5 Most Important Tips for Beginners in Modern Warfare

5 Most Important Tips for Beginners in Modern Warfare






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what's good guys Tiger here welcome to the channel I'm back making videos I hope you had a great holiday whether you celebrate it or not I hope you had a lovely time and I know for a lot of you you may have gotten Modern Warfare for Christmas there are always too big waves of new players one obviously at the start of the game when it first comes out that's when a lot of people get the game and then there's another huge wave of players who get it on Christmas Day now normally this wave of players are called Christmas noobs because unfortunately with how games go the people who got it at launch in October they got that experience with the game a lot of us have a lot of experience with the maps with the weapons with the mechanics and how this game works because modern warfare is very different to a lot of other Cod titles so when this second wave of new players come in it's like fresh meat it's like fresh prey for those experienced players when these new players come online now today's video I thought it'd be sensible to give you tips five most important tips for beginners in modern warfare so this video is going to help those players out who are new to the game they're beginners in modern warfare or the Cod franchise or maybe you are still struggling with this game and with all the new differences and how it is supposed to be played so without further ado let's get straight into the video so tip 1 is if you are brand new player just playing the game I recommend you go play ground war I think round war is amazing just in general but I think it's perfect for learning modern warfare like I said earlier modern warfare is a very different Cod if you first start playing this game and in your head you're thinking about the experience that you have with the other Cod titles if you try and translate your experience and your play style into modern warfare you are going to struggle because there is a lot to learn this game is played differently and your play style no matter how unique it is in the games you will have to adapt to this game and the different mechanics so with ground war the biggest difference is it's 32 versus 32 so we are playing on very very big maps now for new players is going to feel a lot like Battlefield and Star Wars battlefronts those kind of games it's like a big war and for me or someone who doesn't necessarily care about the stereotypical Cod image I think it's very very fun and I think you'll enjoy it too if you treat it like it is something completely different and the reason why I think it's really good to learn the game is because there's so many players you don't necessarily feel that importance or that need to be the best on your team or play a certain role if you care about winning or whether you care about just getting kills whatever it is ground war is perfect because you can play so many different playstyles and not feel like you're at a disadvantage the ground war maps are massive and they're going to be really good for new players to just roam around the map and just figure it out for yourself and ground war is just so versatile you can play any role you can play at any pace you can go right into the center of the map play at a very very fast aggressive place with a submachine gun or a shotgun or something like that and play your traditional Cod style of game you can run around get loads of kills be in the action where there's loads of shots being fired and you've got the objectives you've got the B C and D flag what are always the most populated and there's just tons of action going on in the middle of the map but then on the other hand if that scares you and you don't want to be in that kind of play style you can sit back play at your own pace and just wander around the map and just discover it as you go along you'll learn how to control your sensitivity if you've changed the sensitivity learn the new game mechanics you can now peak against walls peek around corners the recoil is a lot more fierce and you'll need to understand how to control it the headshot multipliers have been increased a lot so the damage that is done to the head is increased compared to other games so learning to shoot higher and aim for the head is going to be another stepping stone and I also feel that ground war has a lot of teamwork as well so it's going to be very easy for you if you are very overwhelmed by the map and the new game you can just follow the crowd you are put into a team of four so you can always just spawn back on your squadmates as long as they aren't in trouble and you can just follow what everyone else is doing I honestly believe ground war is just the best game mode in modern warfare and also the best game mode to learn personally I love it I am constantly playing it and if you're new to this game I think it'll be really good for you to play ground war instead of just jumping into the 6v6 10 V 10 multiplayer games where you're going to be versing a lot of stronger opponents who understand the game and the weapons a lot more than you okay tip number two is slow down your play style to learn the maps and stay alive so modern warfare is very different to the previous game at Black Ops for black ops 4 you have lots of health the movement is a lot more fluid and you really can just run around sprint around the map and then just react to whatever happens so if you're sprinting around the corner someone comes in front of you or you see someone in a window you can just simply stop sprinting and shoot at the person you have lots of time and you have lots of health to make decisions during the gun fight as with modern warfare the time to kill has been decreased dramatically and the maps are a lot bigger and don't necessarily play by the same rules as a lot of the other maps in recent years the cod maps have all followed a similar design they've been very easy very predictable and very standard they've been very very safe as with modern warfare they have gone back to some of the more unique and nonlinear designs and the maps are bigger and there are a lot more angles on this map there are so many different lines of sights so if