52 Apex Legends Season 3 Pro Tips and Secrets

52 Apex Legends Season 3 Pro Tips and Secrets

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In this Apex Legends tips video I explain how to get better with Crypto, find out hidden loot, and learn more to master the weapons and characters in the game. Please leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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this video has been sponsored by ei if you haven't got apex legends and installed check the description for a link it's free-to-play and the new season 3 map can be played for free too season 3 has dropped there are a lot of secrets in this new update and a lot has changed so this video I help you to learn tons more about apex legends I've already found dozens of secrets and tips and today I'll share my knowledge and give you a huge list of tips to get you started number one if you're playing crypto you can look at banners to immediately know how many squads are in the turn to meet a range of the drone this is incredibly powerful and something that was completely overlooked in the meet crypto reveal trailer some of you eagle-eyed folks may have noticed this already but being able to scout ahead to a nearby area to find how many squads are there doesn't only help you keep safe but if you're hunting eliminations this is a great way to track down the quieter players that may not make themselves heard number two the golden armor now has the fast heal ability this means that if you shoot somebody that has gold armor you now know they have fast Hill and you should push them hard if you damage them or at least be aware that they could be healed up if you can't get to them quick enough number three the new garden backpack gives players your vive extra shields and health when you revive them however if you have both the backpack and the knockdown shield you can self revive yourself with extra health and shields too and before cryptos drone scans enemies within 30 meters automatically but you can manually ping enemies much further distances for your squad this way you can make sure a team are aware of what's going on around you number five on the map there are a number of stations where the Train automatically stops when it gets their loot bins will rise up from the train station revealing loot that was previously unavailable when the train leaves the loop bins disappear into the train station floor again number 6 you can also open and close doors with Kryptos drone – it says hack door but really you're just opening it like normal why would you want to do this well what if you want to shoot a player hiding behind a door or get your team to throw nades inside this could be a viable option number 7 there are new loot drones these are called cargo drones these things can get scared easily so if you shoot them too much they'll start to speed off making it hard to destroy them to make sure you get the cleanest drop shoot the drone itself not the ball that way you can bring it down with one single bullet number eight the loot drone cycle three different colors blue purple and gold this signifies what loot will be inside it will go purple first for a short time and blue for a long time then quickly flash gold before going purple again the best thing you can do is line up your shot whilst it's blue and then wait for it to go gold as soon as it goes Gold one tap of the drone and it will drop the ball you can then break the ball to get gold loot number nine kryptos drone can pick up banners this means that you can stay safe why should you go and get your friends with the drone now drones can't revive teammates so if you're not confident you can win a flight or you're simply outnumbered wait for the enemies to eliminate your nacht teammate and then sneak in with a drone to get the banner instead should get as far away as possible from your team mates banner before sending in your drone that way you'll have as much of a head start on the enemies as possible which means you have a better chance of getting out alive and reviving a teammate safely number ten kryptos drone can go outside the ring this is useful for a couple of reasons the first is for banner recovery and the second is for getting easy elimination on players coming into the ring you can scout the area and then EMP charge them to get their shields low number 11 remember that kryptos drone MP only does shield damage so if you see a drone coming and your shields are already down wait for it to activate before killing your shields number 12 drones cannot see through smoke so Bangalore is a great counter to crypto throw down your smokes to conceal your position to nearby crypto players number 13 when you press fire on the charge rifle it charges up before dealing a massive bicep damage however the laser that charges up also does damage over time if you hit a target at long range they'll be slowed by this initial laser because all bullets slow players this means it will be easier to line up that charged shot when it comes note that this doesn't work for crypto and Gibraltar because their fortified park stops bullets from slowing them number 14 the charged rifle can be effective in a pinch up close – you can press the fire then start walking around cover to walk your aim into the target that where you are do damages you turn the corner and hopefully you can line up the big charts – number 15 you can stop the train by going to the front of it and accessing the terminal great for if you need your team to catch up or need a breather before entering a nearby City after a while the train will automatically start back up again number 16 see these buildings they're everywhere you can slide cleanly underneath them for some incredible bamboozles or slick getaways number 17 the anvil receiver adds new power to the flatline and Arthur