3 tips for 2020: Young Hustlers

3 tips for 2020: Young Hustlers

If you are committed to making 2020 your best year yet you need strategy, you need to have tips, tools, resources and a group of people to do it with. Tune into today’s episode to build yourself a solid place for 2020. You’ll be closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be in no time.

with your life as we walk out of 2019 and into the 20/20 into a new decade what are you doing to make next year different than this passion how many New Year's resolutions have you done it just didn't happen I don't know about you but I tell you myself and my family I need to stay excited all the time I need to have something new to work for I want to show you exactly five steps to connects my next year where's right here on the Cardone zone this is officially the last young hustlers of the decade Wow big moment right here we've been doing this show for Johnny how long seven years seven years we've been doing this show every week on Thursdays we come we bring strategies and tips on how to get more how to do more how to be more how to basically take this thing called success and life merge them together and then try to make it as simple as possible you know it's impossible to really truly understand what to do until you've done it and so a lot of people spend so much time trying to figure it out along the way and it's so hard to do it that way you know for me I'm fortunate you know looking back like dude I'm so fortunate to spend the last ten years here with Grant and be able to see step by step along the way like the way this guy thinks what he does what he says and how he ends every year and starts every year so that he has a better year than he did before and you know I was thinking about I was like man how could everybody else get this get this opportunity you know how could they you know be able to spend this time with Grant and see what he does and and how he makes decisions and the truth is you you can and most of you do and the folks that have been watching this show for a really long time and if you haven't go back like you got to go back in history and watch this so this show airs and it's in two places it lives in two places one it lives in the cardones zone but then also if you search young hustlers on iTunes you can go back to show number one and we've spent the time going through and in like thinking about all the different elements that are required to be successful in sales and business and life some of its mindset stuff some of its attitude stuff some of its planning some of its like sales tactics you know selling closing follow-up presenting asking questions negotiating deals some of its money and how you treat your money but we've done so many shows hundreds of shows so that you have the opportunity to be connected to what's happening here I mean that that is the reason like we can't you know if you wanted to really come and go all in apply get a job move your family move your life like most of the people here have and come become a part of the organization but for some of you you ain't you ain't got the balls to do it that's a fact you know some of the people aren't willing to make the decisions that they need to make in order to get them what they truly want that's kind of the litmus test to figure out how bad you want what you really want because I think we for the most part I think everybody that watches this show probably wants more maybe not all of it maybe not you know billionaire status maybe for you it's you know I want to make 200 grand a year or maybe even a hundred grand a year maybe a million a year who knows everybody that that's that's a little different but I think it's safe to say that most people on this show want more and you can't get more without understanding what you have to give up to get more and and that is the truth Atmos test when you start writing down everything that you want and then you start writing down the things that you have to do in order to get that some people immediately start backing off what they want and that will be a massive determining factor for you and the type of success you're able to create in your life and if you're able to get what you want and live the life that you want you know you have to be willing to feel the burn you know and today's show is really like hey how what are three things that you can do to make sure that you don't have to wait until 2020 to get your ears started you know goal goal focused people people that write their goals down people that are engaged with their goals you know when people start talking about New Year's resolutions it's kind of a it's kind of a laugh it's a joke they're like what are you talking about New Year's resolutions I have daily resolutions I don't wait till the first of the year every year to figure out what I want I know what I want crystal clear on what I want I write it down I think about it I dream about it I do every single thing that I need to do everyday in order to get what I want do like New Year's resolutions are a joke you need to have daily resolutions and and then you need to figure out how committed you are to get what you want because again when push comes to shove and decisions need to get made and you got to start like scratching things off of your list you find out how bad you want what you really want tell me what you want but you really bring your bomb how bad do you want what you really really want who saying that song Johnny oh I thought I thought it was gonna be a cooler reference okay so officially I'm not gangster so show for today three things to do to basically crush it in 2020 these are really really simple things like number one I would tell you like you need to get you need to get immersed in this content like so you know people hit me up on Instagram all the time if you DM me on Instagram I always try to answer my DMS like that's the one place where you can get you know they asked me I'll let people ask me you know hey can can I pay you for coaching I'm not a guy that's gonna that's not what my job is I don't I don't accept money to coach people but Instagram is a great way to ask questions and you know I'm like I try to help as much as I can impart on you the things that I've seen and learned over the last ten years working for grant that I've applied in my own life and some better than others and some things I still struggle