and a lot more so this is everything you get in the box beginning with a user manual a UK power adapter HDMI cable you have a universal bracket so you can attach this to the back of your television and you also get the screws you need for that the bracket is made from aluminium and last but not least the brand new ace PC t11 so here it is guys so you got matte finish on the top and a shiny chrome a specie logo which looks quite cool and you've got the Intel sticker there on the front of the unit you've got the model number and a lot of vents at the bottom we've got a physical power button and two full-sized USB ports and on this side we've got a VGA port headphone jack network LAN port HDMI a mini USB OTG port and your power socket and finally on this side we have another full-size USB a full-size USB 3 port and a micro SD card slot so it's great to see you've got lots of connectivity on this box at the bottom of the device this is what it looks like the device you had two screws I took them off and that will reveal a harddrive Kaddi so you have a 2.5 inch hard drive cat here it's a SATA hard drive caddy so here's my such a drive I've just put my 500 GB SATA drive which contains all multimedia videos and movies so I understand you can use any size hard drive in this TV box and it will work so let's get the lid closed so let's quickly compare the size I'm going to bring in the H 96 Maxx so hate 296 Maxx is typically one of the smallest Android TV boxes you can get I'm just going to compare it to this Windows PC just to give you an idea of what to expect so it's slightly bigger all the way around and also a few said to me is thicker so I'm going to get this hooked up to my TV and capture card and we're going to find out how good this mini PC performs I'll be right back this HP CT 11 boots to desktop in around 23 seconds from a cold start and has a full version of Windows 10 home 64-bit and already comes fully activated and ready to use so let's have a quick look at the system storage this mini PC comes with 32 gigs of internal storage from which there is 18 point three gigs free to use also you can see that my 2.5 inch SATA hard drive was automatically recognized now you can even install an SSD and reinstall windows directly onto the SATA SSD giving you some nice options there so if I just briefly opened my SATA drive you will see my complete collection of multimedia videos and these are all ready to be played immediately and all video formats are supported videos open nice and quick and playback is very smooth with no issues this mini PC was able to stream up to 4k videos on YouTube and video playback nice and smooth with no issues at all most games from the Windows app store downloaded nice and quick and played very well in the antutu benchmark test this mini pc got a total benchmark score of 69 thousand 256 so let's see how that compares to the others so this is my top benchmark performance chart for mini Windows PCs where you can compare the specs performance and the prices of all the latest models which I've reviewed to date I made this chart as a guide to help you choose the best mini PC that suits your budget so the HPC t11 has taken position 3 on this chart with a very good benchmark score of 69 thousand 256 and I have a lot more mini pcs coming soon to make this chart more interesting and competitive so stay tuned so there you have it guys that was the ACE PCT 11 mini PC I hope this video gives you a good idea of how this product performs bottom line this is one of my favourite mini pcs it can play 4k Netflix YouTube Hulu etc and you can also play minigames from the windows app store and they play very well indeed the system does not overheat even after one hour of gaming and 4k videos furthermore I love that this comes with a 2.5 inch hard drive caddy which means you can expand the storage and access your multimedia it's a great option to have and I think all future mini pcs should implement this caddy this means you also have the option to install windows directly on 2 and 2.5 inch SSD drive giving you a super-fast experience with more than enough storage and with that being said I'll leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out and if you like it you can of course go ahead and purchase one for yourselves I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day

21 thoughts on “ACEPC T11 Review AWESOME Mini PC 4K Box 4K – 4GB + 32GB EMMC – WIN 10

  1. Could this be used with logitech webcams to do podcasts? The reason I ask is because the graphics cpu seems to be excellent.

  2. picked up one of these to replace my full-desktop nas since this thing is power efficient and has way more than enough horse power to handle nas and other basic server operations

    gonna be a fun new toy thats for sure

  3. I usually trawl through reviews trying to find a competent easy to understand breakdown of a product, they are few and far between. this one however is a gem thank you. I don't usually comment but good job buddy

  4. I am very interested to buy this piece of hardware, but since I want to run Kodi on linux rather than Windows (something like LibreELEC most likely), I would like to be 100% sure – may I connect this 2.5" HDD and change settings in BIOS so as to boot from it?

  5. how do you get it to boot from a crucial SSD when you have cloned to it. doesn't give an option in Bios to make the SSD 1st boot? Has anyone done this previously?

  6. i think you cant install windows on ssd because ssd is seem to be usb in bios, or i couldnt find a solution to change this yet

  7. Hi Chigz,
    I tried to install a SATA SSD from WD (250GB) but was not recognized. Is there any thing in BIOS that should be activated? I have two SSD SATA and both were not recognized. What do you think?

  8. Amazing to see how much difference that extra 2GB of RAM makes, the specs between this and the X5 you recently reviewed are almost identical except the RAM and it went from being unable to play 4K content to having no issues at all.

  9. Hey Chigz , i need your help bro .. I want to buy a android tv box , after watching your reviews and unboxing , which are awesome every time. i decided of 2 .. H96 pro pluse &x92 android tv box.. i want to know your opinion , which one would be best of two for media streaming,gaming for long hours !!! Thanks !!

  10. nice box, BUT!! 32GB of storage with windows 10 in 2017 is very poor, minimum should be 64GB. 32 is just not enough any more.

  11. Keep making this amazing reviews specially that fantastic chart! I see u getting atleast 500k subs in a year.

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