25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus

25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus

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In this video, I will share over 25 tips and tricks for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. These tips and tricks will enhance the ownership of your iPhone 8. Let’s dive in and enjoy.

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hey there saki here from sake tech you can find me on instagram and twitter at saki tech online in today's video I will share 25 plus tips and tricks for your iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 plus these tips and tricks will highly enhance the use of your new and shiny iPhone 8 so that you can enjoy to its maximum capacity now before we do dive in I would like to let you know that this video was sponsored by a rhino shield rhino shield is known for their incredible impact protection cases that far exceed military drop test standards but rhino shield is now introducing the same level of protection in a customizable iPhone 8 and 8 plus case known as rhino shield mod it's basically a dream-come-true modular case that allows you to customise your case so you never get bored so basically the case has three components a frame or rim and a backplate and you can either use it as a bumper case by combining the frame and the rim or a regular case by combining the frame and the back plate and when you click the link in the description box below which you should do to see exactly what I'm talking about you will see all the different color options and design options of every component so that you can create a customized case that fits your sense of style however it doesn't stop there this mod has a unique lens adapter that you can plug into the rear of the case right where the iPhone lens openings are and within seconds you can add all kinds of add-on lenses to your iPhone 8 to enhance the cameras capabilities beyond its limits now as you can see rhino shield provided me with four lens adapters that add wide-angle super wide angle fish eye and macro capabilities right your iPhone eight it's a brilliant idea to have it built right into the case so click the link down in the description box below and go check out Rhino shield mod cases if you want to protect your iphone eight na+ with maximum protection and the ability to customize it and of course if you do decide to order use the discount code sake tech for 10% off and now let's dive in and discover the iPhone 8 and eight plus and I just want to show you how easy it is to screw an add-on lens to the back plate with the lens adapter and that's it you just screw it right in and the lens actually comes with a lens cover so the actual lens doesn't get dirty so take a look at this case take a look at how custom-built it is you have the see-through backplate then you have the white frame again you can pick any color for the frame and then you have the actual buttons red color in this case that can also be acquired in any color for maximum modularity and then you have that beautiful lens and then over here we built a bumper case with a black frame a white trim on the back that holds in the iPhone and the yellow buttons that I added myself just pop them right in so you can see how great this cases are while still offering total protection click the link below check them out alright so the first episode with your keyboard so basically what you can do is you can use the keyboard with one hand by simply minimizing the keyboard and left or right justifying it so let me pull up my message and as you can see the keyboard is in full force so let's say you either have small hands or you're holding the iPhone in such a way that you do not have full access to the entire screen okay assuming you're doing one-handed use all you want to do is press and hold on the emoji or the globe key in this case it's emoji press and hold and it brings up a menu that allows you to left justify the keyboard which minimize it and makes it easier type in one hand giving you full access to the entire keyboard or if you're holding the phone with your right hand you tap and hold again and you can right justify it alright and when you're done doing the one-handed mode you tap this thing and it's back in business alright so the iPhone it comes with the capability to record in 4k at 60 frames per second that's the highest quality you can get on a smart phone right now however when you launch your camera and you scroll over to video which it is at right now you're not gonna have that option by default and if you want to tweak it it's not going to be in the camera app there is a little reference point on the top right here right now it says HD 60 so that means this is set to record at 1080p which is high-definition at 60 frames per second so let's go and change these settings and see also how it reflects over here on the top right so what you want to do is go to the settings and scroll down until you find where it says camera which is right here you tap on it and once you go inside at the middle here it says record video when you tap this you get all the different recording options now 4k at 60 frames per second is right here at the bottom didn't get 4k at 30 frames per second 4k at 24 frames per second and you can also do 1080p at 60 or 30 frames per second and this one over here is sold such a low quality you do not even want to use this now one thing I want you to be aware of is when you look over here it tells you how much space one minute of video takes so when you record at 4k at 60 frames per second one minute of that video is gonna