with so it's like you know like this is all a work in progress and you know I think that the end of the year should be rather than you know making resolutions for the new year I think it should be a opportunity for you to like re solidify the things that that you want and and what it's gonna take to get em and how on track you are to getting them and if there's still things that are in the way that are blocking you that are preventing you from getting what you want I think that a I think that ever single person has the ability to live the life that they want to live like and not the life that they are living the life that they want to live but again I think that that you know people start getting into the mechanics of how to make it work and they don't know all the answers and and then they're not willing to do like simple things along the way to you know to actually get them on track to what they want to do so I want to do a little show for you oh wow this is funny Cardone capital I just found this badge for Cardone capital at the time this was produced they had seven hundred and fifty million in assets under management this little badge here more than double more than double that now almost two billion so but look like growth like that continuing to push doesn't happen unless there's constantly focus on getting what you want and so what I'm going to talk to you today about is three things that you can do that will make a massive difference in determining the outcome of your 2020 there are three things three things by the way if you want to call in if you have questions you can call us at 305 eight six five eight six six eight three oh five eight six five eight six six eight happy to take your questions today all right so number one thing number one thing you must do can they see that Johnny should I use the different marker I think I need to use which one the second one second one yeah I think it's that one yeah it's all good dude you can do that from in there dude so three things that you need to do this year that'll get you started right these are not difficult things to do mm-hmm coming up with the list of these three things for you is gonna be relatively easy doing these things is what's gonna take a little bit of work somebody once told me they said the easiest things to do are also the easiest things not to do crazy when you start thinking about it like that but number one thing you have to do is you have to set targets for yourself can you imagine if we went you know to a sports bar or something like that and I said hey you want to play darts and you're like I'm a professional dart player like I love to play darts I said you want to play darts for money and you're like dude I throw bull's-eyes like LeBron throws bricks like in the game last night you know so you're like dude I'm a professional dart player I'm ready to roll and and you and you want to play for money a hundred a throw like I'm in let's do it and and then I never told you where the dart board was I put the darts in your hand I said you go first and there was no dart board and you're like where do I even throw the darts like I don't know you start throwing them imagine if I only knew where the dart board was and it was not anywhere you thought it was and you're like how can I even play the game how can I have a chance like how can I even remotely have an opportunity to win this and then before you know it you're just starting to throw darts randomly all over the place and I'm like dude you're down like 2,500 bucks you want to keep you want to keep rolling right it eventually gonna be like dude this game sucks I'm over it and then you're gonna quit and for a lot of people they don't even set targets and so they're like they have these this thing in their head of what their life should look like or be like and then eventually they're just like after throwing darts randomly just showing up going through the motions they quit because they're like dude this is no fun I can't win the game I really don't even understand how it's played I don't even know what I'm throwing at like imagine that so if you're frustrated right now dude do you have targets like do you even have like a focus in your life about what you want and where you want to go and what it's going to take to get there like what are your targets for calls for deals for four dollars made per day per week per month dollars per phone call contacts Hang Ups cease and desist letters upset customers like what are your targets for all those things like do you do you know like what your business is because you don't truly understand your business if you don't have targets like you can't you can't understand your business if you don't have targets and you can't figure out what its gonna take to be successful without targets well I one of the examples for me that like really like like is ingrained in me for some reason because I've never chopped the tree down before but you know it's like if you were in the like the forest because I guess that's where there's big trees and somebody gave you a like not a chainsaw but like an axe and you had to axe a treat him and maybe it was like a redwood and they're like hey when you chopped this redwood down with this axe you know I'll stroke you a 10 million dollar check and you just started suing in this axe and they didn't give you any other information other than just swing the axe they didn't tell you that every 50 swings you have to resharpen the blade and the the tree will fall down after you swung the axe 4382 times like imagine if you had none of that information and you were just swinging the axe before you know it you'd be like dude I'm over this and you'd throw the axe at you be like keep your 10 million this ain't worth it my hands are all busted up they're bleeding it sucks I hate life I'm walking home this forest is right like imagine how frustrating that would be but that's exactly what happens in life dude people never take the time to figure out what their targets ought to be in order to get them what they want massive massive Monsieur so like what you should do since everybody's in crush at2020 mode 2020 get that money mode dude you ought to spend at least two hours over the next four or five days some of y'all aren't at work right now some of you have you know you're off from Christmas until New Year's some of you are off today and tomorrow and this weekend