13 Amazing Gmail Tips And Tricks

13 Amazing Gmail Tips And Tricks

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Thanks to Patron Ron Hahn for asking a Gmail question that sparked this video.

This video covers the following Gmail Tips:
– Centralizing
– Tabs
– Labels
– Filters
– Spam
– Archiving
– Searching & Selecting
– Contacts
– Signatures
– Drafts
– Calendar & Meetings
– Google+ Integration: Circles, Photos, Drive

hello Internet Craig Chamberlin with Craig the tech teacher dot-com here today I'm going to be going over Gmail because let's face it many people just simply do not know how to use it or leverage it properly so I decided that I'm going to just compress into a little video pretty much everything you need to know about Gmail now remember this video was inspired by one of my patrons and I need more patrons the patrons help support the show they donate as little as two dollars a month to help me help make sure that my content keeps getting put out there now this video is going to be for my co-workers as well as you guys on the internet and the patrons make that possible this particular patron was Ron Han so let's go ahead and get started here now you can see on my screen hopefully looking at Gmail and there's 13 tips that I want to go through for organizing your Gmail now the first tip is centralizing all of your email to the Gmail service that's one thing I highly recommend you do and it allows you to make sure all of your emails going to the same Inbox in order to do that we're going to go to settings so click the cog in the top right hand corner and click settings and then you're gonna want to go to accounts and import and then here you have a send mail last section but then down here you also have a check mail from other accounts using pop3 now you can add all of your emails right here onto this check list and click add a pop3 mail account of your own and then this will actually allow you to add all of your email addresses so that all of your email can come in through this now typically you just have to enter your email address click next step and it'll walk you through a couple of smaller steps maybe send a verification email to the other email and then pretty much as long as you got the username password the email password it'll start collecting all of your emails right within your Gmail inbox now I prefer this method because if you set it up as an inbox based email all of your email comes into Gmail directly rather than you having to forward your emails from another service and to me I like that because then it allows you to set them up as a send from email and you can actually send out email from that email address as well so this is called what I call the the organizational tip here is centralizing all of your email right into your Gmail server now once you've centralized your email we're gonna go back to our inbox here we're gonna look at something called tabs now the tabs are up here at the top they have these cute fancy little primary social promotion and updates these tabs are essentially a way for Google to automatically organize the way that your information comes into your Inbox I recommend leveraging these tabs to the best of your ability and every time you get something in your email let's say it's in the wrong tab well switching tabs is very easy to do on many systems so if I go to social for example and Rondon pings me on social and I say wait a minute this isn't a social media post I'll drag it over to primary and then Google pops up and says it's been moved to primary but should I do this for future messages from do reply and then if I click yes here it's gonna automatically reorganize those messages what's gonna happen is over time Google is gonna learn what I consider to be social media what I consider to be my primary inbox mail what I consider to be promotional mail and what I consider to be updates typically updates are like if you're on newsletters or if you're receiving bills or things like that promotions are advertisements and deals maybe coupon codes social is for social media sites Twitter Google+ whatever else you might use primary of course would be just your normal inbox and so that's really kind of a great way to leverage these tabs if you click Plus in the top right hand corner it does let you enable other tabs if they're not available right now primary is enabled by default you can also disable all these if you do not want anything to go into any of the other tabs forums are for people who like to use web forums so that's basically how you would use tabs now let's talk about labels because labels are different than tabs tabs are across the top your labels are across the left-hand corner these labels help you further organize the way your information is displayed you'll notice that I have a label here on this page called precision Electric Inc this label is basically automatically applied when I receive emails from people inside of the company and setting up these labels can be done a few ways you can basically go into the settings click the COG on the top right hand corner and click and then go into labels and labels will let you display what shows up what doesn't show up it'll also let you display and add new labels at any given time now for me I hide most of my labels by default but you can actually have it show start important show chat show sent mail hide sent mail and you'll notice on the left hand side it is updating it as I'm clicking them and so I can go through here and manually show what shows up on my left hand sidebar now notice I can also decide whether or not I'm going to show my categories here as well on the left hand side so if I don't want the categories to show up I can just hide them here and then they'll remove them from the left hand side because I've already got them at the top so you have the option to do that now if you're also big on Google+ it does give you the option to show or hide your circles if you want to view certain circles and what's going on as far as their messages and concern and notifications right within your Google+ now if we scroll all the way at the bottom then we look at the label section you can create new labels at any given time right here and as you can see I have a couple labels here patrons personal precision Electric Inc and tech teacher I recommend not getting too specific with these labels I recommend maybe having three or four because an email should only fall within one label you should never have multiple labels for an email because it'll become an organizational nightmare so I basically have these four little categories so you're like well that's great Craig now that I've got my labels set up how do I get my emails to go into the labels well that segues us into the fourth tip which is filters now if I go to my inbox I can set up what I like to call filters there's a number of ways to do them my favorite way to do them is as emails come in so let's say I receive an email from Debbie right and this is a tech teacher related email and I'm like okay I want all of these emails that I get from Debbie now to automatically be labeled tech teacher now anytime I receive an email