record at 400 megabytes I meant to say it's gonna take 400 megabytes of space so let's pick this up let's go back out go to the camera over here and then let's go back into the video and now when you look on the top here it says 4k and it says 60 so that's 60 frames per second at 4k resolution alright so just be aware of these little things the same concept applies to slow-motion video so if I go over here and I scroll over to slow motion on the top right now it says nothing when it says nothing is the most default option so let's go and modify this because you do have the option to be able to record in 1080p at 240 frames per second so let me go back out here go to settings we're back at that camera setting we'll just go right back at the bottom it says record slow-motion tap it you're gonna get two options you can either record at 1080p at 100 a frames per second or 1080p at 240 frames per second and this is the option you probably want to keep it's gonna make sure when you record slow-motion videos that time slows down even more than 120 frames per second alright now again when you pick higher frames per second you're gonna waste more space on your phone just people where of that so one minute of that video that you record at 1080p at 240 is gonna cost you 480 megabytes on your storage space for one minute now the next thing I want to talk to you guys is at the bottom here it says formats when you go to format's you've got the high efficiency mode and you've got the most compatible mode the biggest thing is when you choose most compatible and you go back out and you go back into the record video the 4k at 60 frames per second actually disappears so I just want to be very clear with this some people have complained to me that they are not seeing that option and that was the reason so make sure if you want the 4k at 60 frames per second enabled go to format's and keep at high efficiency mode so just keep that in high efficiency mode quality wise you're not gonna see any kind of degradation it's gonna be just as high quality as most compatible mode alright so 4k 60fps is now enabled just keep it at that let's move on to the next tip alright so the next tip has to do with you being able to record everything that's happening on your screen right now so let me pull up the control center and as you can see there's a bunch of controls here and that's great but the recording option can be added here when you go in and you customize the control center alright meanwhile while I'm here real quick I just want let you know if you tap and hold on these icons it actually expands that option and gives you a full music player with this guy when you tap and hold it expands that also and gives you more options to toggle on and off and you can do the same thing with these sliders here so if I tap on this that's the brightness slider from here I can enable night shift and also a true tone if I really desire and you can do the same thing with the volume tap and hold to get the volume slider up and down you can reduce and increase the volume just like that but anyway let's add the recording function and show you how that works the control center is fully customizable so let's go to the settings let's go back to the main settings all the way to the top and we're here you're gonna see control center tap this guy and tap on customize controls when you do that on the top here it shows you everything that is already included in your control center and at the bottom here it shows things you can still add and this is the one that you want to talk about the screen recording feature when you click plus it goes up here now when I go back out and pull this up then recording feature is right there so basically all this allows you to do is record the screen so tap and hold it do a 3d press on it and you get a menu at the bottom it says start recording you can start recording now it's going to do a countdown and it's actually recording the screen so let me go back out here go back down swipe around a little bit you see the red bar on the top that means it's being recorded the screen is being recorded let's go back in here when you write an end press and hold and tap on stop recording and it's gonna say it's been saved into the photos and of course if I go into the photos you're gonna see that video saved into the gallery when you tap it you can play that and as you can see it's doing exactly what I just recorded on the screen by myself so it's one way to share things to show your friends or even on for troubleshooting so if you don't understand something to record it you can send it down somebody can take a look at it and tell you what exactly to do it's just great to have a feature like this now the other feature I'm gonna talk about in the control center is this car symbol when you tap this it enables do not disturb but it is only applicable while you're driving so the iPhone senses that you're driving and it makes sure that you do not get any notifications that are going to distract you as you're driving your car alright so again if it's not here you can go back to the customize and add it alright so the next thing I want to talk about is the true tone display that's built into the iPhone 8 and the 8 plus what you want to do is you want to go to the settings you want to go to display in brightness and at the top over here you'll see the true tone display basically when you enable this it says it right here exactly what it does it adapts iPhones display based on the ambient lightning so it looks around you you know it measures the ambient lightning and it adjusts the display to make the colors appear