5 Amazing latest Gadgets 2018 #178

5 Amazing latest Gadgets 2018 #178

5 Amazing latest Gadgets 2018

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00:03 ➤➤ Vessi ➤
01:31 ➤➤ GoBag ➤
03:46 ➤➤ ESCALATE ➤
05:07 ➤➤ Sonic Soak ➤
07:48 ➤➤ Sitpack ZEN ➤


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meet Bessie the world's first fully waterproof knit shoes on average it rains over 150 days of year this inspired us to create a shoe that adapts your lifestyle without compromising functionality and style whether it's rain snow or mud your socks will stay completely dry over the past two years we've developed a waterproof material never before seen using a proprietary knit blend and the unique nano filtering process we created a membrane that keeps the water out but allows the moisture escape nothing is naturally breathable sweat wicking and provides incredible comfort it gives you the adaptive support with its tight made four-way stretch whether you're hiking in the summer trekking in the winter Bessie will be with you every step of the way in 2015 we created the Go Bag because we believe when you pack less you experience more thanks to the Kickstarter community a project was funded go back to the ships to every corner of the globe and have traveled to every continent now we're back and we have something awesome to show you our new backpack first of course it's carry-on size no waiting around to check in your luggage no delays no lost baggage and no extra fees pack small think big wouldn't it be awesome if you could pack for a week-long trip in one carry-on bag well now you can thanks to our max pack bag our vacuum system enables you to pack all sorts of gear into a tiny space [Applause] [Applause] when you're out on the road easy access to all your essentials is vital we designed the main zip to be over two and a half meters long so there are now six different ways to open your pack move quickly through airport security with our fully welded wash bag and thoughtful organization elements we've also integrated stowable shoulder straps a hidden pocket and many more features designed to make your life on the road simple these design elements have been realized using rugged components from renowned manufacturers we've spent over a year refining the design selecting materials and testing samples the result is something we can't wait to share the view all we need is you to make it happen again join us on this journey to create the perfect bag [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hi i'm ryan and i'm elias we are part of the team behind sonic soak sonic soak is a smartphone sized device that uses ultrasound technology to clean almost anything in ways never before possible it clings to the microscopic level beyond what any laundry machine or cleaning spray can do the inspiration for this device came from the fact that we were frequent travelers and cleaning our clothes while on the go was always a hassle so we had to set out to find a good solution it's also quiet and can be used to clean more than clothes it can clean glasses jewelry fruits razors baby bottles the products that are tough to clean using sponges or rags or your hands or soap and water I think they get the idea is ok I just want to be clear this is the best way to clean pretty much anything sonic soak works by generating ultrasonic sound waves that create microscopic high pressure bubbles to wash away dirt grime and oils we had no idea at the time that we'd come up with was a device that had so many benefits outside of travellers wanting an easy way to wash clothes while on the go it's also simple to use you simply place it water add some soap turn on the built-in timer and walk away minutes later your clothes are cleaner than ever before sonic Stoke is designed for travelers moms neat freaks looking for a thorough cleanse and not just on clothes by the way but on fruits and vegetables to folks with small loads of laundry fashionistas that eat a better solution for their gentle cycle or hand wash only clothes folks that don't have the space for a full size laundry machine really it's for anyone who wants a cleaner will almost anything because sonic soak is more than a great way to clean your laundry it can clean just about anything you can stick in the water with it so if you like things clean free from all those nasty things you can only see up close sonic soak is your solution sonic soap is ready to be shipped just after our campaign ends we just need you to help make it happen which means you can have a cleaner almost anything and practically no time once we end this campaign successfully what is this tell us god damn it is it dangerous it's a chair is this supposed to be a chair do I look stupid it's too light to be a chair this is a chair we've found your secrets you mean my bag you're not being straight with us look at all these mechanical parts they do not belong in a chair Kevlar strap ballistic nylon seat the core is made of carbon fiber but why these are special force materials to make the slimmest and lightest portable seat in the world we had to push the materials and the technology to the limit everything down to the smallest screw is made to measure it's this anodized aluminum great ice and it's corrosion free as well as strong as it gets what's next you're gonna tell me that boom thing can hold a grown man 300 pounds not a problem just try to unfold actually really comfortable is designed to strengthen your core and to avoid back problems you can adjust the height so it matches your specific needs so you're telling me these are in foreign spies using the cylinder to communicate of course not the sit back is simply perfect for multiple everyday normal occasions hiding around golfing hunting just make life so much easier and more convenient it really is something special I mean such craftsmanship only premium materials how can we get it you can be the first one to get the sin if you support our Kickstarter campaign every dollar counts

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