Aasif Mandvi Took Stephen Colbert's Comedy Advice At The Daily Show

Aasif Mandvi Took Stephen Colbert's Comedy Advice At The Daily Show

Aasif Mandvi, who stars in the brand new CBS show ‘Evil,’ recounts some solid comedy advice he got from our host in the good-old-days at The Daily Show. #Colbert #AasifMandvi #Interviews

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my next guest tonight is an actor you know from Blue Bloods the proposal and The Daily Show he now stars in evil on CBS please welcome aasif Mandvi [Applause] nice to see you again nice to see you you looking fit fit fit as a fiddle fit as a fiddle I am I don't thank you I feel fit as a fiddle I don't know if you have this feeling yeah I feel like I know you better than I do because I feel like we overlap yeah because we saw each other all the time we crossed the buffet line between the two shows every so often but we never actually overlap what no we didn't actually overlap but I did actually come to your office when I first started on the daily show when I John sends you yes they they sent these the daily show people at the time sent me to come and visit you because I was going out to do my first field piece right and they said you know Stephen Colbert is the master and you must go and learn from the master did I did I did I you did you had like you had the big green ears no but it was great I came into your office and you said to me they said you said I'll give you three pieces of advice always find three things that are funny about the piece about the piece yes don't be afraid of the silence and when you put a camera in someone's face they get a lobotomy which I thought was the most brilliant advice I've ever gotten and it's true when you point a camera at somebody their IQ goes down about 45 they know that yeah and that's why you let the silence fall when you're doing a field piece because they can't stand the silence and they will fill it with the truth yes this is true yes don't be the first one to blink Wow no and it happened many many times I saw that happen but being on the people it's hard to explain what it's like to go do a piece for The Daily Show these back in the day because people didn't know what your story was about they only knew that they were in the stores and often there would be a whole other framework for the story were there ever times when you found yourself in a situation that you thought oh this is I'm just doing some silly comedy and the people there got very upset with you one time I actually I was in Boise Idaho and watertown lovely town quality time yes and they were having a problem with fish in the river and pollution and they were seeing these about this two-headed fish in the river when he said give me a photo is yes and that's yes tell me what I should sell to I'll tell you so here's the thing I go to Boise Idaho we're doing a story about 200 fish in the river and I dress up as a two-headed fish that's that's my head that's the fake head just to clarify okay Ken that's my head okay and and I walk into with my with my producer Brennan and the film crew and we walk in to the EPA offices in Boise Boise Idaho to complain about the two-headed fish in the river and a very nice gentleman walks out of the back office probably the manager or somebody and he says you know you can't be and he was very freaked that I got to leave and I said well what am I supposed to go I live in the river and it's polluted and I don't remember this poor man just saying to me you're not really a fish you're a man in a costume but I was completely in character you know and and then they called the police and I thought it was going to be like the local sheriff but no Homeland Security shows up we're walking out of the building with our crew and suddenly it's like whoo it was like NCIS like it was literally like five cars pulled up guys got out it was Homeland Security and they see me in a two-headed fish costume and they're about to take Rehan you know they're about to and I'm trying to explain to them no we're with the Daily Show and the thing and he's he's like I'm the one it's okay I'm a senior well that's why at the Homeland Security cuz there there's the brown face now it's only so I I'm trying to explain to them we're doing a piece with The Daily Show and then one of the homeland security guys goes I love Jon Stewart and I said let me get him on the phone and you can talk to him meanwhile I don't have John Stewart's number I know I'm just scrolling through my phone trying to get a friend to do a John Stewart impression oh my god did they let you know they finally let us go it took some talking it would have I gotta say it it would have been a hell of a mug shot yes I know well imagine what would have happened to me in prison in that costume I mean you know okay new CBS show yes once it wants to start the 26th of September okay evil evil it dips into the supernatural ghosts demons exorcisms and can you play like a skeptic on I slay like a guy who is a debunker I am gonna figure out why it is not paranormal and why you can explain this stuff I'm the other members of the team we have one member who is a skeptic one who is a true believer and I'm the guy who's gonna figure out what it is and why it's not do you personally you awesome OMSI mom v believe in ghosts or the supernatural I will say this I have more of a belief in the idea that there are things outside of our understanding and beyond what we can see touch first never seen a ghost ever I haven't but I was in a hotel once in Austin Texas where they have a this hotel was haunted and and I know this because they have a registry at the front of the hotel where you can tell them if you saw a ghost and they will write it into their registry and it goes back like 200 years like they have like from the 1800 so they're like please tell them welcome to the hotel and please tell us if you see a ghost we can always check it just come back and tell us if you see anything scoundrel I don't know but I was terrified buffet I was terrified of your panel so I I ended up I was then dating my now wife and I ended up being so terrified that I called her at one o'clock in the morning this is a woman I've just recently started dating and I said listen you have to stay with me on the phone because my lamp is flickering across the room and I am convey like maybe it's just got a bad faulty circuit and I was like no it is a ghost and I was convinced and I kept I kept her on the phone with me until five o'clock in the morning but she married me so it's fun premieres next Thursday at 10:00 p.m. on CBS awesome

39 thoughts on “Aasif Mandvi Took Stephen Colbert's Comedy Advice At The Daily Show

  1. It seems like all the daily show members come to the late show to be graded. Some does well some over sell.

    Just me? Only person would probably be Jon that doesnโ€™t do that, or Samantha B

  2. Been rewatching Oz lately and it was just the other day that I saw Mandvi in his small part as a dentist. Cool to see him still going.

  3. 1:43 And now I'm imagining a mime interviewing people.ย  Think of the Piranha Brothers sketch scene where their headmaster is being interviewed, only the interviewer isn't even moving their lips.

  4. He was one of my favourite correspondents on the Daily Show when he was on. The things that would come out of his mouth when talking to people would never cease to amaze or amuse me.

  5. I know him from his cameo as a doctor in The Dictator. "You want the aladeen news or the aladeen news?" ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. The bet the truth is that she probably married him BECAUSE of that exact phonecall. He wanted to talk to HER. He turned to her when he was voulnerabel. When he was afraid. She felt needed, important, trusted, privileged, loved. She thought it was a funny and cute thing.

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