24  Coding Challenge 4

24 Coding Challenge 4

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it's coding challenge time again so here we go and let's remember the first coding challenge where mark and John compared their body mass in X's so let's now implement the same functionality but this time with objects and methods so for each of them create an object with properties for their full name mass and height then add a method to each object to calculate the BMI and what I want you to do here is to both safety BMI to the object and also return it from the method and then in the end I want you to log to the console who has the highest BMI together with the full name and respective BMI value all right and again don't forget that they actually might have the same BMI and if you don't remember the formula for calculating the body mass index then it's down here again and you can also go back to the other challenge and find the solution there just keep in mind that the mass has been kilogram and the height in meter okay so this again is using the knowledge that we just learned in the last two lectures so I think this is a fun way for you to retain that knowledge immediately okay so good luck and see you once you're finished

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