These Top 50 Japan Travel Tips are based on what I wish I knew before visiting Japan. This serves as a Japan Guide for travelers planning Japan travel and shares everything from the Sakura Cherry blossom season to how to get from Tokyo to Kyoto with the Japan Rail. This might just be the most comprehensive video on how to travel Japan in 2019 on all of YouTube. The rest of the Japan Travel series will be posted soon!


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50 thoughts on “50 MUST know JAPAN Travel Tips – WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

  1. Japan is definitely an acquired taste. I know a couple of people who like it and a few like myself who cannot imagine EVER going back. To small, to different for my taste.

  2. “Traveling from Tokyo to japan and back to all over Tokyo” lol love your videos and not sure if you caught yourself saying that but I think it’s great🤘🏻🖤

  3. i did spend some 30 days backpacking in japan the best thing i ever done, from hostell to hostell, from tokyo to hiroshima and back

  4. Fantastic video ! Very very helpful for travellers !
    Pointing with a single finger is rude, pointing with 4 fingers is fine..

  5. Hey! Doing my medical electives in Japan for 6 weeks and I was wondering What the difference between suica and the jr pass was? Can i put my jr pass on my suica? Lool

  6. man you are talking about showing respect toward locals..you managed to butcher all names from drink food to town and places ..

  7. Hello from Socal 🤘Excellent video and glad I watched… I feel the same way about the country, food and people 👍. Your GF seems to have good sense of humor and she is “purdy” 🥳🥳 🥳. Will check out some of your other videos …

  8. I want to visit Japan one day….waiting for my babies to grow up…so we go as a family…can u share link where u ordered those travel metro cards.

  9. Funny how people keep saying that Japan is mostly cash. We’ve been in Japan for about 4 nights and have been using our credit card mostly everywhere we go. We only brought 400 usd

  10. I am Japanese born and lived in the US for 30 years. And it's been 8 years since I left the US and back to Japan. Actually, I was not aware of certain issues you pointed out. Pretty informative. Good video!

  11. Thanks Chrisian. Please try making a travel vlog about South Korea. Well, try making a couple of them. I think it's more like Japan but i know it will be totally worth it for you and your girlfriend. I am learning alot from your travel vlogs. Thank you very much

  12. Dude! Didn't know you had a travel blog – good tips here – love Japan! Was a Roadie and did all the venues for one tour in Japan with the bullet train – cool

  13. I really liked your video! 🌸 I have the need to point that out because: When I saw your thumbnail I didn't want to watch your video because it looked like one of those annoying Logan style videos, but then I watched it.
    Glad I did 😄

  14. I am in Osaka now! I recommend buying a Sim card from the app Klook, and pick it up on the AirPort! Only 20 USD for unlimited data for 8 days 👍😊

  15. …this guy is trying, but on the whole, he has very little knowledge about the subject. I appreciate his effort, but no…just no. Also, gratuitous Canada Goose shot…hmmmmm.

  16. Any of the Instagram spots will always have lines. The Tokyo natives are just as obsessed with Social Media FOMO as Singaporeans are.

  17. We Japanese don't care foreigner's pronounciation
    No one expects they can pronounce Japanese words correctly because 99% of them, even advanced leaners of non-native speaker, can't pronounce it as native speakers
    That's why you don't have to mind it

  18. Ughhh he soaked his nigiri rice in soy sauce, talked to random strangers while filming (weird and rude, respectively) and couldn’t pronounce kawaii properly. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bye!😂

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