15 FORTNITE TIPS You Need To Know..

15 FORTNITE TIPS You Need To Know..

TOP Fortnite tips and tricks to WIN in Chapter 2 Season 1! New Season is here!

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Chapter 2 Season 1 Guides:

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39 thoughts on “15 FORTNITE TIPS You Need To Know..

  1. Hope these help but I am sure the comments will have even more helpful tips! I am hearting good tips!
    CREATOR CODE: rodeybros

  2. A lot of times when I m in the battle bus (especially squads) it s not moving at all and it s like for about 1 min or the battle bus totally disappears…any idea how to fix this ?

  3. SRsly just the quick Q and the fact that mobility is toned down got me playing again. That and the new map looks amazing imho. Love it. There's issues, but this is much more fun than last season ever was.

  4. I love the bot system. You get so happy with the 4-6 kills you get that you don’t even mind the last tryhards at the end of the game. It makes you focus on the good and will save me controllers in the future.

  5. My headset doesn’t have surround sound so I couldn’t tell where people were and gun fights but with the 3D audio I can actually kinda hear stuff now

  6. At the end of season 10 I didn’t know what to do with fortnite as it was getting a bit boring but now this chapter 2 has come out it’s so rubbish, on console it’s unplayable and you can’t build barely

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