whatever okay you need to spend at least two hours and figure out what you really want in life go all the way to the end and figure it out like you know goals should be written every day but you should have like deep dives because the deep dive will allow you to resell yourself on how big the thing is that you want or what you really want you know like maybe maybe you don't want to make a hundred billion dollars you know or maybe maybe you don't want uh you know a forty billion dollar company in three years like you thought six months ago who knows but you need to have these deep dives so that you're constantly like reselling yourself refocusing recalibrating on the thing that you want so you got it you got to spend some time figuring out what targets you need to have number two these these things that I'm covering involve no tactics by the way there is no they're not a whole lot of skill required to do this okay these are easy things that everybody can do no matter if you're making a million bucks a year right now or you're making a thousand bucks a month like everybody can do the things that I'm talking about right now number one get super clear on your targets number two people this is the the rule of three for people okay think about your network and what's going on around you right now think about your friends your family your neighbors your relatives the people you're connected to online that are friends the people you follow the influencers you follow online like think about the the people that you're connected with the input that you have okay I want you to come up with three people that you connect with on a deeper level you reach out to you talk to you go see him you go visit maybe it's a family friend maybe it's a neighbor maybe it's a relative maybe it's somebody online like you need to go out and find three people that looking back over the last year three people that like you felt good when you were around them you thought bigger when you around them you learn things from them like that worked that you used in you work like come up with three people out of that whole ecosystem you have and should be it should be relatively easy like you should be able to come up with one two three names that you just drop down that that like at the top of your list it should be really easy come up with three people that you need to kill not literally figuratively like you need to come up with three people that you're like you know what you didn't add any value when I saw this or you said that it created some doubt some uncertainty it didn't make me feel good I didn't like being around you you know every time I'm around you you say these things and it undermines what I'm doing and I don't like it like you know you're naked you're negative when I'm around you have conflict and drama and issues in your life and whenever I'm around you it sucks me in and I hate the way I feel like you need to identify three people that you need to get rid of this also should be easy the the negative people the people that you're going through their post you don't like it it makes you feel any less than moving forward right like you got to understand like if you're here there are people situations things information that you that you can consume be around connect with that get you closer to the place that you want to go right also you're at that same point there are people issues things information whatever that you get connected with that actually will take you further away they'll try to sell you out of the thing that you want they'll try to down you know they're try to talk down to you they'll try to to put a kink in your arm or they'll try to you know throw some hate or some shade your way because you know they see you doing something that they don't like or that they're not doing like you got to identify some people that you just start taking off you know and that's why when you see like super successful people sometimes they don't always have big networks of people because they're like dude I've most people can't understand why I do what I'm doing to get where I want to go because they don't share that vision they don't understand the journey I've been on they don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish for myself or my family or whatever like there's no possible way so what they do is they just start saying a lot you know imagine if Elon Musk was around people all the time that said solar energy sucks online payments are terrible going to space is a stupid idea and electric cars are a fad like imagine if he was around people like that all the time he ain't he ain't around people like that time and you don't want to be around people like that all the time because he's working freakin hundred hour weeks sleeping in his office at the Tesla factory trying to figure out how to make that one of the greatest automobile companies in the world you know it ain't healthy for him to be around people like that and it's not healthy for you to be around people even if it's family dude find an excuse or a reason not to go you know communicate to them hey every time I'm around you you're negative you try to you try to talk down on what I'm doing or what I'm about you try to make me think my goals are stupid for some reason like I'm sorry I can't be around you tell them tell them the truth so at least it's something they can try to fix you know gotta get rid of people you got it like like I don't have a whole lot of people in my community like I've got my family and the people I work with and then outside of that like 1 Z 2 Z's because you know not everybody understands why or what or how or any of the the other stuff and they may be on a different track and I just don't want to be around them you know so like be aware of the people that are around you this is critical for you because they can either be rocket fuel or they could be anchors and anchors will not get you where you want to go the purpose of an anchor is to keep you where you're at okay the perp the purpose of rocket fuel is to get you places you've never been before and so you've got to find people that are rocket fuel for you you know that you feel good being around that you know that you that you're like man like I feel like I'm capable of doing more I feel like I'm on the right track I feel like what I'm doing isn't big enough how about that like be surrounded by people that have so much