5 LATEST Gadgets and technology 2018 # 131

5 LATEST Gadgets and technology 2018 # 131

5 new Gadgets and technology 2018

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00:04 ➤➤ PAGE ANCHOR 【$41】➡
01:43 ➤➤ KableCARD 【$29】➡
03:44 ➤➤ Tropic – The Ultimate Travel Shoe 【$60】➡
05:44 ➤➤ Breathing Is Your Super Power 【$99】➡
07:55 ➤➤ Tennibot 【$675】➡

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in a society dominated by constant app notifications emails and messages making time to read books daily has for me always been the perfect way to both cut stress and achieve mindfulness with our goal being to create a product that would enhance the experience of using printed books we took inspiration from the calmness of the Swedish countryside the result is page anchor an elegant banker bookmarks that prevents your book from closing to use it simply slide into your book and the pages will stay open without the need for your hands to turn pages simply slide up and flip we spent the last two years working hard to ensure that both the design the manufacturing behind the page anchor could meet our street standards the end result is a collection of four models all crafted and 3/16 on stainless steel thoroughly hand polished and finished with a layer of precious metals the combination of these three steps result in both longevity and a beautiful timeless finished our goal would be checkers ultimately to incentivize you to take a break and be more mindful we want our products to push people to incorporate non-digital practices since their daily lives and really experience how life-changing it can be different charges for your phones iPhone and Android tablet and more type-c devices coming up but you can't throw away all of your old micro USB devices how many types of cables do you need for all of your devices Murphy's Law reminded us that you probably wouldn't have the right cable in time of emergency the power source isn't there but you just determine your cable introducing cable card cable card is a revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cables connectors what's more cable card is even designed in for wireless charger we designed cable card to be as small and light as a credit card everyone has to dig around their bed looking for the right cables among other cables and objects lying around in the depth of the back but not see you cable card includes a sim ejector pin and two nano SIM card storages looks simple yet makes a big difference when traveling overseas heater send false but no internet and no thumb drive for type-c no worries cable card has an Indian memory reader that supports both standard USB and type C it takes one second to set up cable card as a cradle what makes it even more awesome this is that you can watch movies on your phone hands-free was tragedy it at the same time they reported that one major cause of vision deterioration staring at full screen in poor lighting creating effective ambient lighting to protect your eyes this is CableCARD this is tropic it's a new category of shoes we call it the all-terrain sneaker it's a mesh of a comfy urban shoe with a rugged technical outdoor boot on the one hand it's stylish comfortable and light on the other its meticulously crafted as an incredible shoe for the outdoors it's super light it grabs your foot firmly with an elastic counter heel it has a slip resistance soul with a strong rubber grip so you can trust it anyway when you're in the city you'll appreciate the comfort it brings you the freedom it's made with cosmo materials 3d mesh so it's super breathable it comes with both elastic and regular shoelaces so you can wear it the way you want to tropic is 100% water friendly and it dries in minutes using the patented treatments again and combat it's built to slip on and it's made to be worn with or without socks it's a shoe for city lovers adventurers and explorers take it wherever life takes you breathing is one of the single most important things we do in fact we take over 22,000 breaths every single day yeah we do it so subconsciously sometimes we forget what's right under our nose a powerful stress reliever programmed in each and every one of us imagine the ability to tap into peace and clarity whenever you need it most Bea is a pocket-sized device designed to teach you how to cultivate in a mindful breathing practice want to leave your phone behind be automatically records every breath you take stores it and syncs the data to your phone the breathe would be mobile application we tracks your breathing habits and will send you daily reminders to free it it also features live breath a beautifully simple way to see every inhale and exhale in real time almost two-thirds of Americans check their phone within five minutes of waking up instead imagine starting every morning with a few deep breaths studies show that a daily breathing practice can dramatically reduce stress strengthen the immune system and even add years to your life choose a desired breathing pattern and begin your practice from equal breathing to breath of fire there's a program designed to complement any situation breath work is an ancient practice that's been refined for thousands of years the takes these proven methods and makes them accessible to everyone at the heart of the device is a pressure sensor we use this to monitor your breathing pattern and we send that data backward from there we can provide real-time feedback help coach you through your breathing practice the device uses a Bluetooth enabled micro controller along with haptic feedback and LED indicators to gently guide the user through meditative breathing exercises think about the times at work where you just feel overwhelmed a breathing exercise is the perfect way to clear your mind refocus your attention our bodies have a built-in stress reliever that most people never tap into mindful breathing has been scientifically proven to lower stress and increase focus every moment is one to cherish and engagement there's beauty right in front of us every second we just have to be present enough to notice tennis is one of the greatest sports of all time the feeling you get when you hit that perfect shot or kick serve down the line is indescribable perfecting these shots takes countless hours of practice and with that comes the inevitable chore of picking up hundreds of tennis balls scattered all over the courts players and coaches everywhere know the frustration and tediousness that goes into collecting balls during a practice session and this is why we invented ten of odds 10 Abad is the world's first robotic ball collecting 10 upon perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect tennis balls on the court and collect them from players you can let kinda Bob work autonomously using the station that easily attaches to the net boost or use 10 a BOTS app the customized bear in the court the device will clear Santa bot easily syncs to your phone and even your Apple watch to make activation quick and seamless the app also keeps track of how many balls are collected during a session and how often you practice so feel free to brag to your friends about how you're stepping up your game while never having to pick up another tennis ball Tana bought was designed with convenience in mind the removable bucket holds up to 80 balls unless you easily continue your hittin session after 10 Abad has cleared the court the battery takes only 90 minutes to charge and runs for four to five hours it's portable design lets you pick up ten Abad and wheel it on and off the court just like a suitcase and when you're done 10 ibattz compact size makes it easy to fit in the trunk of your car so instead of picking up balls players can relax hydrate or just keep playing you

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