10 Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle | Fitness Advice for Beginners

10 Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle | Fitness Advice for Beginners

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My name is Maryana Dvorska! My channel is mostly vlogs that are based around fitness, nutrition, working out, and balancing my life while trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally! I post lots of full days of eating videos as well as workouts, both fitness and non fitness clothes try on hauls, and more! Hope you enjoy!

he's like so into this right now maybe this will be a thumbnail I'm sweating already hi guys look Mike to the channel so for today's video I really wanted to film something that has been super super requested since I filmed the my fitness journey video if you haven't seen it yet I will have it linked down below it reached an incredible amount of people and a really popular request I've been getting is to film a video that is 10 tips that I have for beginners for people who want to start a healthy lifestyle any advice that I have a way that you can get started that's not very expensive that's not very hard to do which I think fitness can be so there's so much information out there I want to give you guys my advice things that I did when I first got started things that worked for me things that didn't work for me waist approached fitness and a healthy sustainable way and try and avoid some of the issues that I had in the past I do have things are not on my phone because I wanted this to be an informational video as well as advice video so I do have a few notes on here just to make sure that my thoughts are flowing properly because I tend to like go off on tangents which is what I'm doing right now so anyway tip number one is find a good workout program that fits into your daily schedule in the my fitness journey video I mentioned two websites which was body balm calm and simply shredded calm I unfortunately didn't link it back then I haven't linked in there now and I will also have both of those websites linked down below when I first got into fitness those two up sites were so helpful for me to get free and very good information they have so many free programs on there especially simply shredded calm I made sure to check to see if they were still free and they are so all you have to do is literally just click the link description bar you go on the interviews portion of it and then you scroll down and go to women's and on the women's page you're going to find tons and tons of articles and all of these articles have a bunch of free programs on there things that people use themselves for example Nikki black butter has her own article all the exercises written out the wraps the sets the days everything is planned out for you so if you're a beginner and you don't know where to start and you want to get into weightlifting just pick one you feel comfortable with that fits into your schedule that isn't too long too short and once again that you feel comfortable doing in the gym and start with that this video is not like sponsored in any way I don't work with simply shredded or body boom comm but I just remember when I was a beginner those two websites were so helpful and I just feel like I wanted to talk about it because I did talk about it in another video and so many people are wondering so those are the websites that I used on vibrant calm you can find tons and tons of exercises they'll show you exactly how to do them there's videos there's pictures so those are two really really great resources that are free and out there for you guys to use there's tons of other articles and YouTube videos and stuff that you can find you just have to put the time into it to read it to watch it to understand it but it is out there for you guys if you don't want to lift if you are a runner or if you would rather play a sport I think it's always best to go with something that you enjoy the most important thing about fitness is you want to make this a long-term sustainable lifestyle so let's say I go to the gym and you start weightlifting and you absolutely hate it don't feel like that's the only way for you to reach your goals because that's what you see online that's what a lot of people are doing at the moment always pick a form of exercise that you really enjoy doing that doesn't feel like a chore and sometimes exercise will feel like a chore it's not like I love working out 24/7 I honestly don't but for the most part I really enjoy going to the gym it makes me feel good it's like my me time so find something like that for you whether that's swimming or running like long-distance running or sprinting figure out your favorite way to get moving and get your heart rate up and then stick to that now tip number two and I know it's going to sound so simple but it's really just feed your body healthy food like I said earlier there's so many diets out there and I know it can get so confusing but at the end of the day if you eat healthy your body is going to function properly healthy food is filled with micronutrients with fiber which is so important for proper digestion and it is typically higher in volume so it will keep you fuller for longer which is important especially if you're trying to lose weight and you want to be in a calorie deficit you don't want to feel like you're starving all the time now