you just try running around the trying to explore going out in the open you are just gonna get shocked and instantly killed by anyone and you're gonna have no idea what is going on it can be very overwhelming and very frustrating if you're constantly being shot by someone that you had no idea where they could be or how they got into that certain spot so I think it's very important no matter what your play style is if you're starting at modern warfare for the first time or the first week of playing just slow your play style down play a lot slower I do not mean just sit in a corner or sit in a building for the entire game but really just think about what you are doing and where you are going and treat it like it's real life that may sound stupid but think of it like a real war game where you want to be cautious and really think about your decisions if you want to move up the map cross into another building if you're going to open a door or run to the next piece of cover you want to really make sure that you are making the right decision and if you are gonna go for it you want to sprint and then slide and get into that cover I really do think if you go in with that mindset that it's a real war game or something like that and not your traditional just running gun shooter what card has always been then I think that mindset is gonna serve you a lot better in the first few weeks of playing this game tip number three is as soon as you unlock these perks you are going to want to use them and that is Zod and ghost they are so crucial Zod is like a life saver IOD is very similar to flak jacket in previous games so it protects you from explosive damage now in this game there are claymores that will kill you in one shot proximity mines grenades frags tank shots just so many things that are just gonna kill you and with things like claymores and proximity mines they're very hard to spot if you're running up the stairs or trying to run into a building as soon as you hear that tick go off you're gonna die as Zod will give you that second chance so you are going to want to use that straight away and ghost is in the perk 2 category as a OD is in perk 1 and ghost is going to prevent you from being seen on UAVs and personal UAVs and that is so important because so many people run UAVs and personal UAVs so as soon as you unlock ghost you will want to use it ASAP now some other essentials alongside those perks is dead silence and dead silence is a field upgrade and once you unlock it that is going to be very very useful if you are playing normal multiplayer games because dead silence isn't a perk like previous games it's a field upgrade and you have to activate it and it is only active for a certain amount of time so your footsteps are going to be very very loud so if you feel like you're very very loud at that moment you want to sprint around the map or you're trying to sneak up behind the other team then you are going to want to use dead silence and activate it when you need it tip number four is don't give up on weapons without maxing them out so creating a class in modern warfare is amazing compared to previous Cod games this is the most comprehensive detailed fleshed out class system we have ever had and it is so good there are like 60 different attachments for every single weapon and each weapon has roughly 50 to 60 levels and you unlock and new attachments every single level pretty much so what's gonna happen is when you first start using certain weapons they might feel absolute trash the recoil might be really high that aim-down-sight speed might be really slow but the thing is if you give up on that weapon and like level 10 or 20 you will not know how good those weapons can get once you unlock the max rank and like 50 60 or even level 70 so it is really important that you do not give up on pretty much any weapon until you max it out don't have an opinion on a weapon until you have fully completed it trust me because there are certain attachments that you unlock really eight that I just complete game changes so if you want to swap out your weapon that's absolutely fine but just remember just because it's trash at the start doesn't mean it will be trash once you unlock every single attachment okay tip number five is do not compare this game to other games and just have fun having fun is the most important aspect of playing any game especially Cod and trust me if you have been on social media you will realize how many people forget to actually have fun while playing modern warfare it really is hilarious so focus on having fun just have fun with it don't take it too seriously and try not compare this game to other games treat this like a brand new game from a completely different franchise because if you go into this trying to compare it to all the previous Cod's or your other FPS experiences then that's gonna affect your play style and your expectations and that could really disrupt an effect your mindset and the fun of this game I really love this game I think it's a lot of fun but if you're trying to compare it to previous Cod games and you have this and you have this ideal image of what your perfect Cod game is and you want modern warfare to be exactly like that image then you're going to have problems so if you want to enjoy this game and get your money's worth you might want to consider taking a different approach then comparing it to other Cod games okay so those are the five tips that I recommend the most important tips for beginners in modern warfare now I know we didn't cover anything technical in this game regarding game mechanics or anything like that but my channel is filled with tons of tips on modern warfare already I have playlists ready for you guys to check out if you want to learn more on this game I will link them on the end screen but if you want to see all of them then head over to my channel and check out my playlists I have aiming playlists I have general tips I have specific mindset playlists and if you want to learn more I do suggest checking these out but that is all from me today guys if you enjoyed this video you want to see more consider subscribing and turning on notifications to stay updated on all my latest content but that's all from me guys take care and I'll see you in the next video

