2013 BMW 335i with X Drive Review - Gadget Review

2013 BMW 335i with X Drive Review – Gadget Review

BMW’s 2013 335i with X Drive Review. You can read the full review here.

*Please note that this review was early in our “car reviewing” experience. Please, please see our more current reviews before you completely pass judgement.

everybody welcome to God review today we were taking a look at BMWs 2013 335i with xDrive this particular car has 300 horsepower at a 300 pound feet of torque thanks to a twin turbo inline 6-cylinder engine in addition to all-wheel drive this car has what is called BMWs M Sport Package which provides it with a more aggressive stance both in front facia the side skirts and rear so BMW continues to have one of the best infotainment systems it's called connected drive it's fast it looks good and it works like it should if you look closely at the headlights you'll notice they kiss the kidney grille which is an important distinction in addition to that this car with the M Sport package includes a more aggressive front fascia with wider openings and that can be seen quite evidently when compared to a three to eight or any car that doesn't have the M Sport package and although 18-inch wheels aren't necessarily remarkable for next to three grand you can get yourself a pair of yellow brick calipers which are actually an indicator that you have BMWs high-performance brake system which includes perforated brake discs I've long been a proponent of BMWs and tears however in this car they've chosen to adorn it with a plastic metal that only looks cheap and contrast what is otherwise high-end materials seriously seriously yellow brake calipers are flying but this is just pushing it a little bit too far now I stand at six feet too and I can sit in the back of this car and the driver's seat has been adjusted to my height with relative comfort I wouldn't suggest doing it for a six hour car ride but by all accounts it is a family car and it's a family car that's relatively sporty now there is a keen focus on miles per gallon and BMW has an auto start/stop function this increases fuel economy by up to 30% in cities and perhaps 20% when driving around highway and city despite this car having a variety of amenities which include a heads-up display lights the watch themselves and a more aggressive body package that lacks the rear view camera it does however have a set of sensors which tell you when to stop so the question kind of looms is the BMW 3-series is still the drivers sedan with respects to handling power everything and this car holds a lot of those qualities and bodies a lot of qualities that one might look for when they want sort of a dual personality let's call it machine right so it can actually handle most persons not gonna let me go okay so it encompasses handling comfort and it's a reasonable daily driver it's not too uncomfortable I've been hitting potholes speed bumps a tremendous hit right now isn't insufferable it doesn't send reverberation through your spine and leaving you with discomfort you could drive this car for eight hours can be fine or if you wanted to you could probably take it to a track and still get around in a reasonable time so there it is that's BMWs 2013 335i with xDrive it's by all accounts a solid car it's fun it's sporty but unfortunately to me it's just not a car that I want to be seen in and nor would I want to spend the money on the M package so at the end of the day I'd prefer a coupe and for that I'm waiting for the 4 Series which will emerge in showrooms in September and I think appeal to a generation more like me I'm Cristin to Causton for GAD review thank you for watching have an excellent day you

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  1. I wish reviewers like this would check their facts before posting a video with the wrong information. These engines are NOT twin turbo. I can't believe how many people are saying that they are. They only have one single twin scroll turbo not two turbos. BMW made the change from a twin turbo straight six to a single twin scroll turbo for the 2010 model year. You'd think that by 2013 they would have gotten it right.

  2. It says M performance because the car has the MPPK hence the power is 335 hp and 332 torque. Don't review cars with out doing the research.

  3. I own a 2014 BMW 328i xDrive M sport. I love my car its amazing! the only regret I have so far is not waiting for the 2015 M3. Other than that Love my car and its one of my favorite cars I've owned(I have owned over 24 cars). This guy doesn't know how to review a great car. 

  4. So…why doesn't he want to be seen with that car?

    As for the M package, you don't need to spend 3 grand on it.  Just get the M sport brakes as a separate option.

    The sad thing is that the majority of BMW drivers today only buy the car for the badge… 🙁     They know nothing about what BMW's are actually about.  We still have our E36 M3….still fun…

  5. This was a bad review. This car is FANTASTIC. 
    The guy in the vid makes it sound like the only thing you get with a M Package is a better looking exterior ( front and diffusor in the back), but he says NOTHING about improved/harder dampers and springs / other improvements under the car. THAT is why people pay extra for an M Package, not just for the improved looks!
    I agree with the rest of the comments; please do some more research next time.

    Thor from Norway

  6. Not a great review at all.  I just bought one of these in Estoril Blue and am not at all embarrassed to be seen in it. 

  7. All the errors in this ridiculous review:

    1) 0:23 Your car has the BMW PPK upgrade (see 0:29), meaning it's actually got 320hp and 332lb-ft of torque. Not 300/300.
    2) 0:47 BMW's MSport package in the USA also includes upgraded springs, and deletes fog lights at the front skirts for more air intake. Not a simply "larger stance".
    3) 0:50 The infotainment system is called iDrive. BMW ConnectedDrive is simply a small part of the system to allow drivers control certain iDrive functions through their Apple or Android devices.
    4) 1:13 MSport notes all over the place.
    5) 1:31 MSport brakes and those rotors are two separate upgrades AFAIK.
    6) 3:54 Vehicle reviews ought to be reasonable. You go on about how the car as "solid, fun and sporty", but then suddenly you throw the bombshell out it's not a car you'd want regardless of those qualities. At the end of the day, your presonal preferences for a coupe has discredited the 335xi despite that the car has done nothing wrong.

    What a ridiculous review.

  8. mr congeniality we also dont want to see you in a 335 cause that would mean you know something about cars

  9. A $55,000+ BMW 335xi M sport is a car you just don't want to be seen in? Please provide me with some insight behind your reasoning for that.

  10. That engine is actually a upgraded m performance kit engine that makes 320 not 300 horsepower that's why the side skirts have a m performance decal on it because it actually is m performance upgraded so that decal has the right to be there and its not pushing it. What everyone else is saying on the comments about him not knowing anything is true this ass doesn't know jack shit about this particular 335i.

  11. Not a bad review but it's a little embarrassing that some of your information is wrong. It's not a twin turbo, and it's called iDrive.

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