6 Tech Kitchen Gadgets

6 Tech Kitchen Gadgets

6 awesome tech kitchen gadgets everyone needs in their kitchen.

In this video, you will see six amazing new technologically innovative gadgets. here is a list of the techy gadgets you will see in this video:

1. Chip bag sealer
2. Wifi kettle
3. Beaker/scale
4. Egg minder
5. Automatic bin
6. Electric peeler

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Re-Sealer Gadget:
Alright, so here we go a packet of chips. We’ve all done it, we’ve eaten some chips
and then we want to not eat anymore and leave it for another day. What do we usually do?
Roll it up like this and close it with one of these, but the problem is air leaches in
and then they become old. There must be a better way.
There is, there’s this little gadget here. It’s a little battery powered sealer. Basically
it just heats up a little filament and then melts together plastic bags or chip packets.
All you do is just press down like this and drag it alone and it seals together the two
layers just like it was sealed in the factory allowing no air to get inside and it stays
fresher for longer. You see it’s nice and sealed like this,
just great. I really love this gadget, I’m going to
leave some links in the description where you can get one of these yourself and all
the other gadgets in this video. Wi-Fi Kettle:
So this here is a smart kettle. It can connect with Wi-Fi and do magical things. You can
also operate it normally just like this, pressing the button manually and changing the temperature
as you wish. But if you pair it with your Smartphone along with the Make Sushi app then
you can turn it on from anywhere within your house.
You see the light just turned on there, you can switch the temperature to whatever you
want your water to be. The great thing about this is you could be
in bed and you can turn on your kettle and then by the time you get to your kitchen it
will be boiled and you can get straight down to business of making tea or soup or whatever
you want. Or say you’re working in the office and when you get to the kitchen its ready
and you don’t have to waste any time waiting for your kettle to boil.
I think this thing is epic. Beaker Weighing Scale:
Alright so here I’ve got some standard measuring equipment, a weighing scale and a beaker and
here I’ve got a great new little gadget, it’s a beaker and weight scale in one.
All you do is press this little button here to activate the weighing scale component of
it and then you can weight stuff. For example this spoon is 2 ½ ounces. If I click this
it’s 71 grams. It’s great converting in between things that’s what I found and you
can just put different presets. For example water here and I’m just going to pour some
water into it. If you have a recipe that’s using different
measurements than what you’re used to and you don’t want to have to convert this thing
can do it for you. For example here now it’s in cups, if I press units it goes to milliliters,
press unit again it goes to fluid ounces. It’s got little markings on the outside
just in case. I think this is a great gadget for any kitchen.
Check it out in the links in the description below.
Egg Minder: This is here is called the egg minder. Basically
it’s a high-tech egg tray that connects with any Smartphone. It gives you updated
intelligence reports on your eggs. Now it works very simply you just take an egg and
place it in and it registers it when you place it in.
Here’s the first egg, second egg and this one here is the third egg. Now it indicates
which on is the first egg you put in, the first one you should use with this little
blue light. If we take it out it moves to the second egg you put in, and so on and so
on. So when I take this one out it will move to the third egg there.
Now the awesome stuff really starts to happen when you connect it with your Smartphone.
Here you go you can see in the app it tells you which egg to take, and if you click on
an egg it tells you when you placed it in and when theoretically you should use it by.
Now if someone happens to take an egg out it will directly update with your phone and
tell you how many eggs you have left. As you can see I’m on my 4G network so this would
work in the grocery store or when you’re outside the house. So there’s never any
doubt of how many eggs you have left, you can always know exactly how many you have
even if someone is taking them while you’re out of the house. And if you place them back
as you can see it will directly update now and tell you how many eggs you have.
I think this is a definite buy; you should definitely have one of these, whoever you
are. Automatic Bin:
Okay this here is a bin you can operate it with your foot or you can operate it with
your hand, pretty standard. But this here this is the future you just put your hand
on top and it sensor activates and it opens it automatically. It runs on batteries or
you can put it with a power cable. I’m honestly going to change every bin in
my house in the kitchen for one of these things. Peeling Gadget:
Apples, who really wants to peel these things? But if you do you use one of these gadgets
or a ceramic peeler or any of these other peelers I’ve got. Apparently I’ve got
way too many peelers. But who really wants to go through the effort
of peeling? Well here I’ve got the solution, an electric peeling gadget. All you do is
just pop your apple in like this, drive the spike into it, pull this thing up and then
just hit the button. And off it goes, it just starts peeling your apple. I should have probably
started a little bit higher but it’s completely effortless, you have to do nothing. It’s
fricken awesome! Look at that thing go. Once it’s done you
can use apple for whatever you want. But I found something very interesting. If you put
the apple in again and you start where you already peeled then it just starts to cut
the actual fruit part of the apple into strands just like this. This would be awesome for
apple pies or adding into salads, who knows what other thousand ways you could use this,
I’ll leave it to you to give it a go. There’s also other things you can peel with
this, for example take a lime. Pop it in just like this, drive the spike into it and start
peeling it. Now this is great for cocktails because you can use this lime peel for your
drinks in some way, or orange peel, or you could even throw a little kiwi in there. Basically
anything that is round, even potatoes, go crazy. This thing can handle basically anything.
Definitely something you want to get. END

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  1. You guys do know that you don't need to peel apples or potatoes, right?
    There's so much nutrition in the peels that is going to waste by peeling them.

  2. Very useful vid when I find a peeler in my house I should throw it immediately throw it on the floor

    By the I am not telling u my real name

    P.S. I know I have a boys name in the comments but I am a girl

  3. people are so lazy to have a motion activated trash can, its cool and all but its really easy to put stuff in the trash by stepping on a pad and the trash can opens

  4. Only the 1st and 3rd one seems usefull, i mean boiling 1.5l of water took arround 3 to 4 min, bacis hack would be put your kettle on, go pee, and they water is ready. For the apple just eat the skin is one of the most nutritionous part, give a good wash and it's ready. For the eggs look more like a app to check who is using egg when you are not home than when to use it,

  5. the kettle is completley pointless because while your pitting water into the kettle why dont u turn it on then and the egg thing is ridiculous and pointless

  6. Well, about the bin 4:25
    If you have put in something wrong and want to take it out again – does it bit your hand of?

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