10 Typography and Design Tips for Beginners

10 Typography and Design Tips for Beginners

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Get the Typography Geekmaster achievement by following through this typography tutorial for beginners. Watch these 10 tips that’ll help you to fast-track your typography education.
0:24 – 1. Hierarchy
0:54 – 2. How to Pair Fonts
2:09 – 3. White Space
2:48 – 4. Alignment
3:53 – 5. Readability
4:21 – 6. Color in Typography
5:44 – 7. Contrast
7:12 – 8. Consistency
7:33 – 9. Text layout
8:04 – 10. Variety in Design

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35 thoughts on “10 Typography and Design Tips for Beginners

  1. I love this tutorial, but because of the subject matter, even edited, I can't show it in my class. If you ever do one "safer" I'd love to show it. I teach High school, and people get so weird about language, it's dumb. The kids don't care, it's the parents.

  2. Never ever stretch the font?! I just did with the ALIEN BEASTS typeface which is very bold and graphic, and it looks great on my design, (contrasting with the standard shape of another line)! So I beg to disagree on that one.

  3. THANK YOU! this is the best beginner typography tutorial ever!!! And I mean it. No one explained those things better and with a style 😉

  4. I like your video, But what the fuck man! why are you used shit everywhere this disturbing element did not allow me to continue till the end of the video :/

  5. Can't thank you enough Gleb. It was concise, easy to understand and easy to try. I was looking for a detailed and yet pithy content on typography. And you did it just in few minuted. Much grateful!

  6. This is really very informative! thanks for sharing Mate. Just wanted to ask your opinion on choosing a website design for a Clinical Research kind of organisations. What type of theme and design one should consider while creating a website for a CRO company.
    Much Appreciated your time.

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