25+ Tips and Tricks for iPhone Xs Max

25+ Tips and Tricks for iPhone Xs Max

In this video, I am going to share 25+ tips and tricks for your iPhone Xs Max or your iPhone Xs. You paid a lot of money for your iPhone so it’s best to learn as much as you can to enhance the ownership of your iPhone Xs Max.

Let’s dive in and discover some tips.

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hey there our sake here from sake taken in today's video I will share 25 plus tips tricks and features for your iPhone 10s Mac's so that you can quickly get acquainted with your new and shiny iPhone 10s Macs now of course these tips also apply to your iPhone 10s so let's dive in and discover right away and of course if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook make sure to follow me on all at sake tech online or as the very first thing when I talk about is the basic navigation skill so I can easily navigate on your iPhone 10s max or the 10s so first and foremost if you are inside an application and you want to go back into the home screen what you do is you swipe up and that takes you right back to the home screen and if you are in the home screen and you want to access your most recently used applications you swipe from bottom to top just like this you wait a few moments you just let go and then your cards appear here and these are your recently used applications and then you can navigate through these as you please now if you want to kill any one of these apps all you do is swipe it up and it's gone okay and when you're done swiping up your applications you can go into the one that you want to use and then again if you want to go back into your recent apps you do the same thing over here and it's right there okay so that's fantastic you also have the ability to switch between apps right when you're in the app without having to pull it up so what you can do is you can swipe from the bottom just like this that it's gonna go to the other app okay so there you go so that's absolutely fantastic so that's another way to navigate and of course I wanna show you guys how to access your control center so basically what you want to do is you want to swipe on the top right swipe down from the top right and that's gonna bring down the control center if you want to bring up the notifications panel down you swipe up anywhere in this area so if I go like this that's my notifications and then if I swipe this down is gonna be my control center now what you guys to understand the control center is fully customizable and I'm gonna be talking about that in a minute but for now I want you know that every single button here has 3d touch enabled so if I press hard on the screen it's gonna expand that particular button and give me even more options such as this brightness slider indicator here that allows me to change the brightness and also when I press hard here I have a couple options here that pertains to the display that allows me to change some display settings such as turning on or off the true tone and the night shift options same thing is possible with the volume so if I press and hold I got the bigger volume slider with the music player I get a bigger music player and a bunch of options at the bottom even with a flashlight I get access to turn on the flashlight that even change the levels of the intensity of the actual flashlight and if I press and hold press hard on the camera I get a bunch of options they'll take me directly into the corresponding setting so that's the control center on the top right next thing I want to talk about is series so if you want to access Siri you want to press and hold the power button just like this if I press and hold the power button hey how are you I can talk directly to Siri now when you press and hold the power button it doesn't power off the phone so if you want to power off the phone what you want to do is you want to press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time so if I press volume down over here and the power at the same time it's gonna bring the option that's gonna allow me to slide to power off the actual smart phone additionally if you want to take a screenshot of your iPhone's screen of the display what you want to do is you want to quickly press volume up and the power key at the same time just like this so volume up power quick boom it takes a big shot puts it down here you can tap on this guy you can make some modifications to it you can write on it as you can see okay so you can make some modifications change the color of these things and then when you're done you click done and get saved into your actual photos or you can just delete it if you don't like the actual screenshot now your iPhone 10's max and the iPhone 10s come with some amazing cameras but you have to know how to use the camera so if you go to the camera and let's say you go over to the video settings and you try to record a video it actually records at a regular resolution you do have to go to the settings and the camera settings which you recite in the settings over here to make modifications to the actual video quality so do go to the settings and scroll down to you'll see the actual camera right here you go inside the camera and then what you want to do is you want to tap on record video and as you can see by default it is set to record at 1080p which is high-definition at 30 frames per second so if you were to go to your phone right now access the camera and start to record some video it's gonna record at 1080p at 30 frames per second which is not which is a good quality but it's not the best you can do for a smoother video you can choose 1080p High Definition at 60 frames per second or you can also do 4k at 24 30 or 60 now when you make these modifications you will see some indication on the camera app that they have been modified so right now when I go to the camera you see nothing okay you just see the recording screen but if I go back here and choose 60 if I go back into the actual camera you'll see on the top will say HD 60 so that means 60 frames per second High Definition if I go back up here and I choose 4k at 24 you're gonna see that reflected 4k 24 okay so that's a good way to know exactly what's happening if you don't see anything this is what's happening if you do 4k at 60 and go right back into it it's gonna see 4k 60 on the top alrighty now the same thing applies to slow motion video so if you do course slow motion right now it's just doing the regular settings but if you go back into the settings go back go to record slo-mo and you choose 1080p at 120 is gonna show you that that's the option that you have chosen so high-definition 120 that's for a slow motion video and if I go back this is the standard which is 1080p at 240 you're not gonna see anything so you know exactly what's going on in the background now the next thing I want to talk about pertains to security so let me go to the settings and let me go to face ID and passcode and I'm assuming by now you have set up your face ID so you can unlock