21 thoughts on “10 Tips to Play Better Support | Dota Alchemy TURBO TIPS

  1. This is a bit of a mashup of clips from a bunch of older videos. We hope you enjoy revisiting some of the best support tips we have covered here on the channel. Let us know if you enjoy this style of video.

  2. i play pos 5 and i have 5200 matches played but still same 2k mmr. i love dota alchemy support content, i have watched many support videos and practiced afterward, it never raised my mmr before, but this one i am watching twice, and i hope it makes me learn something 🙂

  3. 4:30 is where they separated the higher tier plays with lower. in lower, even if you map hack and see everything, the carries will completely miss seeing it, even after you ping to retreat or chat to retreat, they will blindly eat the gank. this is where your advice kinda stick biased towards the higher rank people.

  4. I am ancient 5 – pos5 player who bought alot of sentries and wards in every game. When i play pos 4 and my pos 5 sup getting items instead of wards dust , it looks so irritating when there 2-3 ward already in stock but he wants item xD

  5. after you destroy them bottom (as dire) and take the runes you can rotate mid and go for a courier snipe before helping your safelane

  6. One thing you didn't talk about is using intentional creep agro to guarantee level advantage timing windows. Such as lvl 2 or 3 typically in 2v2 lanes. Many lanes are won or lost by who hits 2 or 3 first and you can control that by either denying a certain number of creeps but in general more reliably forcing double waves such that non of your creeps that give them the level die guaranteeing the level advantage. Its also possible to achieve this by denying 2 creeps in the first 2 waves and single pulling wave 3 such that wave 3 and 4 stack.

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