tip number three and I feel like this one can get really overlooked a lot of the time but it is set achievable goals for yourself celebrate your victories and move past failure your fitness journey is not going to be perfect there will be days where you feel like you did not reach your goals there will be days where you feel like maybe you failed but the most important thing is to not giving in to that and quitting because if you quit it becomes so much harder to start over I remember like before I got into fitness the amount of times that I started something and let's say I didn't see progress in the first couple of weeks I would just give up and it was so discouraging and it was so difficult for me to get back from that because I felt ashamed of myself I didn't feel like I had the willpower to reach all these goals that I had and they seemed so so far away even though the end of the day all had to do is just stick to this and move past the little days that might have not been perfect but you guys we are not perfect we're not meant to be perfect and it's okay to mess up every once in a while just as long as you realize that every single day you wake up you get a fresh start and you can continue on with what you were doing before you can forget about the failure it doesn't matter it's over give yourself celebrate small victories and set achievable goals now number four if you guys did watch the my fitness journey video then you know that I had struggled with binge eating and I feel like what I'm going to talk about right now kind of led me into binge eating so I want to talk about it because I don't want anyone to go down that road get rid of the idea that if you eat something unhealthy that it all of a sudden cancels out all of your hard work eating a piece of cake or eating a cookie dozen all of a sudden ruin all the progress that you put into the gym or all the healthy food that you ate previously for me it was really hard to accept that I remember having that kind of mindset thinking okay if I'm eating healthy like I have to eat 100% healthy I cannot allow myself to have anything that I personally viewed as unhealthy and if I did it ruined all of my progress I would think well I already screwed up so bucket excuse my language I'm just going to eat everything else inside that's just not how it works and I wish I knew that earlier on I think that was really important to mention just know that you're allowed to treat yourself like I said I love chocolate I love cookies and for me the most sustainable way to live is to allow myself to have that if I want it if I want to have a cookie I'll have it if we want to have two cookies I'll have it but after that I'll move on and I'll continue to eat healthy and I'm not going to feel bad about it or make myself feel guilty about it because we are allowed to like food which actually brings me to point number five and that is moderation is key and I cannot stress this enough moderation is key to making this a healthy sustainable lifestyle no amount of diets that I did when I first got into fitness and I will throw a picture on a screen of what it looked like before ever got me to where I am now as much as realizing that I had to have moderation in my life I am NOT someone who can always say no to things that I like this why never could compete in Fitness like bodybuilding competitions I always wanted to but then I realized it was just not for me because restriction for me just caused me to go into a spiral of having such an awful relationship with food and it was so hard to recover from that and I don't wish that upon anyone I'm moving on to tip number six it is to set a routine and form healthy habits so ever I've done for example you can drink more water in the day if your pee is yellow you're most likely dehydrated you want your pee to be pretty clear I used to really focus on like getting a gallon in in a day but I also realized that it was like controlling my life because I'd be going to the bathroom 24/7 so something I do for myself is they literally just bought this Cup because I have come to a conclusion that this kind of cup makes you drink more water I swear to god I found this at Rob's in like the Starbucks party routes and I bought it and I think it's because it has a straw so it's just a more comfortable way to drink it and then another thing that's really important for setting a routine is going to bed and waking up earlier hydration sleep and stress can play such big roles in our bodies that like if those things are thrown off let's say you got three hours of sleep in a night and then you wake up super early to try and get a workout in I would always tell anyone just skip the workout get your as much sleep as you can one thing that I think is so important to remember is that starting out with Fitness is the hardest part of the entire journey because you're used to eating unhealthy and you're used to not exercising so when you start to do that you just feel so uncomfortable and you kind of do almost have to force yourself to do it but once you get into the routine of things it becomes so much easier and I promise you guys your body will crave healthy food like 85% of my diet if you guys have watched my two Mondays and my they're full days of meetings is healthy it's food that I enjoy eating it's food that makes me feel good and it is the food that I crave number seven and this one's so