4 INCREDIBLE Tips to Help YOU Improve in Fortnite Chapter 2

4 INCREDIBLE Tips to Help YOU Improve in Fortnite Chapter 2

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  2. You use to many ej dashs just saying plus I have a pro team I wanted to see the comments and there pretty funny plus you forgot to say practice aim 5 times a day with anything other than that game to get better at that game

  3. So.. When you say "Chapter 2", it implies that somewhere in this video you would show Chapter 2 instead of 1.. Clickbait.

  4. Can yall check my channel out & let me know if I have a alright contents or not “HONEST Opinion” 🤘🏽❤️🦍

  5. Ninjas always know when to strike how to strike…
    Oh now l know why Ninja is Called Ninja!😀😉😝
    Who else could relate to this… huh
    Hit that like bluuuue

  6. Just took what I do in Blackout and went to fortnite and got 16 kills and a win. 💁🏼 was fun though I will say. I hated it before this update.

  7. Appreciate the gaming tips, I’m use this advice the next time I log into Fortnite possibility on Tuesday morning/afternoon

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