one especially at longer range it essentially turns both weapons into DMR's was the flatline it does more damage the r31 actually has a faster bullet velocity so this means bullet drop is less and bullet travel time is less the r31 also fires faster than the flat line with the anvil receive activated so the dps is similar this makes the Arthur who want a better DMR than the flat line in some regards if he can lead your shots though sometimes hitting those crisp before t3 damage shots can be more worthwhile number 18 the old body shield park has been removed and now finishes fully recharge your shields even if you don't have gold gear remember that if you have no shields and you essentially have a free finisher because an enemy pushed ahead without their team and it's a great opportunity to get your shields back number 19 you can grapple on the train it sends you very very fast you take the trains momentum and that adds to the momentum you get from the grapple to number 20 you can also grapple on the drone yeah it's ridiculous I can't wait to see what crazy things people do with this one number 21 here's a secret sniper spot that overlooks the capital city not only does this give you an incredible sight line but you also get guaranteed sniper weapons from these lupins number 22 the drone EMP radius is really large like really large so be careful you can stun yourself and your teammates and damage your own shields too number 23 you can EMP people through buildings with Kryptos drones so if you don't want to lose your drone activate it on the other side of a building number 24 you can leave the drone and remotely EMP hide it next your enemies then push with your team then activate the EMP there are some hardcore campers a good option is just to put it on the other side of the wall and then activate it once you're at reasonable distance to push as soon as the EMP goes off number 25 if you're looking for loot drone to try sorting facility that seems to be a high amount of them there it makes sense they called cargo drones after all I seem to find two to three drones every time I go while so sorting facility has some great loot in general number 26 the flying drones drop keys and you can use those keys to open secret loot rooms I've shown the locations on the map now there seems to be some kind of timer so it may not be that they don't officially open until this date I haven't found a single key yet so it may be we have to wait one week before they open but the mechanics are there for sure so it's gonna be exciting when these finally open up to us for jobs hey great you made it to the midway point of my video that means a lot that you stuck by this long as a reward why not take a moment to relax by cooking yourself up some juicy pork chops thanks to mirage we now have the universe's very best pork chop recipe number 27 if you're looking for action either drop at capitol city or on the train these are effectively the world's edge versions of skull town and the supply ship number 28 you can press the tactical button for crypto then press it as soon as the screen has loaded to get the drone act quickly you can actually keep moving drawing all of this so you don't stop for a second good for covering your back when you're being chased number 29 you can watch yourself with your drone so if you're looking for an enemy you can scout out the area and keep an eye on your back to hide behind cover near where you may think enemies are but not too close then send in your drone and get an aerial view to keep track of everything around you number 30 sometimes the best way to use your drone is to hide it in plain sight put it above the battle and get it to look down many times your enemies won't notice it because they'll be busy with fighting you because the drone has a 30 meter distance for the enemy tagging feature to work fine it's best to have it 15 to 20 meters off the ground slightly hidden above head somewhere number 31 the shotgun bullet size has increased which means you're going to hit a lot harder with shotguns now the Peacekeeper and a VA in particular are going to hit more consistent damage now so make sure to give them a go number 32 not only does the Mozambique fit in with the weapons or increased bullet size but the Mozambique is surprisingly powerful at longer range now because the spread has been reduced even further the recall has also been reduced to even without how a points the Mozambique is now effectively a powerful short to mid-range is still how my points are still in the game – so the Mozambique is actually super strong number 33 snipers are now more effective at longer range the further the distance the larger the size of the bullets get so aim up those sights and hit those headshots number 34 listen to your legends if you get shot by a different team your character when I call out that you are getting third partied really useful for when you're in the heat of the moment and may not notice multiple teams are in the area number 35 – browser can now throw his ultimate and tactical further throw the tactical and teammates from a distance to give them cover the tactical also allows people inside to have 25% faster healing – you can also now finally throw the ultimate at a distance to do massive damage from afar instead of just throwing it on top of your own head number 36 there are a surprising number of great drone hiding spots once again is better to hide your drone then let it passively ping players instead of just sitting on your drone and moving it around which makes it obvious to other players also the more time you spend on your drone the longer you're leaving your team in potential 2v3 situations number 37 if you want to keep your drone alive get it low to the ground and dodge in and out of buildings and cover the drone can be surprisingly zippy and it can be