amazing stuff going on like that's why it's cool following grant like he's opens up his life to you he goofs around like you know he has big crazy massive audacious goals like it's it's awesome to be around people like that you know like grant granny granny thrown a bunch of shade on people like he's not he's not you know being nasty to people like dude he's just he's just being grant this is his deal you know and he lets you in on the behind-the-scenes of what that is and what that like it's such an amazing opportunity people with that kind of money don't typically open up like that so we got to set our targets we got to identify three of each people to ad or people to spend more time with and people that get rid of and then number three activities just like with people there are things you do in your life that are good that make you feel good they get you closer to where you want to go and there are things that don't they die they do the exact opposite there is no there is no constant okay like there is no constant in this this is a you're moving forward or backwards people are moving you forward or backwards there is no sane people either support you in what you're doing or they're an anchor rocket fuel or anchor like you you ought to just go through your list rocket fuel or anchor rocket fuel or anchor rocket fuel or anchor and then start making decisions so your activities you need to through find three things three things that you need to do more of reading educating volunteering volunteering always makes me feel so it's one thing that I wish I did more often but I don't some lazy butt like dude it's one thing that whenever I volunteer I feel so good like it's just one of those things I don't know how you feel bad you know you're you're contributing you're giving to people that have less in most cases like or are lacking something you're providing resources or time or something to people that are lacking that thing you're not being paid for like there it just makes you feel good like helping people just makes you feel good that's part of the reason why I love working here because we're helping people just so happens we get paid to do it too you know like you know going to seminars or conferences like the 10x growth conference or something like it you know like there's a lot of conferences we just think we have the best I mean we spend a boatload of money bringing highly highly talented people highly successful people and and we promote it for an entire year to an audience of people that we believe are all on kind of the same track and mission you know so getting around more people like that is a good thing and some people are just sitting on the sidelines they've never been to a conference or an event before because they're like oh man it's big it's overwhelming you know it's three days it's Las Vegas I've only been out of my city or my town or my state two or three times I got to go get a hotel I got to get a flight I can't be overwhelming for some people but that's how you start breaking through those layers of like of like experiences and like it's how you start expanding who you are as a person so there's things that you need to be doing more so identify three things that make you feel good that make you feel better that move you closer to the thing that you want to get and then identify three things you need to do less of drinking smoke in club in you know playing around what guys or girls if you know that's your thing cuz you're single and you're out on the prowl you know dude it's either bringing you closer or it's pulling you backwards look at take an inventory of your life and figure out what are those things that bring me closer or pull me backwards simple like these are simple things that could change your life you know activities you get rid of the club you add the gym so now you're not waking up hungover now you're getting up early in the morning now you're working out you're feeling better because your body's moving now you run into the day you have more creativity your Bloods flowing you're pumping you're more productive you have more energy you sleep better at night maybe you have some dreams and one time in those dreams like you meet with Steve Jobs because he's you know chilling and dreamland and then he gives you an idea for a new electronic saying and both you become a billionaire I don't know I'm just messing around but like dude like you never know what that first domino is that's gonna fall so you have to look at the things that you're doing that are not productive that don't move you forward and you need to start you need to start pulling them back hey all right let's get some colors Natalie let's go Jordan in Boston Boston bass yeah I don't have the cool I don't have the cool accent okay you're not are you originally from Boston no outside of Philadelphia okay good good good good dude what's your question thanks for the call yeah thanks for all you do all you do you know I have a second flow you know some people call a side hustle it's complimentary to my first flow but it's not scalable it's make it makes since I've been you know watching your content over the last two and a half years I've I've this year my target will get me to 10x from when I started watching you know all of your all the stuff to do a couple years ago yeah yes I hear a lot in people's content these days talking about don't do something that can't scale but I think the number I'm talking about is pretty big it's just I know that after next year realistically there's not much more room to grow yeah thank you so something what is it what is it I'm a medical expert okay so what's your thing that doesn't scale just doing that because that at a certain point there's just a seedling right like where you're just you're making a certain amount and it just cats out why don't what what like are you doing caught live consoles are you doing web stuff are you like what are you doing no this is just reviewing cases for lawyers okay so could you hire somebody in that's interested in doing what you're doing show them the opportunity maybe you end up like how much money you make on the side hustle this past year just over a hundred it'll be more than that this coming year okay so take take that hundred that you made pay somebody forty bring them in get them started promised them a piece of the up side from where they're at and then eventually move