10+ Pro Tips! LANDING FIRST & JUMP TOWER/BALLOON Tricks! Apex Legends

10+ Pro Tips! LANDING FIRST & JUMP TOWER/BALLOON Tricks! Apex Legends

An advanced breakdown of my personal Tips & Tricks I use for Landing First from the Drop Ship nearly every time and how Balloons, or by their proper name, Jump Towers can be used in different and effective ways. Enjoy and if you learnt something new? Smash Like!


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hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back so I've noticed that not everyone is able to land quite as fast get their location the first some people were quite late in flying to their location of choice and I happen to be someone that's actually really good at landing first nearly every time so I've wanted to share my tips on how I land first nearly every time and also a few a balloon tricks because there's a few on how to fly further and it really really will up your game if you know all of these little advanced little tips and tricks so other than that I hope you enjoy the video like comment subscribe especially because there's a lot of people coming back to my videos that I'll subscribe to but other than that we're gonna get on with the video so the first thing we're going to be going over is the free different distances that you need to like figure out different mechanics for now the first one is long distance so going from one side of the map to the complete other side and by this I use a hundred and thirty to one hundred and forty two as my reference so what I do is I dip down get to at least a hundred and forty one 142 miles per hour and then I pull up lock my camera view in and then I just glide about 130 and then i unlock my camera so I instantly dip down because I'm already looking down which saves a little bit of time manually doing it yourself and then I repeat that procedure multiple times and as you can see when you get those drop ships that are like proper along the edge of the map and most people think you can't get to the other side I've literally done it from one side of a map to the other using that dipping technique and that's for a long distance now for medium distance I use a similar dipping technique but I stay above a hundred and forty speed whatever distance this is speeds measurement they use in but this isn't the best example I do go below 140 a few times but basically I dip down to like 147 145 and then I pull I glide until I'm going about 140 and then I repeat that procedure and then as soon as I've got that 45-degree angle to go full-throttle dive straight to the ground instantly do it and that's basically gonna bring us on to our short distance diving straight towards your target at like short distance locations is a hundred percent the fastest route it used to not be and that's because the drop ship was slower so dipping could actually get you places fast over he dropped sooner but as you can see here we're gonna drop and the sweet point is usually between like somewhere like 600 to 400 meters away from your target but if it is mixed ly below the drop ship the sweet point for me is 400 meters and that's where I do a straight dive and the best thing about a straight dive is you can lock and just look around continuously because you know exactly where you are going but the straight dive is gonna be any dipping technique because all dipping does now is add more length to your like distance you're trying to reach and that also brings us onto the supply ship now with the supply ship if you can do a straight dive but you've got to do it to the predicted line of where the supply ship is going if you aim at the supply ship you're gonna have to curve with it and that's going to add more distance to your more length to your flight trajectory and predicting the line is just going to give you one straight line there now this is something a few people have been commenting on asking for and that is a zip line jump mechanics and I wasn't actually gonna have this in here but people have been asking for it now essentially people have seen me jump off of the zip line and back onto it and basically what you want to do is pull backwards when you go up the zip line and jump off when you jump off you need to be pulling backwards to stop it pushing you out so far and like you can see here we're going up and down the zip line it's a bit unreliable sometimes you'll go down sometimes you'll go up it's not the most consistent but it's watch this so if you do a normal jump off it jumps you quite claw right now let's do it with while holding backwards and Behrman it obviously shoots you a lot shorter and you're able to drop down grab on to the zip line now the balloon verbal timing if you throw a narc style grenade just as you're about to hit the top this is just like a minor tip it'll basically land and explode just before you do which gives you a perfect like like distractions damage like stuns just as you're about to learn and then you can come down on top of them and just now everyone from the top light in here I managed to get a knock and an alien with those two arc stars throwing them off because they landed just at the right time now here I'm gonna show you how to fly further with balloons this is a normal test right now we're locked in I've basically just gone up locked in at the max looking up kind of distance not without the little trick and this is like a normal flight that's how far it would get you but now if you look up it essentially like shoots you a little bit higher and but obviously it still adds to the arc which you means you drop slightly faster so you kind of reach the same sort of distance a little bit further but if you combine that looking up with the dipping technique you can fly so far with balloons just watch this right so this isn't even the best example I'll show you some in a minute but just a little too little dips right there and I'm able to get at least 10 20 feet further all the way like to the basically cliff now here I'm gonna show you some prime examples of how useful this actually is in game so right here as you can see with the balloons that have a hill you can fly down and dip down without reaching the ground sooner you're gonna be able to get these like ridiculous distances just using that dipping technique again on this area like I if you get the looking up thing done right and a little dip beforehand you can fly over this cliff and keep dipping and fly all the way across the river and when I did this for the first time I was like whoa I just traveled like like you you look back at the map and it's literally like almost a quarter of the map but yet these are my little tips and tricks that I used to land first get fur but other than that I hope you enjoyed the video like comment subscribe hit love cash bail and I shall cut you although arias why you do it what subscribe you

45 thoughts on “10+ Pro Tips! LANDING FIRST & JUMP TOWER/BALLOON Tricks! Apex Legends

  1. It's actually way faster on medium distance drop to drop straight down and then pull up until you hit 147 speed. There's a "Goldie locks" zone at that point where you'll fly as fast as possible and as straight as possible .

  2. u may not know this but when you jump off the baloon in order to go up u have to grab it while looking upwards, u will go down if u grab it while looking down.

  3. any clue how some people are able to land sooner than others dipping straight down (90° literally straight down) the jetpack hover mode slows me down as I get closer to the ground yet it doesn't seem to activate for others 👀🤔

  4. Great info, I didn't know about the balloon part. However, no matter what I do, mfs drop at market faster than i can understand

  5. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I went in game with position display turned on and discovered that the ship travels at 228.8 m/s.
    Now as to if that will have an impact on the optimal timing, from my half drunken math it seems to tell me that you should wait 0.003 seconds from when would otherwise be optimal. I'm pretty sure those calculations are wrong, cause some things don't make sense. I will have to sleep now and go through all my mistakes tomorrow.

  6. keep the good work i enjoy your tips. the thing is the past few days the game is unplayable. i mean the diference in performance and ping is a disaster. i dont know what they did. and it gets worse if we team up with my buddies. it s like we re moving in slow motion and our bullets dont get register

  7. Do a common building hiding spots video, your spots near caves and the cage have saved my life countless times, I want to see if any of my go to healing spots are well known

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