12 TIPS even an EXPERT RUST PLAYER (5,000+ hours) wouldn't know...

12 TIPS even an EXPERT RUST PLAYER (5,000+ hours) wouldn't know…

I go over some tips, tricks, and bugs that I have learned in the past thousands of hours I have played.

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[Applause] so as you saw from the title this video is a little bit different today however I wanted to share with you guys some knowledge I've picked up on on the past few thousand hours that I've been playing now I know I can't come up with 20 new tips that every expert doesn't know already but I can pretty much guarantee nobody watching this video is gonna know everything I'm about to reveal these tricks are gonna have to do with some of the core aspects of rest which are rating rate defense sound farming and things of the like now some of these tips are gonna be way more obvious than others but five or six of these I'm pretty sure most of the rest community doesn't know we're gonna start off with farming and the jackhammer like it or not farming is a very key component of rest so shaving off any time you can with the jackhammer is gonna help in the long run so first here's an example of farming a node with the jackhammer the normal way just under three seconds to destroy the node now check out what happens when you spam like a madman around the node you'll hit some of the hotspots and just one or two and a half seconds every half second in this game counts though if I'm farming with the jackhammer I'm always using this method because everything adds up in the end one of the scariest things in rust is to hear people walking around your base this next one has to do with weapon attachments and the sound they make so you're sitting here geared up in your loot room but of course you don't want the Raider to know where it is if you throw your attachments on your gun like this while it's in your hotbar you're gonna make noise and a smart player can use that to pinpoint exactly where you are now take them off and put them on your gun that's already in the box and then will make any noise audible to the other player outside so take that gun from the box and put it in your hotbar and you've just suited up with attachments and the Raider didn't know here we have a player done for the day he's gonna disconnect and log off and his character is gonna go to sleep this can easily give away your Limu if you're not careful with your lake sticking through the wall I did a lot of experimenting with this to see which way your body's gonna lie when you do disconnect what I found out was the highest probability for your Lakes to not go through the wall even when you're hugging the wall is to sleep with your back facing it now I'd say highest probability because this doesn't work 100% of the time but it was the best method that I could see obviously you should just try to get to the center of the foundation if you can but if your base is really cramped you might have to resort to this now here I'm gonna place some deployables like a tool cupboard lantern sleeping bag box furnace barricade repair bench and last but not least a small stash so I'm gonna hop back onto these foundations and then disconnect and reconnect to the same server as I'm connecting here I'm gonna boost the volume and listen carefully that was the furnace and that was the small stash so you should be able to hear most of these deployables furnace small stash cupboard and stuff and it can help you out with raids if you're on your last leg and you don't over the loots gonna be just try disconnecting to see where this stuff is around the base I've used this method to find so many hidden stashes even with sulfur in them this next one has to do with one of the main aspects of rating and that's staying silent and hidden from the person inside the base until you want to actually drop your c4 now most people know about the Crouch spamming thing where you don't make noise when you're running and Crouch spamming also the jump spamming in the water you won't make noise but now many people really know how to get onto a ladder and get off the ladder without making that tiny noise of sheet metal to do this you can just Crouch jump onto the ladder and then Crouch jump off the top directly onto the top of the ceiling and you'll be completely silent the only thing the person's gonna hear is your c4 going off and like I said every second in this game totally matters this has to do with one of my pet peeves raiding with other people or watching them ray they'll constantly be checking the health on doors and walls and things after they're shooting him this weighs so much time during the raid what I like to do is just watch the ammo counter especially if you're using an m2 once that thing hits 37 for a sheet metal door the doors gonna break it doesn't change you can do this with aks semi-auto rifle any other gun just keep track of how many times you've reloaded how many bullets you've shot in that clip do your preparation before the raid this can save you some very valuable time this next thing I want to talk about is an annoying bug that happens when a foundation attaches to a wall on sheet metal or armored so you can see here that the wall is a little bit underneath the foundation actually so when you go for all four of these at the same time make sure you shoot the foundation it's going to damage the top wall and the foundations but if you go for the wall you're not going to be damaging the foundations at all and this also applies with armored here's a quick tip that used to bug me for people that spam on their mic or for people you can't hear loud enough now I didn't know this for a while I know this is pretty easy but in the console type voice and you can change the volume of people's voices doing it this way you can go over the 100% volume like you can't do in the settings so you can make it go to 200% here change it back to one to have a go to default here's another annoying bug I call it so let's say you're placing a box right next to where the wall is gonna be placed you upgrade it to stone the box doesn't stick through make this thing sheet metal and flip it and you're gonna see the box I've gotten rated because of this in the past now this also happens with some other deployables on the sheet metal wall like a sleeping bag and probably some others here we have somebody setting up a luke room and he wants to throw down an auto turret to guard it right places that turn as far back as he can against the boxes can still place a double door in front of it the turret can't be seen through the door yet plop c4 on this thing and you're gonna damage the turret through the door so that second c4 is just gonna totally kill the turret and the door at the same time rendering that trap completely useless this thing also applies to half ceilings right above a trap target gets damaged second one takes out the turret entirely but wait there's more this also applies to a player players crouching on top of a furnace c4 goes on top of them doesn't even break the ceiling but kills the sleeper through the wall makes sense right here we have max Gibbs which is the maximum amount of broken objects can exist at any time you should always turn this a zero by the way for good performance and for better raids so here we have a radar about to breach into a stone wall and these gifts are client-side so each player sees them differently which can give an advantage to the Raider or to the defender depending on how the Gibbs fall for them so they fall right into his face partially blocking the way into the base might give the defender a little bit of an advantage here but check this method out say you place a little bit of twig on his bass a little ceiling before you break that stone wall break that twig and let the twig Gibbs take place of the stone Gibbs while the Gibbs are laying there break the stone and it'll be completely visible through for both of you guys so there's no advantage or disadvantage as long as those Gibbs are laying there the stone Gibbs won't pop up lastly I was told by a player that there's no way a base could be built let's say a thousand or 2,000 foundations out into the ocean because of how deep it would be I didn't know how to respond so I went out and checked the ocean actually completely levels off pretty much immediately after the shoreline so it is possible to build a base way out there if you have a diving tank and that's pretty much it I hope these were helpful for you guys I'll be back to the normal rates tomorrow don't worry you

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  4. "Try disconnecting mid raid" to all the new players DONT DO THAT. Log of mid raid? How can that be smart. I mean unless you're raiding your own base. But who does that? KAPPAHD

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