10 YOUNG MEN'S Style Tips To Look BETTER Than Your Friends!

10 YOUNG MEN'S Style Tips To Look BETTER Than Your Friends!

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Alpha was filming a video at the mall, and the noticed packs of young men walking around. He realized that they need help. So, in this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents tips for young men to look stylish and better than their friends!

Ways for Young Men to Step It Up

1. Don’t be afraid to dress up.
2. Don’t spend a lot on trends.
3. Focus on the essentials / fundamentals that never go out of style.
4. Focus on quality on those essentials / fundamental pieces in #3.
5. Take care of your wardrobe.
6. Learn to tie your shoes the correct way.
7. Wear a watch.
8. Experiment to find out what fits you best.
9. If you rock shirts un-tucked, they should hit mid-crotch.
10. It doesn’t matter what you wear, you must wear it with confidence.

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what's happenin gentlemen so here is the deal the other day I was at the mall filming another fresh and dynamite alpha M style Safari when I started noticing all these groups packs if you will of young men walking around pack of unstylish animals these young men some teens some 20-somethings even dudes in their 30s realize two things number one I'm old number two you guys need help today I'm going over ten young men style tips to help you look better than your boys so there is a very interesting phenomenon that takes place next time you're in a large group or you're at the mall I want you to take a look when you see groups of people friends walking around usually they're all dressed the same they wear different items but generally the look to feel the flow of each of them and the group looks the same it's not just friends walk around the mall it is everywhere including work a lot of the times you're going to go into an office you look around and everybody's impleaded khakis people have a hard time pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and setting themselves apart but today I want to go over ten things and ten ways that young men can actually step it up tip number one is don't be afraid to dress up a lot of guys feel uncomfortable or I get the emails from there they're like oh I don't want to wear XYZ because my friends aren't or it first your friends might be like Oh Jimmy what could you you all fancy wearing your double monk strap shoes and then all of a sudden a week later Rogers got tip number two identify trends and try to avoid them whenever possible but that being said I am a realist and understand that some trends are pretty dope right like oh one of my t-shirts are rocks I want to stress jeans it's so in and I am here to tell you go for it you want to do it do it but just don't spend a lot the great thing is that a lot of the stores like H&M forever 21 Zara they're going to be more trend focused and so you can find something there it's not going to break the bank while you're playing around trying different things experimenting I want you to remember number three is it will never be out of style to focus on the essentials tip number four is going to sound like a contradiction earlier I was talking about it's okay to experiment just don't spend a lot of money on trendy items focus on building a solid wardrobe that has and consists of fundamental pieces I say that you can do both together but tip number four is focus on quality on those fundamental pieces over quantity by the best you can afford all right and what you're going to find is when you buy quality items they're going to last longer so if you want to wear like their long line t-shirts and stuff that you can find for ten dollars five dollars do it but when you're looking to build a solid foundational wardrobe you need to make sure that you're buying clothing that's going to last longer than three weeks regardless of what quality clothing you're going to be purchasing tip number five is take care of them to iron or steamed for the love of God learn to do your laundry number six learn to tie your shoes the right way most men don't know how to properly tie the shoelaces here it is ready you go over like that normal make a bow all right and instead of going over what most people do you actually go underneath and pull it through and what you're going to have is a bow that lays perfectly across the top of the shoe as you walk it doesn't loosen it actually tightens what's that you check it out my watch it is sweet which is also number seven wear a watch gentlemen if I've said it once I've said it ten thousand times there is no better accessory that a man can wear than an incredible watch why because it what's the world know subconsciously it's not even a conscious thing people aren't like yo damn Brian's got a watch on he's responsible no it's psychological it's going to set you apart from your friends and other young men right because when I see a guy and he's got a watch on I automatically think oh hey he's got to watch let me check it out because I'm a watch I also think responsible reliable and if you're in the market for a great watch I would like to direct your attention to the sweet peace on my wrist and today's video sponsor Vince arrow this is my collection of Ben Sarah watches I absolutely Vence arrows I also love high-end watches like Rolex and low-end watches like Timex Vince eras are sort of that nice beautiful hybrid of not too expensive super affordable but incredible quality the one that I recently got which I'm going to actually show it to you because I love it is actually rose gold I was never like a gold person but there's something about rose gold that just is so incredibly it's sexy it's different it's not like yellow gold which I also like but rose gold this white face are you kidding me chrono yes please rose gold and the case is thick I mean this is a solid timepiece it's also a chronograph with rose gold markers I just thought it was incredibly beautiful and and I love wearing and guys I'm telling you if you are in the market for Vince arrow you got to hit that special link down below it is actually a special length that is special for us because there is a discount code it's also a curated collection all the watches you're going to find I personally picked and think are dynamite there's also a discount code guys Vince arrow super great quality incredible Watney wear them they have presents on your wrist and Sara's rock when your buddies are all wearing their Apple watches and your be like that's nice son but fine Vince arrow young men style tip number eight is experiment and learn what clothes fit you best and really I'm talking about shirts and jeans because one of the issues a lot of guys will just go into the store and be like you know I'm a large vial Argent's like Boop well understand that there are different cuts of clothing a lot of times the slimmer modern fit are going to fit you incredible and actually make you look broader up top thinner in the waist pants another thing there are different fits tons of them they're like eight different cuts of jeans experiments see what fits you best and then Rock young my style tip number 9 if you're going to be rocking shirts untucked which I assume you are t-shirts button-up sweaters cardigans you need to make sure that they hit you in the sweet spot bang mid crotch and last but certainly not least young men style tip number 10 it doesn't matter what you wear but whatever it is where it would confidence not cockiness there is a difference confidence that's you

41 thoughts on “10 YOUNG MEN'S Style Tips To Look BETTER Than Your Friends!

  1. One thing I've learnt about these videos, if you want to look better than your friends, then your not happy with yourself… Stupid Frecken videos!!

  2. Dude, I'm a closeted trans guy researching how to dress as a guy. This video was not what I was looking for. It was kinda better.

    This chucklehead is so loud and obnoxious, he's almost funny. Disappointed that this wasn't what I was looking for, but glad that I saw this spectacle of a man. I've never seen a guy that so solidly screamed "east cost of the United States".

  3. Why do people like ripped denim. It makes you look like a poor hobo and is weird. But I don't want to be rude just asking : why do people like ripped denim ?

  4. I think everything a man wears for form should have a function and nowadays watches don't have a function your phone does that .

  5. This is my first time watching you, i am 22. What do you mean by “fundamental items”. I may be an idiot and this means stuff like boxers, pants, jeans, tshirts, button up shirts etc but id appreciate a clarification

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