that I want filtered or all future emails like it filtered I can click the arrow on the right hand side and I can click filter messages like this and what it'll do is it'll automatically generate an email with the information that it's looking for now this says filter from Craig Chamberlin Craig the tech teacher because I actually select that filter on a responsive mind so let me pull that back up I was actually filtering it from this email I want to filter from the original email from Debbie so I'll click on that filter messages like these where'd it go Oh see well this is a perfect example I want to make sure that I'm throwing this I heard and not all of them have that option the reason is because it doesn't actually always it doesn't always require no no I'm sorry it's cuz it's already in the from up here at the top so let me delete that go back to my inbox apologize for that pick that again pull that down and now I'm gonna click filter messages like this so make sure you don't already have an active filter or will not let you do that again so notice that it added that person's email address right there so then I can click create filter with this search right here at the bottom I could also extend extend the parameters by which I want this filter to be created so I'll click create this filter and then at this point I can do whatever I want I can skip the inbox which will automatically archive it I can mark it as red automatically I can start automatically I can apply the label label in this case I'm going to them and apply the label tech teacher I can forward it to somebody else for another email address I can delete it never spent never send it to spam always mark it as important never mark it as important or automatically categorize it as one of the personal social promotion updates forums etc so I'm gonna go ahead and just take that label and apply it to it automatically and here's an important feature on this as you can all to also apply the filter to the two matching conversations you'll see right here with my search results notice that when you do a filter search it lets you automatically apply that filter at any given time so I'm going to create the filter and notice at the top of my emails now it did actually put the label tech teacher on it so now if I go back to my inbox you'll see that label actually shows up on all the emails that I created a filter on now another way to create a filters just to do a search let's say you want to do a search for Craig at precision let's say it's a user whenever I receive an email address from a user notice it shows all of these emails as my search result I can actually create a filter with all of this certainty search results by clicking more I'm sorry yeah by clicking more and clicking create filter so you can actually do a custom search and actually create filters based on your custom searches as well now there's a lot more you can do with filters but I don't want to dedicate the entire time here with messing with filters because the next tip which is tip number five is spam spam does an amazing job the software does an amazing job of learning what is family what isn't spam so when you actually get spam in here that isn't actually spam you just open the message and you click not spam eventually Google learns what is and what isn't spam if it is spam you want to select it and you want to delete it in my case this is all spam so I'm just going to click delete forever now if I receive a new message that is spam and it doesn't go into my spam box I just open up the mail and up here at the top there's a button that says report spam over time Google does learn what is spam and what is it however if you immediately want all these to be reported as spam remember you can create a filter by clicking more filter messages like these and rather than having it go to your inbox you can have it just send the spam so you have a lot of options when it comes to doing that so that's how you manage your spam basically now here's one of my favorite features and this is what is is tip number six this is called archiving archiving lets you grab emails and basically dump them in a label permanently what I like to do is let's say I'm done answering Debbie's question here for tech teacher I will click and drag it to the tech teacher label and notice that it comes out of my inbox I strongly recommend you guys start using archiving because it keeps your inbox nice and clean because then you can go through here and make sure that only relevant emails are in your primary inbox same for your social I'll usually go in here and delete most of these rather than archiving because once I'm done talking to somebody I don't need to keep record of that conversation same with promotions I'll probably delete most of those for updates I'll probably drop into a sub category as well especially if it's like a credit card statement or something so that's a great way to make sure you're tracking it now archiving I highly recommend you guys doing Matt Hale mail apps such as mailbox do a wonderful job of archiving as well now there's another tip that I want to throw out here this one was specific to ron hans requests the patron and that is searching and selecting if you want to do a major search click this drop down area arrow up by your search and you can search by any criteria whatsoever you can search for all who the emails from who it was sent to what the subject matter is and this is probably the single most powerful part of the Gmail software if you haven't used it you can literally go through here and narrow down your searches significantly so let's just do a basic search for everything and I'm gonna click search mail now he was asking me what can I do to make sure I'm selecting all of my emails because in the top right hand corner you'll notice it says 1 to 20 of about 118 if you click this check box to check box up at the top to select all it only selects 20 conversations notice that says 20 conversations on this page are selected you have to click this link right next to it called select all conversations and then it'll actually select all 119 and then you can actually perform a function on them such as moving to inbox throwing them away archiving them or whatever you might need to do remember you can also apply labels and you can also go to more and mark as red mark is important and all that fun stuff so that's selecting and searching there's many features you can do with searching it's very flexible very powerful you can search certain inboxes or certain criteria I use it all the time so make sure you guys look into searching now one thing that's kind of underused on Google+ this is my tip number eight is contacts if you click the drop-down here on Gmail you can click contacts contacts gives you access to everybody who you are in contact with directly on your Gmail it actually automatically adds a contact typically to your inbox if you are actually in the process of making contact with them in some way shape or form going into contacts allows you to go in and actually elaborate on the information from specific contacts it also allows you to kind of go through and decide