them in – you know hey if you want me to review the case or be involved in the case it's gonna be 500 bucks an hour I have a junior associate that can do it for 250 what's your budget like which one of those more fits what you're looking to do or but but you can scale that business you just have to add people it's hard because I will tell you medical professionals tend to be very particular about who they who they do business with yeah they want to deal with the top the top guy and that did yeah so then maybe you maybe you're the top guy that that's going out get in the business and you have somebody going back and reviewing the case like I mean let me just tell you this Jordan I worked for Grant Cardone when I was selling over the phone in the early days you know how many people were like hey let me talk to grant I'm not doing a deal unless I talked to grant I dealt with that problem for probably a year and a half or two years and – and I was just I would just tell people do sometimes it would cost me business but I knew that if I didn't find a way to confront it and handle it that it was gonna be it was gonna cripple me the rest of my career how was I gonna get away from him like if I couldn't handle it if I couldn't like how would I ever get away from it so you bring somebody in you mentor them you coach them you educate them you give them a piece of the business and then you you know you somebody graduates from medical school or law school or whatever like you give them an opportunity to come in and and this could be their side hustle second flow until you get you know maybe look maybe the business is worth 200 grand a year in total and you know you have two people that are making 80 and you pocket 40 and you don't have to do a whole lot that sounds scalable to me but you just got a double you just got to add people like that's how the business that you do scales and until you until you come to terms with the fact that other people I mean other people are doing what you're doing right so it can be learned and taught and transferred right look I and what I learned from you guys which I'll say is huge is you know knocking if nobody knows you you're not going to grow and so I took the leap into a lot of people are sensitive to putting their image out there and saying they do this because it's some people look upon this as not being the honorable thing to do I think differently and but once I started advertising things went bananas so it's thanks for for your content I mean it's a simple message but if people don't know you they will not flow you that is for sure again easy easy easy does not always mean easy to do you know or easy to understand so like the easy the easy to do or the easy thing would be do to add a couple people Jordan from Boston and team medical reviews like until you start you can't start so you know have you ever tried to hire people no and I'll be honest with you I mean even even calling it a Polish it giving you another name people are very sensitive you know where I work in in what they do on the side and don't like to it's probably frowned upon to grow too big and to to do things given the institution I work for all this yeah well i mean all i yeah i'm assuming you're either a doctor or a lawyer right that i'm doctor yeah so like do you know how many people are going to medical school right now that are struggling to pay bills that are broke that would be like dude how do I get how do I get extra money maybe you maybe you maybe you teach people how to do this maybe you teach people how to go out and add this as a second flow of income and your product now instead of becoming case review becomes education on how to make case review a side hustle how to market how to drive drive interest created an opportunity a relationship and a deal I love it yeah it ended I will fend help selling to to doctors because they think they know everything I'm sure you you've come across that well I mean everybody's tough to sell to because they think they know everything you know just to did a different level alright man I hope that helps I just say you got to add people or you got to pivot into teaching other people how to do it because if it's looked down upon if people stay away from it that means there's probably an opportunity there oh thanks so much happy new year all right man you too next caller Joe from Miami Joe what's up man thanks for calling the show hey what's going on what's that brother okay so funny come listen instead to the show but I'm hearing my voice yeah you got to turn the show off I think right all right there it is yeah hey what's going on that's all right what's your question good it's beyond quick question going back to rule number one or step number one of this of goal-setting I want I'm looking for a personal tip of advice from you to kind of go through you know somebody has to set goals it's super important not just in business and personal life and their own development goals is what gets you so it that's that's clear and obvious but I think what a lot of people have the problem with it is kind of getting out of the in actually into that next step of saying okay I know I need to set goals and then people kind of get lost in how do I set a goal what type what type of goal do I set you know you kind of end up with that mental block yeah I wanted to rap great question if great glasses get that and how do you get past that and and actually accomplish that okay so here in in my opinion where I think that people fail with goals is they go man I want to make 10 million bucks and man now I just got to think of an idea or I got to figure out how like I got to figure out how to start making money so that I can make 10 million bucks ok so I could go work for Grant Cardone but his sales guys they only make 3 grand a month some of them you know to start plus Commission some of them make a couple hundred grand a year but man I'm gonna get in there it's gonna be really hard you know it might not work so they move that like they move in the wrong direction putting the whole thing together you got to figure out like it the highest level like why for me it's always been easier to figure out what I and then move backwards and I didn't really figure this out until maybe like five years ago because I was always when I would write goals down I always thought about cool stuff to have but I never really like there was no