difficult to hit in this situation number 38 instead of moving your drone around in a fight hide it somewhere 15 to 20 meters in the center of a fight or a busy area and then let it sit there it will passively scan players as they walk by and players are less likely to spot it than if you're flying around with it number 39 if you fight on the train you should try to run the same direction it is traveling you'll get the movement speed of the train on your side but if you run against it you move very slowly number 40 you can open loop bins with a drone to see what loot is in an area leave the drone at the loot so you don't lose track of it number 41 drone loot balls can do damage if you shoot them right next to you it will do a ton of damage about 100 I think but you can also use this to your advantage if you see a player about to open a loop drone shoot it yourself and it will explode and deal damage number 42 sometimes the drone just serves as a good distraction if you can hide it well or play it in and out of cover with it it will keep pinging the enemy and making noise on their game to frustrating distraction that allows you and your team to push up and catch enemies by surprise number 43 season two's battle power system is back which means you need to take advantage of the way the base XP system works essentially each level you need more XP and stars to level up it starts at 9000 XP per level and increases by an extra 9000 each level until it hits a massive 54,000 XP however it resets back to 9000 per level so if you are limited for time the best thing you can do is complete the first few levels each week and aim for completing daily challenges during your playtime weeklies can be completed at any point number 44 there are a lot of great open areas in wilds edge but there are some pretty extreme bottlenecks too for example fuel depot is a major bottleneck what's out for the areas like fest and for seed through small roots in the mountains because it's a dangerous way to get jumped on by multiple squads when the zone is coming in number 45 need good loot a lot of people say that isn't enough loot on wow it's edge but that's just not true some places could do with a bit of buff in loot density but I've pointed out the places that do have really good loot density on screen the green circles are places with great loot density and not much action in terms of how many people drop there the red circles are still great for loot density but they are pretty hot in terms of action take note here I'm talking about you density not loot tears by that I mean generally how many items of loot there are in that area compared to other spots now this is just from my own personal experience if you have any tips for looting send them in the comments below number 46 and Trainyard to pay note to these top areas you can loot up here it's quite hard to get up here a great spot for Pathfinder or for those that land here you could view a great overview of the area of the lotu number 47 for some reason kryptos drone cannot pink enemies through glass even if you completely see them for they won't be pinged number 48 there are a lot of buildings and world's edge that look like they have glass windows but actually they are open areas so be careful around them and don't be fooled you can get shot through these number 49 many multi floor buildings in the cities have zip lines leading up to the roof and stopping at every floor don't take the bottleneck on the stairs take the zipline instead number 52 counter this you can put a drone at the top of the zipline looking down to tag any enemies trying to flank you number 51 try not to land at unnamed locations you can get snapped up pretty big in the big cities and the zone will come in so it's best to land some with good loot density first number 52 the our star is actually worth picking up now they've added a 1 times digital threat optic to it which means it's now possible to actually see what you're aiming at the Ricoh has been reduced massively too and the damage was reduced from 21 to 19 but that isn't a problem it still does tons of damage the most important thing is that you can actually see what you're aiming at now so that runs at my 52 tips for apex legends at season 3 I'd like to thank you again for sponsoring this video once again if you haven't installed it go get apex legends for free from the link in the description season 3 is available right now on ps4 Xbox one and PC if you have any of your own tips you'd like to share feel free to put them in the comments I'll see you there cheerio

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  3. Note: The train yard is a Extremely high place for lots of fights so i would not recommend landing there but if you looking for massive fights you would want to fight there, Also the train yard also has Great loot..

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  6. 1:50 Interesting note about Crypto's drone and doors – if a door is closed or opened through the drone it will be destroyed. You can theoretically slam the door on his drone to destroy it.

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  10. The Loot Drone that drops the Vault Key is a visibly different Loot Drone. The colors will cycle normally but you will notice the loot drone with the vault key has solid red lights accompanying the normal colored lights. LOOK FOR THE RED LOOT DRONE.
    It should be noted that the Vault Key can spawn in any zone and there are a total of 3 accompanying the 3 vaults. No more nor no less will spawn. Guaranteed 3 Vault Keys each game. I have had games where I pick up all 3 vault keys, but only ever used 1 because the loot is too good.
    If you acquire any more than 1 key, throw the other keys out so that you have the upper hand in the match.

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