20.2 CrossFit® Open Strategy & Tips 💥 (WODprep OFFICIAL)

20.2 CrossFit® Open Strategy & Tips 💥 (WODprep OFFICIAL)

We’re live! This is the complete CrossFit Open 20.2 workout strategy & tips to help you get your best score possible in the 2020 CrossFit Open – Scaled, Masters, or RX ✔️ To get the full written strategy, plus bonus warm-up, mobility, and recovery videos, go here:

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31 thoughts on “20.2 CrossFit® Open Strategy & Tips 💥 (WODprep OFFICIAL)

  1. Just a quick thanks, the single t2b tip let me go rx. It was only 121 reps but it definitely doubled the total number of toes to bar I have ever done. I'm still at single single double for the skips but that's possibly doubled the number of those as well

  2. Wauw, this was a great video. Saturday I did all my toes to bar single with the boxes. 274 reps RX (Women 40-44). Today I did another try. My strategy was: 2.20 minute per round, not fast but steady. My goal was 300 reps and I scored 316 :-). It was fantastic!!!

  3. Didn't know I had monkey butt until I had a shower. OUCH!!!! But my experience was nothing compared to my poor daughter who has been scarred from her first monkey butt.

  4. Very funny and usefull video.thanks for posting it.tomorrow i`ll do the 20.2. A constant pace and short transitions are key. Thanks again

  5. I couldn’t do toes to bar but used the box drop in method and it worked! It was my first time doing doubleunders as well so I only got 183 reps but was happy to RX. Thanks for the tip!

  6. many thanks for this video! I am really good with DU's, and could manage the thrusters but the t2b are a challenge for me. I miss the bar 2 out of 3 times, and I can't string more than 3-4 together. Are you really sure about the eligibility of the drop-box method? And is there an official ruling on this? This would be awesome

  7. I am 45-49 masters….. I got my T2B first ever!!!! #openmagic Thanks for the video on T2B did the knees to elbow then flick the feet up to bar. Works so well. 😊💯💪🏾

  8. My Plan was 01.10-1.30 Max every round. The First 4 rounds 01.10-01.20 then 01.20-01.45 or something! 😂
    At round 8 – 10 i struggled a little Bit with the du (after 19 reps – that cost much energy) and t2b is one of my favourite movements and i had to split at round 10 and had no reps. The boring thing in this wod were the thrusters – 4 reps are Not much but for me they destroyed the wod.
    I was in round 13 – i could do 15 i Think (20.2 was my First wod after 3 weeks Holiday)
    RX 39 years old !

  9. Over a year ago I got my first T2B and all thanks to Ben and the WoDPrep. I did the last open but I didn't sign for this one, however I am doing the Workouts.
    Thanks Ben for all you effort to bring all this info and tips for us.

  10. The box drop in is how I got my first c2b last open and I managed all 33 of the first round. It is a great moment to get more comfortable with the movement and air time and transition to a no box later on.

  11. Excellent tips, as always! I literally wait for your Open videos to come up, followed by heading to the Box to practice my pace (transitions, breathing, etc) before I hit it on Monday. The one thing I took from the video is the “slow is smooth, smooth is fast,” which is a brilliant tip for pretty much any WOD.


  12. I did this workout tonight, RX Masters 55-59. I used the box idea for my toes-to-bar, since I have a hard time stringing them together and I have been nursing a cranky shoulder. It worked great! I was able to do them one at a time, without the extra swing in between–saved both my shoulders and my hands! This is the first time I have done double-unders in an open WOD–my coach has has me working on them a lot! 11 rounds + 10 reps 🙂

  13. I am 56 years old. 20.1 killed me. So I will try the slow is smooth, smooth is fast strategy. I am going to do single toes to bar. I made the mistake last week of counting my own reps. No need. You shared some awesome tips today. I will share this video at the open this afternoon. Mahalo!

  14. A little over one year into crossfit, 2nd open. Scaled the last one which had toes to bar and double unders. I’ve got the double unders this time but never attempted 35 lbs db thrusters and toes to bar before today. Made 142 reps (first 6 reps of toes to bar took me around 8 mins). Happy about this! 😎

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