20 Homemade Superhero Gadgets! (Web Shooters, Thor Hammer, Iron Man and More)

20 Homemade Superhero Gadgets! (Web Shooters, Thor Hammer, Iron Man and More)

A video compilation of all my superhero gadgets I build in 2017 enjoy!
Projects include: Spiderman Web Shooters, Iron man glove, Thor hammer, Batman Batarang, Assassin’s Creed, and more!

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what is going on guys 20-17 has been a crazy year for this channel I think we've grown like 400,000 subscribers ain't a ton of cool projects I started actually being in the videos that was a huge change so in this video I'm gonna do a recap of those projects but because there's just so many of the show I'm actually gonna break this down into two separate parts I figured I could kind of break down the types of projects I made in the first part being a superhero builds and the second one being spy builds so this video right here is going to be a compilation of all of my favorite superhero gadgets that have made this year and then in my next video I'll do another compilation of all the really cool spy gadgets that have made so with that being said let's recap 2017 let's recap all the superhero stuff I've done in 2017 time every day goes by so fast and every moment counts baby we can sleep under the stars I can sleep under the stars or hang out in hotel bars riding someone in your sleep and sleep under stars let's make the most of this night come on baby take my hand and we don't need to do things we don't [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] alright let's just test this out real quick that's so cool repellers work great put them in the water press the button alright guys well that is the video I hope you did enjoy it a lot of cool projects this year a lot of really cool superhero stuff if you did like this video don't forget to hit that subscribe button to be notified when I upload all sorts of a crazy project like this also give this a like if you did like it and leave your ideas and questions you want me to answer down the description below cuz I'm probably gonna go with Q&A first video of next year weird to say that I'm doing this outdoor it's like freezing cold out here I'm in Kansas alright now then posting some really cool pictures on Instagram so make sure you follow me there hey this video pretty much all I've got for this video guys stay tuned for the spy build compilation in the next video take it easy and we'll catch you in the next one

47 thoughts on “20 Homemade Superhero Gadgets! (Web Shooters, Thor Hammer, Iron Man and More)

  1. Anyone else think he could be an actual superhero with all this stuff or at least he could cary them around so he dosent get stick up

  2. yea it is "totally" home made. Its not like u used some awsome science and tech to make these things. We can all make these things. Right?

  3. The funny bit is that he cuts paper except for cardboard, even my pencil could do that lol

    My favourite was the baterang

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