106 MUST KNOW Tips and Tricks for DayZ Patch 1.06 | For both PC and XBOX / PS4 players

106 MUST KNOW Tips and Tricks for DayZ Patch 1.06 | For both PC and XBOX / PS4 players

In this video i share 106 tips and tricks for patch 1.06, including some brand new tips from the new map Livonia, as well as an insane bonus tip. All the pro’s secrets, glitches and best loot spots. Currently these tips work for the 1.06 patch, some may change within the future.

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30 thoughts on “106 MUST KNOW Tips and Tricks for DayZ Patch 1.06 | For both PC and XBOX / PS4 players

  1. For those who are having issues with cars bouncing left and right frequently, try driving in reverse for a bit. The cars will turn hard if glitched in one direction, making it easier to avoided screwing your engine if you dink it off a tree/sign. Id avoid it with the sarka though.

  2. 53 – everytime I say hello they kill me. One guy said he’s friendly then hit me in the head with a sledgehammer. Like why?

  3. I clapped 2 kids camping their base for 10 mins and then picked up the engraved kolt but it didn’t have a mag so I threw it down

  4. It's funny that you consider as bugs only those issues that make the game more difficult for players, not the ones that make it obviously easier – like skipping reload animation lol 😀
    Anyways, if you can craft a fishing pole, can you actually fish? Haven't played DayZ for some time now :/

  5. This is an excellent video. it's so important for players to know how jam packed dayz is with all these tiny features. Here i am thinking before i started the video, there would not be too many lil bits i didnt know about dayz sa, since playing since release, but seeing them combined together in this video is a reminder of how hard it is to remember absoloutley everything about the game in the heat of the moment. You have done a great job with this video and thanx !

  6. Also when im about to die early in I drop all items in clear view so newer players can collect my stash instead of it disappearing.
    That is if im not near where I may spawn but either way someone will be happy

  7. Awesome video! Very useful. There are too many bugs n updates and the bugs have gotten so boring to work with its hard to take the game seriously.

  8. Is the game still hard? I remember them removing loot to almost nothing. The mod was easy and I liked that but is the SA still hard?

  9. keeping TWO cooked pork steaks in my pants would cause them to degrade when logged out, when i removed one, my pants stopped degrading

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