44 thoughts on “5 Most Important Tips for Beginners in Modern Warfare

  1. Christmas noob here. Been loving the game so far. I'd have to disagree on starting out in ground war. I'm lvl 40, and have more than held my own in pub matches. I played my first ground war last night, and got absolutely destroyed 3 out of 4 matches. I was just being way too aggressive I think too. There is alot to digest on such big maps, and there is snipers on roof tops camping out everywhere. New sub here also, and great content!!

  2. The big problem with Ground War: Camping snipers. You often can’t even look out of window without getting one shot killed.

  3. If u want ground war play battlefield it's not what modern warfare was built on grab a real gun and get some close quarters action getting sniped every 10 seconds blows

  4. I think your first tip advice is completely backwards. The players who understand the game and the guns excel in Ground War by destroying everyone else. A player new to Modern Warfare can get by in 6v6 and will quickly learn how the visual effects (shadows, camera angles) are different.

  5. My number one go-to cod channel that I use to find out anything is this channel. Thanks for another great video Tyger!
    Grats on the gold p90 camo 🙂

  6. Some good advice although I disagree with the Ground War tip. I wanted to delete this game right away bc my friend had my first game be on ground war. Was a horrible experience. Regular helped this experience more for me. But even still, I have to say this game is just not for me. I don't want to spread negativity, so I will leave it at that.

  7. I was starting to do pretty well. Usually either mid to top player on the team. Ever since christmas I am complete trash. I dont understand what's happened.

  8. 10v10 is the only game mode i enjoy. 6v6 is too small and ground war is just flooded with ariel killstreaks that youre almost playing with one side having an extra 20 people due to vtols everywhere all the time… plus i think tanks have no place in call of duty… but thats just one noobs opinion

  9. So I watch Tyger and Blame Truth almost daily these days and I think the 2 pretty much sum up the state of the CoD community. People either really love or really hate this game. On the topic of noobs, I have a suggestion… map breakdowns!

  10. Everyone saying this year that there’s no Christmas noobs and you only see them if you are trash , but I see on average 1-2 per match. I play 6v6 core modes and have a 2.1 kd and medium – high spm.

  11. Have to disagree with Ground War. Getting shot to shit from 8 million directions isn't going to help or keep most interested. IMO anyway

  12. Your call of duty content not even complete before you give us content lesson, tips & trick and play of call of duty mobile

  13. With SBMM I don't think Xmas noobs will be as important. I sure hope that it keeps on matching based on skill so noobs can learn and not get discouraged

  14. Ty i was already getting fucking angry because i played it in my bo3/4 Style and died like everytime i ran out of any door/corner

  15. hello, I am fairly good at the mosh pit game modes because it is similar to what I've been playing. I still haven't cracked Ground War despite reaching Level 120 in Season 0 and currently in Level 135 in season 1. Does anybody mind playing a few games together? (Preferably in Europe please).

  16. every time i get a gun and I become so good but then through a sweaty lobby, I just give up on the weapon and the game, but still i do enjoy the game

  17. Tyger the last tip is so very important bc there is little reason to play if you’re not enjoying it. Doesn’t matter how good or not you maybe, but don’t take it personally and you will get better.

  18. Merry Christmas TygeR!!!!!! Thank you for the awesome content all year. Here is another tip for new players. In your third perk slot use Tracker. When you’re learning the game there is so much going on between the compass, the layouts and movement overall that it’s hard to take all that in while concentrating on the mini map. Due to this using tracker really helps you and will get a few easy free kills. You will also see where the busy areas are and where people hide in a map you may have never seen. It’s not a common tip I have seen anyone really give noobs but I guarantee it will help.

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