more consistent it simply looks better than when you're looking at your phone like this now it's probably perfect for reading so if I enable this you'll see a shift in color okay and the display actually softens softens and looks a little bit better okay so a true tone is a fantastic option like I said especially for reading so just enable and disable this as you please compare and contrast and see if you like it or not and if you do like it which I think you will just keep it on at all times and it's just going to adjust the screen automatically every single time giving you the best giving you the best viewing experience all right so that's the true tone and display alright so the next tip has to do with the alright so the next day pass to do with the keyboard let's say I'm typing something in let's just say I type in what are you doing so instead of saying what what I'll just add a couple extra days just make a mistake now I made a mistake here and what I want to do is I want to delete some of the ace normally what you would have to do is tap here somewhere and it's a little hard to get to the right place like it's hard for me to get to that a just with my finger so I can start deleting them one by one in this scenario what you can do is you can use this entire keyboard and subtract that what you can do is you can use 3d touch basically by pressing and holding on the keyboard it transforms that into a touch pad then I can swipe exactly where I want and start to delete those extra A's to fix my typo all right like I said it's very difficult to do with your finger prints but when you use the keyboard as a trackpad which is a great option you can put this anywhere you want with laser precision alright so that's the tip using your keyboard as a trackpad let's move on to the next step now the next feature has to do with your home button now as you know this is not a physical button it's actually a flat button that gives you feedback when you press on it so when you press on you get a vibrational feedback giving you the illusion that you're actually pressed on it what you could do is you can change the intensity of that feedback just to suit your needs so go to the settings go to general and then go to the home button and as you can see you have three options and right now it's set to option number three which gives me the greatest feedback when I press on the home screen so what you can do is you can press one and that feedback becomes a little bit lighter or you can do two and that feedback becomes in the medium all right in the middle so just I'll make sure when you press one test the intensity on the fly so if I tap here and then I put my finger here it will give me the kind of feedback I'll be receiving all right so I do like to keep it at the maximum but you can change yours according to your needs the next thing I'm going to talk about has to do with the screen shot so normally when you want to take a screen shot you press the HOME key and press the power key at the same time and that will take a screen shot I like to do something a little bit different I like to go to the settings and again in the main settings go to general and then go to accessibility from here just scroll down a little bit and go to assistive touch tap it and enable this menu the moment you enable this many you'll see this floating icon you can put anywhere on the screen now when you first enable this icon it's got a lot of options in it so let me go back over here let me just tap on reset so you can see what I'm talking about so basically when I click on this thing it expands to give me a full menu from here I can tap on this home button and it acts as a home button just like this one takes me back home if I tap it again I can actually invoke Siri I can go to device I can actually volume up and volume down right over here let me go to more and you have all these different options all right and you can reset that if I tap it it pulls on the notifications and if I tap it again it takes me back home but here's what I like to do I like to go to customize top level menu and I like to remove all the options from it just leave one over here tap it and then scroll down toward says screen shot then click done and then go back home now when you do that and you tap on this icon he serves as a single click screenshot button now after you take a screenshot you can do a lot of things with a screenshot so let me show you that one more time again you can do the screenshot anywhere that you want I can I can be in the clock application take a screenshot and that's gonna save the screenshot right there you can tap on it and here starts to customization so you can resize that screenshot alright for your own purposes just like that you can crop it and then if you want you can use this highlighter and highlight certain points on it okay so all the screenshots are customizable in this new update and then click done and it's gonna give you the option to save the photos or delete the screenshot all right and then of course if you don't want this thing anymore all you do is go back to the settings and you go back here and you simply disable it and you don't have that anymore but it's nice to have for single click operations and remember you can go in here and you can assign anything you want here it doesn't have to be a screenshot tap it and choose anything that you want right over here fantastic let's move on to the next tip all right so going back into the settings and go to general and go to accessibility I just want to get a couple tips at once here the one thing you can do here is you can actually change the size of the