who you want to be organized in what way it also lets you create contact groups so if I go through here for example under my contact I've got different groups of people on the left-hand side and I can actually send emails to that group of people so let me go back to my email then and I can say compose email and I can start typing in the group name rather than the actual name of the person and then let me automatically send emails to that entire group of people so that's one of the great advantages of using contacts remember contacts also synchronized your Android devices and it'll also synchronized to all your email it's a great great thing that need to make sure you're keeping up with all of your contacts as well so that brings us into generating email since I've got this open I'm able to send emails to everybody what I want to make sure I do is I have signatures because you want to make sure you have a good signature as you can see I have my signature right here but the way I added this was I went to settings and I went to the call click the COG I went to settings and then on the bottom here if you scroll down you'll notice that there is a nice signature option here and it lets you specify different signatures for different email addresses one of my favorite features of this software because if I'm sending an email from this particular email address I want a different signature than if I'm sending it from my tech teacher email address so this is nice because if I'm in the middle of writing an email address as you can see on the right-hand side here and I say no no this is from my work email address it'll automatically rotate the actual signature at any given time now you'll notice something unique here that I'm actually writing an email here so let's say I'm in the middle of writing something and the phone rings and I'm saying okay well I want to write this to my blog writers and I'm in the middle of saying of writing this email I'm like I just wanted oh no I have to close the window I have to walk away from the computer ring you can actually close your emails now at any time on Google+ it's one of the great features of it as well and it'll automatically add it to this nice draft section on the left hand side this is a draft allows you to pull up that draft at any given time and then finish the email and send it out I write drafts commonly and I use them to basically start writing responses to people just leave them hanging until I get more information if you're in sales or anything it's a great tool to use so make sure you guys are looking into drafts now on top of drafts you also have calendars and meetings we're on tip 12 already believe it or not calendars and meetings are essential for organizing yourself as well on Google+ and and the reason I like calendars and meetings is because you can actually integrate your email invitations into your calendar as well now on the left hand side it doesn't really show your calendar you actually have to go to a separate page called Google Calendar so I'm gonna go to google.com slash calendar and this calendar does integrate with your Gmail which is one of the great parts about it so I can actually go to my calendar and I can create new calendar events my event or a new schedule and I can add guests and I can start typing in look at that blog writers I can invite all of those guests from my contacts directly to an event that might be occurring whether that just be a get-together a hangout or it might just be some kind of an appointment we have so make sure you guys check out the calendar too because it's a great way to kind of organizing and seamless seamlessly use everything together that kind of is encompassed by the Gmail service and calendars and meetings are are really they're awesome because they also integrate into all of your mobile devices so if you set reminders and things like that they will pop up on your phone as well and speaking of integration I have one last thing to cover it's tip number 13 and it's Google+ integration of circles photos and drive if I go back to my emails and I go back to my draft and I'm writing my draft down here at the bottom probably one of my favorite parts let me actually before I show you let me know you show you guys you can actually break out this compose mail right here at the top by clicking these arrows brings it in the full screen and at the bottom you have these crazy options down here you know you see attached files you also in insert files using drive drive is Google Drive online storage or cloud storage for your server so if you have Google Drive already you can send very very large files up to gigabytes in size through email because all Google Drive does is actually send them a link to the download it eliminates that issue of email with normal email services where you can't send files of certain size if a file is larger than five megabytes you're gonna want to send it using Google Drive Google Drive will let you send those large files very very simply and very easily so I strongly recommend you guys look into this because right now you'll just upload the file select it from your computer select the file and then you can just click insert into video enter it into post and I'll actually let you send it directly with your mail they also have some other great features integrated in here such as your insert photo insert photo tie into your Google+ it also ties into all the photos you're taking on your Android device and so any photos you take with your phone will show up right here now as long as your auto backup is set up on your Android device it's another great feature of Google+ and Gmail because it allows you to come in here and they could basically seamlessly integrate all the photos that you're taking directly into your send mail function and finally I have an option in here where you can insert circles and circles are really kind of an interesting way to deal with being able to actually contact anybody who's in your circles already and that's really more on the left-hand side here if I click this drop down right next to circles you can actually send emails to circles or you can select specific circles and see what kind of activities going on with them and you can reply to those activities right here in line in your email so if you're big on Google+ like I am I'll do a lot of my actual engagement on Google+ right from my email so I'll go to social and anytime I get a ping here or a notification I can actually pull that up and I can respond to my Google+ notifications right inside my email address whoo and that's it guys that's it for this video remember if you want to support this show become a patron for as little as $2 a month you let me make additional content just like this for my patrons who get exclusive access to me at any given time they can send me e-mail addresses ask me questions any emails ask me questions and all kinds of fun stuff so I hope this answers your question and this has been 13 amazing Gmail organizational tips so make sure you subscribe like and share and I'll see you guys in the next video have a good day

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