process or system or any way that I went from where I'm at today to get me where I want to go so here's how you have to do it if this is your timeline of life for me personally when I start thinking about goals I'm like okay well when I'm 65 what do I want my life to look like right so I'm like okay well when I'm 65 I'd like to make a million dollars a year passive because I'm gonna have a two million dollar house in Miami on water four bedrooms four baths by the way let me just go on Zillow real quick or realtor.com and see how much waterfront homes in Miami are oh wow they're eight million bucks well I need to make more money than that men like you you you and then you go back and you recalibrate to figure out what it is you want at the end so for me I'm like okay I want to make 100 grand a month passive I want to be able to travel and go on $25,000 $30,000 vacations every quarter I want to go to Europe I want to be able to go to to Asia I want to be able to go to Africa I want to be able to go to Greece I want to be able to go to Hawaii I want to like I want to like start getting into all of the things that I'd like to do okay so now I've got four trips a year at 30 grand each that's a hundred and twenty grand a year for like first-class vacations I want to have kids through college which is going to be you know three hundred thousand dollars aside if they want to go to school I want to have three cars one car is going to be this car that's three dollars a month one car is gonna be this that's 15 one car here that's gonna be like six or seven hundred dollars a month like I want to get into all of the numbers and figure out how much everything costs for me to get to here and really it's like what are all the things you want in your life at this point and then how much does that all cost and so for me I get to 100k a month now I got to be able to have all of that without working because I don't want to work if I don't want to when I'm 65 I want to work because I want to write not because I have to but because I want to so now I'm like okay so now I want to make 100 grand a month passive in 65 years old for me I believe that creates a pretty awesome situation now here's the thing now when I start going how do I make that happen here I Circle them in do I really want to wait till I'm 65 for that like because I've gone all the way to the end of like the end the finish line of the race I'm like where do I want to finish at now I go well man it'd be great to have that stuff when I'm 45 man that'd be awesome that would be like nine years from now man I'd be freaking cool forty five nine years from now Jake's gonna be 11 you know hopefully we have another kid that's you know gonna be like four or five or something I don't know but I'm still gonna have young kids I can hang out with them I'm working because I want to not because I have to so that just completely changes your mindset I've got cool I've got all the things that I want to have but I've also ended up in a situation where it 100k a month if I live off of 250 well let's just say that's a passive income so it's taxed at 22% instead of 40% so now I've got 78 K a month I'm living off of 20 K a month or 25k a month so now I've got three I've got 53 K a month that's like six hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year to invest so now I'm investing six hundred fifty thousand dollars a year I'm 45 I'm living the kind of life that I want to live in that six hundred fifty thousand dollars a year every year continues to get invested so now I'm like well I've created like a flywheel now because as long as like the apocalypse doesn't happen I've got a brick of money that I'm reinvesting every single every single year so that this is going to continue to grow and by the time I'm 65 that's probably gonna be like 300k a month passive I'm like wow man that that would be really cool to get it 45 now I'm excited right like now I've found the thing that excites me so you see how I went from like the end target to like well hey do I want that den or do I want that now and then I'm gonna go into the mechanics which is what you're talking about which is like okay so if I want to get 100k a month in income passive I need to have I think 14 millions the number yeah I need to have 14 million invested in real estate at 6% so now I've got a target I've got 2.4 million invested right now or 2.3 million 2.3 million invested right now so now I need eleven point seven million so now over the next nine years I got to figure out how to invest eleven million dollars okay I got to assume that you know over the next nine years that's probably going to double in value so that's gonna take me to five million so now I need to come up with another nine million not eleven so let's see like you see all the math I'm doing like I'm working this out I'm getting into like okay now I need to make nine million dollars over the next nine years and I'm going to assume that year one two three four five six seven eight nine the way that I would just figure the math and I'm just gonna make this up because I don't have the time to do on the show but I'm gonna say let's say I can invest 500k here 500k here hopefully income start continues to increase so maybe now it's seven 50 now at 7:50 in the meantime all of this money that I'm investing right that's gonna start compounding it's gonna start paying me cash flow who knows what happens maybe uncle G picks a real winner and and I get a big distribution at the end of the year then I'm up to 4 million invested in in three years that 4 million at nine years is going to become 8 million now I'm getting closer to that 14 million I continue to invest it continues to roll and I'm like man all I got to do is make it least in my situation may not be the same as yours right now I got to make 1.5 million a year for the next nine years and I'm gonna be there probably more and then at 45 every 10 years that 14 million is going to double in value that's kind of like the safe math so then 55 and then 65 so the double would be 14 over 10 years becomes 28 at 55 it's 65 the double takes me to 52 million 52 million 52 million at 6% is 6 like it's like 6 million a year it's a lot of money dude fifty-two million dude that's three million bucks a year so that's my two hundred two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month so I was almost there do you see how much certainty