text on the iPhone itself so if you tap this guy you get this slider at the bottom and as you can see you can increase the size of the text that you can see on the screen for your community so that's one option the other thing I want to talk about actually has to do with Siri and 3d touch so when you go to a 3d touch first and foremost you can disable that or you can actually change the intensity the sensitivity of the 3d touch so basically if you keep it at firm it would take extra amount of pressure to peek in to items okay so it's firm right now it's that firm you have to press down if you're gonna pop into something you really have to press down on it I like to keep this in medium so you get a medium amount of sensitivity to your pressure-sensitive touch screen now when we go back out here we go to Siri you have a couple options first you can type to Siri so normally when you bring up Siri you have to actually talk to it but sometimes it doesn't get what you're saying so that's when you want to actually type it in so if you enable this and if you go back to Siri over here you do have the option to now type to it instead of talking to it alright just remember that so that's that so let's go back out and move on to the next step the next thing has to do with are restricting people from making modifications to your iPhone if you hadn't did to them so sometimes you'll give your phone to somebody and they'll just go nuts with it or they'll download stuff they'll delete stuff they'll look at everything they want to look at so what you want to do is you want to go to the settings let's go back to the main screen here scroll down to in general go to the restrictions over here and then Irene abled my restrictions but when you enable it for the first time it's gonna ask you to create a password I just made one where that's very easy and as you can see from here you can restrict access to these apps you can disable Safari camera Siri FaceTime airdrop and carplay you can disable all these apps but here's what I'm really interested in right here at the bottom let me just show you an example here so here's a camera app if I go back out the camera app is right there go to settings again go to restrictions it's gonna actually put your password and every time disabled camera when I go back out that camera icon is gone so nobody can access your camera any more okay so that's how restrictions work let's go back in enable that here's a big thing so installing deleting and in-app purchases can be disabled so now if I give my point to anybody they can't install apps and they can't delete apps so for example let me try to delete one app here they're gonna wiggle but it's not gonna have that X symbol so you can X out of it meaning you can you can uninstall or disable it alright so restrictions are absolutely fantastic let me just for now put everything back where it belongs which you can go and you can play with all this stuff the next step has to do with increasing your iCloud storage so basically when you buy an iPhone or any Apple product you get five gigabytes of iCloud space so what you want to do if you want to increase that space is go to the settings tap on your icon here that is your User Profile and then simply go to iCloud and tap on manage storage and from here one final thing you want to press is change storage plan again five cakes is free and as you can see a lot of that is being used already and you know it goes up really fast it goes away really fast so when you tap this you get the option to purchase 50 gigabytes for $1 a month that's nothing you also have these two options but they can get expensive that's three dollars a month for 200 gigabytes that's ten bucks that's a lot of money unless you're some special business you don't need that but this is perfect for a regular person it's a dollar a month and you get a 50 gigabytes of storage alright all you do is you tap this and you tap on Buy and it's gonna ask you to authenticate which you don't have to do but that's the option alright let's move on to the next step next thing you can do we can customize the equalizer off your our music player now it's not the kind of equalizer customization you see on a computer or some other phones but let me show you what I mean so go to settings and go to the main screen scroll down till you see music all right keep going till you saw it and you see music which is right here on the top tap it and then all the way at the bottom here it says EQ tap on it from here you can choose preset equalizers so you can go for dance deep electronic hip-hop whatever you're listening to other time you can actually modify alright so that's one way to do that and the other thing I'm going to talk about is the volume limit if you tap this it allows you to limit the maximum volume just in case it doesn't go crazy sometimes this is a very useful option if you have been in a scenario where you think that voice just became too loud you can use this limiter alright alright the next tip has to do with the compass application so if you look for the compass application and you launch it this is what its gonna look like it looks fantastic but whether or not you know this or not you can swipe over and it gives you an electronic level that you can use for leveling applications alright so as you can see right now it is perfectly level well thank you for watching this video make sure you subscribe to sake tech and give this video a thumbs up also follow me on twitter and facebook at sake tech online for which links are in the description below have a fantastic day

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