About the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

About the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

A short video produced by the Food Standards Agency explaining the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

when you eat out you don't really want to be thinking at all is this clean is this careful you don't really ever think about it you presume that with a shopping center blue to status will all be top-notch so I just tend to go for the ones that I know that I like I just hope that they are hiding it can I go and eat up there's a million cases of food poisoning every year and that's costing the economy 1.5 billion at the moment in the UK and quite a large number of local authorities or run their own local and food hygiene rating schemes and these schemes have been very successful but what we want to do actually is to build on the success of these local schemes and provide a single national coach at last we've now got a scheme that is available to the whole country that all authorities can use that will be consistent it's a scheme that is designed to rate food businesses according to hygiene standards we want to make sure that it's consistent throughout the UK and so if you're on holiday in Norwich or in Newquay you have the same standards the scheme has six ratings these go from zero at the bottom of the scale which means Arjun improvement necessary right up to five at the top which means the standards are very good each business when it's given the rating by the Food Safety Officer from the local council will be given a very distinctive black and green sticker which will show their rating from not up to five and they're encouraged to display that rating either on the window or in the door where consumers are coming into the business they can also look up ratings online at food gov EQ ratings if you get a very high rating actually it's positive from the fact that guests when they come in can see the exception standards they can achieve thereby hopefully it encourages more turnover they're ultimately their profits can increase business is at the bottom of the scale with say zero one or two for their rating the local authority Food Safety Officer will be working with those businesses to make sure that they make the improvements that are necessary where it's the local authority officers find that standards are very poor and there's an imminent risk to public health so that means that the food might not be safe to eat they must take action with that business and they're very lightly to close the business down you can't see what's going on in the background with this on the on the window people know that the gift is good hygiene in the restaurant know regularly go online and check and I think if it if it had a rating but like that and it would make it easier if it had a high rating you'd be more inclined to eat there because you're kind of thing okay they've you know that they know what they're doing cleaning wise I'm not going to get anything contaminated in my food I can just sit and enjoy my meal I'll be very interested to see who has the lower ratings or no stickers because another where it's a voluntary scheme if they've not got a sticker in the window I'm going to assume that that's because they're too embarrassed to have one up and it's going to make me think twice about eating there any good publicity we can get with good hygiene standards is really good for us so and I think it's great it's a great thing to be part of all the things that we do it's probably the flagship policy that we're most keen to make sure improves food safety for consumers and it's that that's our single purpose to reduce the amount of foodborne illness in this country what we've got to try and do here is the drive up standards this isn't a punitive scheme it's not about exposing the worst it's about driving up standards and rewarding the best you

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  1. there are some business that have 5 star rating that are dirty and have dried food left on pizza containers that use to make pizza and other businesses that do not were a hat  or blue gloves or apron when working with food and all are asian owned told my local council food hygiene department who replied are you making a complaint i said if you did your job an when you buy food or drink newspaper use your eyes to see

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