and clarity I got on actually what will be required to get me where I want to go okay now I need to figure out the next thing I'm already making a mill five so I'm not assuming any any massive like changes right the massive change would be we continue to grow what we're doing Carbon adventures takes off cart on advertising poppin like all these things start happening and that one point five becomes three now everything accelerates even more now I'm freaking really excited I'm like man if I could double up and get to three million a year man I might be able to do this in seven years not nine so now I'm going to come back and I'm gonna go okay I need to get to three million dollars a year that's gonna be my next target now in order for me to get to three million dollars a year where I'm at based on the math blah blah blah blah blah company has to do X okay in order for us to do X now I got to figure out where all that money's gonna come from okay so that means Cardone ventures is x Cardone license is X Cardone advertising is X Cardone training is X so now what do I need to do to help Cardone ventures hit their target what do I need to do to hit Cardone license hit their target what do I need to do to hit cart on advertising to get their target now I'm taking responsibility all the way back down to the thing that I can the lever that I can pull that's gonna get me to the three million a year which is gonna get me through all of the math that I need to get through to get me to hit my target I've got a vehicle I'm in it right now you may not be that's probably what your real question is Joe was it Joe is that who called Joe that's probably your real quest what happens if you say like I need to make 1.5 million dollars a year and you're making 50k a year that's probably what your real question is so now what you got to do is now you got to start looking at the opportunity where's the money in your existing role right now are there people that are making a million bucks a year is it possible for you to make 250 300 400 500 grand a year because that gives you the ability to start placing that money and investing in making moves if not then you have to do one of two things and I tell people this all the time in your job right now you have to make the decision if two things can happen can you learn a whole bunch that'll make you Millions or number two can you earn a million or more you either if in your job right now you need to be learning or you need to be earning or you need to be doing both but if you're in your role right now and you're making 50 grand a year and let's say you're a salesperson if there are not people on your sales team that are making 150 K a year or 300 K a year if nobody's making the kind of money that you want to make you're in the wrong vehicle now again before you like cut bait throw you know and jump off the boat like what you need to figure out number one is like in order to get to 300 you have to from 50 you've got to go through a hundred K you've got to go through 200 K like there's a pathway to follow right but you need to do the math on your roll and say how do I get in my job where I'm at from 50 K to 300 K is it possible how could it be possible if it's not physically possible then number one the opportunity's wrong or number two you don't have the skill set to do it which means you need to go back and educate yourself this is helpful this is helpful for you guys this is just how I go through getting connected with like what I really want and how to get it because all of like if you if you go in and you know hey I've got it it's I've got a 20 year plan okay its 2020 by 2040 I need to have my plan each year in order for me to hit my plan I need to make 80 grand year one a hundred grand year to 150 year three two hundred year four to 75 year five three fifty year six like you need to go year by year and figure out how much do I make how much do I how much do I invest how much do I make how much do I invest how much do I make how much do I invest so you're tracking your income line you're tracking your income line until you start investing then you have to start tracking your investment line and then you add another flow and then you've got your your multiple flows thing happen in here and then you're tracking that and all of them are getting you closer to that goal that you have be conservative on this I always try to be super conservative I assume hey my income is gonna stay where it's at it's not gonna balloon up if you're making fifty grand a month a year then you need to plan for for growth but for me I'm like okay super conservative how do I do this okay so my my conservative plan is X my growth plan is why how do I get to three million bucks a year okay I've got the training business I've got card on licensing I've got card on advertising I've got cartoon Ventures I've got card on events and tours I've got cardones speaking how do I start pulling all these levers and making this thing work and grow how do I bring more opportunities in because I want to make three million bucks year in order for me to do it all of them have to hit these targets because you've got to go back and work the math Todd and I were just through one of the things how do I get how do we get ctt I our training business to do X well in order for it to do X we need to do this much in revenue and based on how many salespeople we have we need to have this many salespeople and based on sales people conversions and X we need to have this many leads per month at these conversion rates so now we're chasing the lead because we know the lead thing is going to lead to the deal thing that can support the sales people who can drive the income in the revenue to get that business unit to get where it needs to go so that that will ultimately be one of the pieces that contributes to me getting to 3 million bucks a year then we need to go to Cardone ventures or Cardone license like we need to move through these different units and so for you you need to figure out with your one line that you're out right now your income how do you get from 50 to 75 or from 50 to 100 or from 50 to 150 can you do it and if not you're in the wrong opportunity and you need to find something else or you don't have the skill to do it Saturday at noon we're gonna spend at least we always say an hour but it's always longer than that at least an hour going over this in more