your iPhone using your face face let me go in here really quick I want to show you something very important here so if you scroll down just a little bit you'll see that allow access one lot so basically when the phone is locked you still have access to all these devices so you have access to the today's view Notification Center control center Siri messages home control and all that good stuff so let me show you one quick example so let's say your phone was actually locked somebody opened the phone and it's locked but they can still access your control center and from here they can still control your home devices if you have the home kit enabled so somebody can modify my lights in my house without even having to put my password they can also access my music as you can see and they can access all these different various settings that I can put into my control center so to prevent this from happening what I want you guys to do is let me just put in my passcode go to the settings go into face ID and passcode and scroll down and make sure that everything here that you do not want people to access when the phone is locked is disabled including things like control center that I just showed you or even Siri so let me just disable the control center I'm going to show you how that works so if I lock the phone again turn it on if I try to pull it down this time it's not gonna work as I have it disabled and that's the way it should be and by the way when the screen on the actual phone turns off in the lock in the lock mode you can always tap on the screen to wake it up just so you know so make sure to go to the settings go to the face ID and passcode and ideally disable all these options nobody should have access to anything on your phone while your phone is locked so you can make the decision on what you want to lock and what you want to keep unlocked and also if you scroll up over here make sure both of these options are in fact enabled this is the attention options so basically you want to make sure that face ID system that's here that reads your face to unlock your phone is has attention aware features enabled and also requires attention for face ID so basically face ID is not gonna even work if you're not actually looking directly at the at the iPhone so if you're looking some other way but the phone is still facing your face is not going to attempt to unlock this is just an extra measure of security you have to look at your phone for it to unlock so nobody can just grab your phone use the phone to look at you and unlock your phone for you the phone will know that you're looking at it and with this one here so it's not gonna dim the display of your smart phone while it knows that you're actually looking at the smart phone so make sure these two things are also enabled all right additionally make sure all these are enabled these allow you to use your face ID to unlock your phone obviously to make purchases on iTunes and App Store to use Apple pay at the store and also to autofill passwords using the autofill feature built into the iPhone iOS alright now I did mention to you guys that the control center here can be fully customized so basically there's much more here you can add if I go to the settings and if I go up here a little bit if I go to the control center I can tap on customize controls and from here as you can see these are the things that I've been added but you can add all these options you can add the notes the magnifier the low-power mode you can add the Do Not Disturb mode you can add the Apple TV remote so now if I go back to my control center it's more populated I have access to the Apple remote so if you have an Apple TV you can control the Apple TV using this remote here and you can choose which one which Apple TV you want to control in my case by tap on living room instead of control the living room controls let me go back out and then you got there do not disturb while driving you tap it to activate that so when you're driving you're not going to get any kind of notifications the iPhone just knows what's happening but that's how you customize your control center okay now let me go back here to the settings and again all the red ones are the ones you can remove and all the green ones are the ones you can add if I add all of these guys the control center is just gonna get bigger and bigger okay so if I pull this down now I have a humongous control center with one option here that's pretty cool this one here if you press hard it allows you to record the screen so if I tap on start recording now it's gonna count down and it's gonna start to record the actual screen so it's recording whatever I'm doing on the screen right now okay so as you can see there's even an indication here the red means it's recording something if I go back I can press and hold I can tap on stop recording and it's gonna ask this and tell me screen recording has been saved to actual photos alright and of course if I go into the photos you'll see that screen recording right here so look that's exactly what I just recorded so this is a great where way to share information with somebody or show them how to get something done now there's a couple new features on iOS 12 that are really nice to use one of them is the screen time features if I go back to the settings the main screen if you scroll down you'll see the screen time option you tap on the screen time and the screen time basically shows you exactly how you've been using your iPhone if I tap on this guy it gives me some details so for 46 minutes I've been using this kind of app I'm sorry I have used my iPhone 46 minutes total so far today I've been using it for creative tasks for one minute I've been using it for social networking for 17 seconds but it gives you a full breakdown on exactly what you're doing on your iPhone as you can see anyone tells me that I've been in the settings for 16 minutes now if I go to last 7 days it's gonna give me a breakdown for the last 7 days ok and the good thing is by knowing what you're doing you can also stop doing things that you think you're doing too much so you can do things like downtime so you can actually control the way you use your iPhone you can tap on downtime you can see enable downtime you can pick a schedule let's say you want down time to activate from 10:00 p.m. at night to 7:00 a.m. in the morning and then you go and you go over to the always allowed after you set your down time and always allows you enables you to access applications even when you are having downtime remember downtime disables access to apps but always allowed makes exceptions so you can access the applications such as the phone messages FaceTime and maps which are required applications to survive but it's not gonna allow you to access games videos and stuff like that now you can also create specific limits for app categories so if I go to app limits I can tap on add limit and I can say limit to me playing games I can tap on games I can click Add and then I can tell the iPhone to only allow me to