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Hello ladies!

So I get asked quite abit about how I wear my hijab.. this is it! These are the only styles I ever wear – so quick and easy, literally takes me seconds to put on 🙂

Hijab material is PASHMINA not sure what exactly its made up of but typically includes cashmere and satin.

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salon ladies oh if you're all doing well so today's video is a little bit different I just thought I'll show you five different ways of how I wear my hijab they're very easy straightforward her job styles before I get into the video I just want to say thank you so so so so so much to those of you who have subscribed to my youtube channel and even follow me on Instagram it really means a lot to me and for those of you who don't but still watch my videos that's very naughty hit that subscribe button it literally takes like half a sec obviously subscribe if you like the content I do have a lot of videos planned for the few you might like one of them anyways I just wanted to remind you as well of the giveaway that I'm doing so if you're new to this channel hello I'm cicada aka underscore Milla's mama and I have a giveaway for you guys I've given away a Jaclyn hill and off I should open all the eyeshadow palette the details are all on my previous video so just make sure to check it out if you want to enter you still have the chance I will be announcing a winner on the 1st of January so you have up until then and for those of you who have already entered thank you so much and good luck so I'll stop rambling now and I'll just get into the video okay ladies so for this style all you need is a safety pin so make sure that both sides are equal and from the front you just want to fold it a little bit to create that point at the front so fold it a little bit like so and then just place it on that and then all you need to do is pin it underneath and then you just want to grab this just do that to it and this and just do that to it and obviously just stay around with it until you're happy with what it looks like and I like to pull it a little bit from here just so that it's not so flat on my face and that's pretty much it for this look it's very easy I can pick Lee like wearing this head wrap that when I'm on holiday just because it's easy to throw on and you don't have a lot of material wrapped around your head especially if it's hot for the second style you'll need a safety pin and also one of these long kind of pins I don't know what they're called what you want is one short side and one long side and then the same thing as well just fold it a little bit from the front like so and pin it in place and then what I like to do is grab this this and the short end and just do this to it and put it on top this is to give volume up here and to just get rid of this extra bit but you don't really need and then this side I open it up so you know how you folded it up let's start for the front you just want to open it up from here and then you just want to wrap it around and when I pin it I don't like pinning it like that so I fold it a little bit and then pin it in place and then just fix it to how you want it to look I like to bring this part here and don't like this bit just hanging like that so what I like to do is just grab the front bit and just place it behind this bit and this is looking over to well Philip number three all you need is a safety pin and you want one side longer than the other again just fold it from the front and I know underneath and you want to leave this side hanging down and just grab this long side and literally just wrap it around so grab it pull that strap it around your head this is a lot good number three sometimes what I like to do is just tie these two together not a tight knot just a small little knot just like that welcome before is what I usually do to my head job when I'm filming so what you want to do again is have a shorter side and a longer side and fold it from the front like we have been doing and this look doesn't need any pins so you want to do is grab the short side and grab it from the back and just wrap it around your neck and then just put tuck it in at the back or just leave it there and then what you want to do is grab the long side from the back again and just literally kind of do that and then you just want to play around with it again until you're happy with its is the fourth look so this look is quite flowy it's effortless it's just quite nice and very easy to do the only thing is because there's no print it might be harder to wear outside my daughter is losing her patience so I better get on to the fifth look and the final look me it's just that little bit more effort so you don't want to fold that you want a short side and a long side and you want to just pin it as it is and we're not really looking for a point with this style and then you want to grab the back and bring the back forward to sit on top of this this bit here and then what you want to do is you grab this bit and like we did in the last style you want to kind of push it back and then the longer bit just take that and wrap it around your head as you normally do and then what you're left bit with is this bit here which is just kind of flowing and it's up to you if you want to pin this or not I probably would pin it up here is it just a small pin and that's it just play around with it until you're happy that's the final those are the head job styles I typically wear I hope you've enjoyed the video and found it somewhat helpful and I'll see you on my next one don't forget to hit that subscribe button


  1. Hi ladies! So I made a silly mistake in thinking this is a cotton hijab! It's NOT cotton. After doing a little research I found the label!! Its by a turkish company called Ecenur and its a PASHMINA hijab not sure what exactly its made up of but theyre typically part cashmere part silk! Sorry for the mix up ❤

  2. There are too many strict people out here thinking hijab is black and white. Hijab is about modesty and modesty is described by the culture and so in India for example bright colors are the norm, a woman can wear such colors with hijab unlike certain khaliji countries for example who see bright colors as alluring. Intention is the a huge part of Islam and if your intention is to be alluring to men, god knows and if your intention is to just feel decent about yourself God knows.

    Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty so a decent hijab (not super tight) that is modern isn't wrong and everyone has different circumstances where for example they can't wear abaya and that's fine. Hijab isn't defined by abaya. At the end of the day hijab is modest and it is a representation of our religion and none should be so judgmental.

    This comes from someone who was much more conservative and strict (due to the fact I relied too much on Saudi based knowledge during my reversion) but now I have a broader understanding and I see Islam as more beautiful.

  3. Salam alaikum. I see lots of Muslim girls promoting hijab n abaya. Its fine. But i hardly see Muslim girls promoting 5 compulsory salah on time….

  4. I have a question. People say acrylic nails are haram because when you perform wu'du the water doesnt touch your nails. So is it the same with normal nail polish or makeup?

  5. Hijab is not about only covering ur head…… It shud cover ur chest too….. Hijab is about pardah not about tht damn style😐😐😐😐😐

  6. I was searching for a halal hijab style for oval face..n thankfully I finally found u😊😇❤💖💖

    Jazaqallah sis

  7. It looks so beautiful!
    But in my opinion hijab don’t suit me at all and that makes me very sad. I seriously cry a lot because of this. I know wearing a hijab is not about looks but I feel so.freaking.uncomfortable like everyone I know who wears a hijab is so beautiful and I look like a cow. I think it’s because I’m chubby

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh my God u are so so so ooooooo beautiful I have never some one so beautiful any where love you from oman 😇😇😇😇😇

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