detail and it's not just gonna be me doing it it's gonna be uncle G okay he helped me understand how to do all this stuff he helped me understand how to map all of it out and figure it all out so that I'm like oh it's not some mystery for me to get where I want to go at 45 years old it's not a mystery at all in fact all I have to do is this Wow all I got to do is get fifty thousand leads a month now I just got to get creative now I got to chase that one target because I know that one thing see what people do is they get so focused on all these other things they're like oh I got to do this and I got to get multiple flows and I got to do this and I got to do that and I got a dude what you need to do is boil it all down do all the math and boil it down to the one thing that you need to put all your energy on when we go focus on one thing stats go through the roof when we get all of our energy on one thing that we know will make a big difference boom we've got eighteen thousand six hundred people registered for this free jump start that we're doing on Saturday if you are all committed to making twenty twenty your best year ever you need to have strategies you need to have tips you need to have tools you need to have resources but more importantly you need to have a group of people to do it with you need to have a group of people that move you closer to the thing you want not people that take away from you you need people that will support you you need people that encourage you and you need a frickin plan from somebody who's been there before I can't create a plan to get to a hundred million because I never been there before but you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna stick next to uncle G cuz he's been there a few times so I'ma be like yo how do I get from where I'm at to where I want to go I need to start closing the gap maybe you're at 50 grand you're like man I'd love to get to a million five years well good then listen to the show come on the 20/20 training that we're gonna do Saturday this Saturday noon East Coast Standard Time Grant Cardone com 4/20 20 normally we charge for these things we're doing this for free because we want to get a bunch of people on there 18,000 people have already registered to come on this webinar you need to be there we're gonna lay the path we're gonna give you the tips we're gonna give you the strategies we're gonna give you the mindset we're gonna help you understand that getting what you want out of life is way easier than you think it is you think it's so hard because you're focusing on 5,000 different things that go into the equation rather than the one thing that will make all the difference so we're gonna help you identify that one thing Saturday noon East Coast Standard Time it's free to register get as many people as you can on there because you want people on the freakin freight train that you're rolling on so that you have a bunch of people with rocket fuel pushing you and not a bunch of anchors trying to drag you down Grant Cardone com forward slash 2020 it's free we're doing this because we want to make 2020 your best year ever we want to have success stories all year and 2020 about people that are having their best year yet living the best laugh that right yeah so so we want we want to see you there we're doing this absolutely free Saturday noon East Coast Standard Time Grant Cardone com 4/20 20 to register let's see what else do we got January 20th and 21st we're doing a phone workshop here in our office in Miami it's going to be a two-day workshop where basically we're having all of our Cardone you customers we're opening this to everybody but bring your a lead list people that you have dead leads new leads hot leads cold leads people that haven't converted people that you want to convert people that said they'd never do business with you bring your list bring your scripts we're gonna spend basically a day educating you on how to become a badass assassin master of the phone and then we're going to spend an entire day a going in making live calls with you with our team it's gonna be freaking amazing you can go to Grant Cardone com forward slash phones if you want to register for that you can bring your team if you're if you're a company you work for won't pay for it we made it affordable enough so that you can do it for yourself but I promise you everything that we've done to get to one hundred and fifty million bucks a year has come because of the phone ecommerce only works so well until you can pick up a phone and call somebody sell an event tickets online only works so well until you need to pick up the phone and call somebody trying to get people with creative marketing and advertising to just flop up into the boat only works so well before you need to pick up the phone you talk somebody and you need to close a deal so we have our phone workshop all through January grants gonna be on the west coast we have West Coast dates that you can sign up for at Grant Cardone com forward slash tour Grant Cardone com4 slash tour we're doing Phoenix San Diego Anaheim Vegas Los Angeles San Francisco and Oakland all in the month of January it's a kickoff to our 2020 it's gonna be crazy of course all of that is leading up to the 10x growth conference in Las Vegas it's gonna be our best one yet we're super excited about it Kevin Hart Magic Johnson Scooter Braun Marie Forleo Brad parse scale Pete Vargas Ryan dice Branden Dawson Elena Cardone and of course Grant Cardone I'll probably be there a little bit too if you want to come see me say what's up so look we got a lot of ways that we can help you in 2020 we're committed to you having the best year yet and we hope that you choose us to help you along the way free Saturday 2020 Grant Cardone com 4/20 20 get your year started off right remember the only people that will ever condemn your hustle are the ones you've already given up on the hustle themselves we will see you in 2020 would you like as we walk out of 2019 and into the 20/20 into a new decade what are you doing to make next year different than this passion how many numerous resolutions have you done it just didn't happen I don't know about you but I tell you myself and my family I need to stay excited all the time I need to have something new to work for I want to show you exactly five steps to 10x my next year [Applause] you

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