play a games one hour a day okay so it's gonna it's gonna track my progress it's gonna see how long I've been playing a game and once I hit the one hour limit for any game combined its gonna tell me that down top app limits have been enabled you're not going to be able to access that application of course can disable that but at least you're now aware that you're over playing games now when downtime is active the apps on the screen are gonna be blacked out let me show you what that looks like so let me tap on downtime let's just take us change the start time from 10 a.m. to let's just make it 8 8 p.m. ok so now we're in downtime so if I go to the screen you'll see that a lot of the applications that are not allowed have been blacked out so if I try to access this application it's gonna say you've reached your limit on notes you can tap on ignore limit and that's going to take you into the actual note you also have these options but again this is a great way to control how you use your iPhone if you think that you waste too much time on social networking or playing games or just looking at random stupid applications you can now set limits and control your usage now let me just go back here and disable downtime for now and course you also have a bunch of other options at the bottom here but the big thing is your usage your screen time enabling downtime enabling a Plymouth's and also making exceptions to most used applications especially applications that you really need at all times to survive alright so that's a screen time feature the next new thing is called a series shot cut so basically if I go to the settings and if I go into Siri and search on the top you're gonna see all shortcuts so if I tap on shortcuts what I can do is I can create new shortcuts and custom voice commands for serial so let me create a custom command to access my mail but going directly into the VIP folder so if I click plus over here I can say VIP mail and that's been recorded I can click done and now when I access Siri it's gonna and say VIP mail is gonna go directly to that folder so let me show you that VIP mail so it's gonna launch the application and it's gonna go to the VIP mail and as you can see right now there's no VIP mail so that's fantastic you can create custom Siri commands for just about anything when you create them your shortcuts appear on the top here you can go inside you can edit and delete anything that you have done and then redo it but all shortcuts is right here you can also say something like this so send message to sake I can say something like SMS sake and it's gonna launch the phone and bring me to the messages and it's gonna pre-populate sake in there so let me show you that example let me click plus and just say SMS sake okay now click done and now let me just talk to Siri SMS sake now it's gonna launch the message application and boom it's gonna bring it right up I can start texting sake right from here which is me so I don't have to text myself now we did talk about the screen time feature and screen time is to control yourself from using your phone too much there's also one more option that was here that I don't talk about that's called a content and primary restrictions if you go over here and enable this it's gonna actually allow you to restrict people from accidentally buying stuff using your iPhone so with I told iTunes and App Store purchase I can go in here and I can say always require password or i can also say do you want to allow people from installing apps or not allow so i can say not allow no nobody can actually install applications from the Play Store okay if I go back here nobody can actually delete apps so look if I go to the home stream right now if I press and hold slowly I can actually delete applications from the iPhone so if you gave it to your friend your friend could just delete your applications but if I go to the settings and if I go to the content and private restrictions and if I go to this option here I can make sure people cannot delete applications now take a look at this now so if I try to delete this time as you can see the apps are wiggling but you don't have the X symbol to actually delete that application all right so that's the settings you want to play with content and primary restrictions so let me just go back allow that you have the same option with in-app purchases if you give your phone to your five-year-old kid and the kid just goes nuts and he starts to tap everything you may end up with a big bill for in-app purchases so you want to make sure that's not allowed when you give your phone somebody so they can play games with it now let me go back show you one more thing make sure that you actually use a screen time passcode so right now anybody can go into your screen time take a look at what's happening and make modifications right over here so if you want to secure the phone tap on use screen time passcode and just pick a passcode okay so let me just pick something basic here now if I go back out if I try to go back into the screen time it's gonna ask me for an actual passcode when I try to modify a setting okay so if I try to go in here there's a passport if I go here there's a passcode so make sure this passcode is enabled so you have full control over your phone and not somebody else now one more thing I wanna show you guys is called the assistive touch functionality if you go to the settings of your smartphone if you go back into general just go to general right here go to accessibility scroll down and go for a look for the assistive touch function here so make sure this one is enabled and that's going to give you a software button here so if you don't have a home button you can actually use this as the actual home button as you can see it's gonna sit on your screen and it's gonna it's not gonna bother you can put it anywhere that you want now if you tap on you have all these options you can bring down notifications okay you can bring down the control center alright and of course you can go to the home screen but that's not everything you do other things such as tapping on gestures here and do certain gestures device I can lock the screen increase the volume rotate the screen and I can even go more and take a screenshot if I so desire okay so make sure this is something that's enabled if you want a software key on your iPhone all right well thank you for watching this video guys make sure to subscribe to sake tech for more videos to come and also don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and of course if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook make sure to follow me on all at sake tech online have a fantastic day

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  1. Best video ever I had my xsmax for a few months now and I’m still learning how to work it but this video made it so much easier I upgraded from android to apple always loved android Nd using apple was confusing but this video made it easier

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