so important and I know I keep saying this about it each and every tip but seriously you guys getting a good mobility and stretching your team is essential you don't ever just start off sprinting right away you don't ever just start off lifting as heavy as you can that's not good for your body mobility is so important you can find so many different mobility routines on YouTube I have a few on my channel they're kind of old site will definitely do an updated one soon but there's things that I do to warm up before I jump into weightlifting to make sure that I prevent injury and that is definitely something that you don't want so I figured I would throw this in here because I didn't warm up when I first got into fitness I'm just like walk into the gym jump on the treadmill and just started sprinting I was really lucky that I didn't um have any kind of injury tip number eight and hear me out add enjoyable enjoyable cardio into your workout routine I personally prefer hip and this has actually changed very recently up until I want to say like mid 2017 I hated hit it was like I just rented it I really preferred to sunny state cardio but I'm just noticed that was my body I see the most results when I implement hit into my routine I do it about three to four times a week for 10 to 15 minutes hit does not have to be long it actually shouldn't be long because you shouldn't be able to do it for a long time it's high-intensity interval training so I'm gonna give you as an example of what I do my favorite two ways to do it is on the treadmill or in a Stairmaster I usually wear them up around 10 minutes you can walk you can uphill walk you can jog whatever you feel most comfortable with I usually just like uphill a walk and then after that I'll start my hit for me my favorite interval is 20 seconds sprinting forty seconds off at the end of it I am dripping in sweat I it's hard to breathe I'm not gonna lie but you feel so accomplished and I just feel like I never got these results with steady-state cardio but with doing hid and eating healthy I can definitely see progress in my body happening it is a time saver and you can get a lot more out of 10 to 15 minutes of hit versus 30 to 40 minutes of steady-state cardio but if you're someone who prefers a state and you truly really hate hit then steady-state is your thing and that's okay too now number nine and I feel like this one is going to be very dependent and you as an individual but I think it's really important to figure out which food causes you to have digestive issues so for example a lot of people can't digest gluten or they can't digest dairy and if you don't have a healthy gut then you're not going to be processing your macro and micronutrients properly and that could definitely prevent you from reaching your fitness goals I as most you guys probably know try to eat less plant-based as I can I don't really eat meat I avoid dairy the only animal products that I still eat on daily basis is egg whites and then at restaurants a lot of time I do have fish but I am moving towards a more plant-based lifestyle now that's just what works for me and I do that for ethical reasons and if you like my digestive system does run a little bit better since I cut out meat and have basically cut out dairy so you have to figure out what works for you I don't ever want to preach anything on my channel I think that this is a decision that you have to make on your own and for your own reasons but I do think that it's important to figure out what foods cause you to have issues and try and avoid those because a healthy gut is very very very important I have used the word important in this video more times that I would like but stay with me we're almost done that tip number 10 and I'm just going to make this short and sweet because I can honestly make an entire video on this but I think it is so important to practice self-love on daily basis because if your goals are coming from a place of self hate so hating how you look hating what you see in the mirror hating have your clothes fit that could lead you down such a bad path for example starting an unsustainable diet that could later on cause you to have a really poor relationship with food poor body image it's not worth it I know that that can be very hard when you are stuck in like a negative mindset but that's why I think it's important to just like wake up look in the mirror and tell yourself five things that you love about yourself you are smart you are kind you're good person you're good student you're an amazing daughter or son there's so many things that you can find you about yourself that are so incredible internally and just literally like look in the mirror and talk to yourself and saying those things out loud can help you change that negative kind of voice in your head just shut it off completely don't listen to it and I promise that you guys will reach your goals if you have any questions comment below I always respond to comments especially in the first few hours of the video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it I am mindful that we are nearly 100,000 subscribers I like I can't believe it I'm so grateful it means so much to me I don't think I could ever put into words and I love you guys thank you for supporting me thank you for subscribing for being part of this family thumbs up Android this video and I'll see you all in the next one okay

