#8 - How to survive the Dutch weather

#8 – How to survive the Dutch weather

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The Netherlands is a great country, except for this one thing: the climate. With an average of 100 minutes of rain per day, this place is just very, very wet. Here’s how to survive… the Dutch weather!

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life in the Netherlands is pretty damn near perfect it's got the happiest kids in the world the best health care system in Europe and one of the best pensions it ranks highly in terms of freedom happiness human development quality of life and as an added bonus sexual satisfaction yep those living in the lowlands have little to complain about maybe there's this one thing a little big sniff news Jenna through under the every everybody who's been to the Netherlands for any amount of time knows whether around here can be pretty shitty with an average of 100 minutes of precipitation per day this country is just very very wet weather in summer winter spring or fall not surprisingly the Dutch have more words for bad weather than Eskimos have words period on a given day was so-called near SLOC there could be more rayko a few Drupal's or spa cheese about gentle walk through a store vast roman doe stream in the rapist laugh nation or no fever it could be dry later the Cevallos reasoning psyching 18 hosing lensing raining pipe the Steilacoom with vodka out of the air or a true zone flood clearly there are many ways yo hey you're forgetting me hey hey yeah we get it okay lots of words I'm moving on perhaps because of the particularly unpredictable nature of their climate the go-to topics or daily conversation is the weather survival tip at every opportunity complain about the weather make sure your observation accounts for the meteorological complexity of the day like this that time you mailed it with the constantly changing climate apps like diamond radar and bow an alarm show you exactly where when and how much rain you can expect on an average day it could look like this this this this this or this you might ask yourself how am I ever going to get through this cruel light rain out parades ruined barbecues drowned out hail Hall and box finals condense classes the smeared mascara and the living hell that is unresponsive touch screams start with getting yourself some proper time you'll never look as cool as this sweet old MoMA but you can always give it a try by buying a super sexist enzyme from that looks like you're designed by NASA but you'll probably just end up with one of these mostly though it's a psychological battle like the Dutch do whatever you can to get through the misery stick together help each other out face it tolerate it ignore it embrace it make the best of it in the end we're all in this together but when the Sun finally does break through nobody knows how to appreciate those glorious golden rays quite like the Dutch so wait for the Sun to reveal itself and do like they do to flock to the terraces order of vid future tilt your head and soak it up and then wait for them to start complaining again oh my hey guys thank you so much for watching the video and a very special shout out to sends umbrellas for helping us out as well it takes a lot of time and money and effort to make these videos so we're really excited to let you know we have patreon which is a way that you guys can sponsor our videos for as little as like a euro for your name and the credits or say 25 euros for a free boat tour from those damn Pope guys to see the beautiful canals of Amsterdam we plan on taking the Survival Guide to the next level and are going to be making a lot more videos about everything that is so weird and wonderful about this country so please like and subscribe and share and all that stuff stay tuned and we'll see you very soon

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  1. Hey guys, subtitling a video at 6.00 am on a Sunday morning is not a smart idea. Lots of you have noticed we misspelled 'Heat' as 'Heath'. We feel stupid, and will have to live with this mistake for the rest of our lives. We hope you can forgive us, at one point, though. Sorry!

  2. I love rain from the core of my heart. I want to see raining eeevvvery day. So if it rains in holand like this then this place is perfect place for me to live especially if there is no poodles, pot holes, floody roads, dirty accumulated water as we have in india. I hate indian road during monsoon though i am an indian. ♥ for holand from india. S.k

  3. Discovered this series of videos as I'm currently visiting Amsterdam for the first time – love them all!

  4. Facts.. umbrellas don’t work in The Netherlands neither bc of the fucking wind that is included in the rain. Which makes your umbrella flip…

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