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  1. For the enjoyable cardio, I kickbox! It’s super fun and it’s a great workout. I only enjoy cardio when it’s activity based. Biking trails, hiking, kickboxing, swimming all are far more fun than treadmills

  2. Loved the video but would prefer not hearing the “F” word… like your eating & work outs, keeping it clean would be much appreciated!❤️

  3. I was on the verge of giving up because I had a bad day and ended up emotional eating a ton of Oreos and then I saw this and thank you. I really needed this

  4. Please can u guide me?
    Do u work out ever day?
    Breakfast fast?
    Lunch fast?
    When do stop eating?
    I feel lost with no motivation as I can't find a excerise I wanna do as the classes aren't here that I wanna do. U.s fitness classes are better

  5. दोस्तों.अपने पास एक बहूत ही बेहतरीन। और लाजवाब आयूर्वेद नूस्का लेके आऐ है 7 साल के रिसर्च के बात.जिस किसी भाई बहीन के खाया पिया न लगता हो। दूबला पतला हो और जगह .जगह ,से मोटा होने सेहत बनाने कि दवा खा खा कर थक चुका हो तो एक सून्हरा मोका एक बार जरूर अजमा कर देखे शुद्ध आयूर्वेद जडी बून्टी यूक्त घर पे तैयार किया गया चूर्ण कोई साइड इफेक्ट्स नही चाहे कितने ही दीन खाओ न ही वापिस वजन कम होगा। फूल गारनँटी मात्र 15 दीन मे फर्क महसूस भूख बढेगी खाया पिया लगेगा पिचके गाल भरेगे.ताकत आऐगी.शैक्श मजबूत होगा टाइम बढेगा और मोटे ताजे सून्दर दीखोगे.और अनेक रोगो से छूटकारा गूर्दै मजबूत होगे और रोग परतीरोध्क सम्ता बढेगी ,गैस तेजाब कब्ज धात.भूख का कम लगना खाने पिने मे इन्छा न होना.और खाते पिते बहूत.हो पर लगता नही तो.आज ही सम्पर्क करे परामर्श. निशूल्क सान्दार आइटम फूल गारन्टी के साथ .कोई भाई बहीन लेने के इन्छूक हो तो सम्पूर्ण करे watspp.. And ..youtub .bhi 9549782398।नोट. कोरीयर से दवा भेजने कि सूविधाऐ उपलब्ध है

  6. See I think another thing about #4 the one cookie wont ruin all your hard work mentality is bad for more than that reason. Eating healthy or "dieting" shouldnt feel like work. If it does then u are gonna ve counting the minutes until u can leave(just like at work). Changing one thing at a time for a healthier switch like sodas to sparkling water and then cookies for a serving size of dried fruit etc. Small changes that u can do until I get used to them are what is needed before adding another change so that it doesnt feel like a shit ton of extremely hard work.

  7. 🙂
    1. Find the right workout program.
    2. Feed your body healthy food.
    3. Set achievable goals.
    4. 1 cookie doesn’t cancel all your hard work.
    5. Moderation is key.
    6. Set routine & form healthy habits.
    7. Having a mobility & stretching routine.
    8. Add enjoyable cardio into your workout routine.
    9. Avoid foods that upset your stomach.
    10. Practice self love on daily basis.

  8. You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, 'I feel good, I have my health, and I'm so blessed.' That's the way I choose to look at it.

  9. Hi Maryana, I've been struggling with my weight since I was a teen (even though as a teen I was still healthly, I just kept comparing myself to my skinny friends since I was the curvy one out of the group). I know I can do better with my lifestyle, but I'll admit, it's very hard when I still live with my parents (it took me awhile to get through college and am still job hunting). I was actually at my healthiest (and happiest), the one year I was aloud to live on Campus at my old university because I was in total charge of my money and my time. Plus there was a lot more to do too. So instead of gaining weight, I lost weight (at least 10-20 lbs). I did start out slow workout wise with doing yoga, then I added Zumba and bought my own bike before doing swimming. I was loving it. I think one thing that helped too was all the positive motivation and energy I got from it. As much as I love my family, unfortunately what they get I've found isn't always good for me and aren't good motivators. In fact, they idea to help is to tell me if I don't eat better or lose weight, I am going to get diabetes or heart disease. And unfortunately that kind of remark has the opposite effect one me.

    Okay sorry enough rambling. I just wanted to ask you this- How do I find motivation for myself when I currently don't get any from others I live with? And I live in a rural area where there's virtually nothing for me to do, other then walk. I want to get back into Yoga and hopefully Zumba again, but I can't afford classes. Do you know where I can get videos for those types of activities. I want to build up my stamina before talking Zumba. Watching this video did help too thanks.

  10. Whenever I struggle in my fitness journey I love coming back to this video, it always reminds that it is okay to have bad days, it is okay to eat piece of chocolate or some crisps (British for chips I believe :D). Your story is very inspiring 'cause you went through the same stage as I'm going through now, you show people how to get into fitness without being skinny from the start. You should really have more subscribers, because you are phenomenal! Love you Maryana <3

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