10 Gadgets from Aliexpress

10 Gadgets from Aliexpress

• Plug –
• Flashlight –
• MeteoStation –
• Grafting Scissors –
• Flashlights for bike –
• Big Flashlight for bike –
• Bird –
• Cable –
• USB Tester –
• Bike Lock –

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hey folks in this video we picked up cool gadgets from China that you gotta take a look I'd never thought I would order plug from China though this one I've seen a long time ago on internet and wanted survive besides its reliable and we can say stylish it has two USB ports for charging gadgets that's what made my decision in some cases adaptors have an advantage compared to general plugs this version with USB is just a dream in last episodes a lot of you complained that I recommended very expensive flashlights all right take a look at affordable one which not liking any features first advantage is angle of light that can be changed which allows to point the beam to tiny part that's how extending the length of lighting also gave us an opportunity to play with cat then turning on special modes we get this effective and round light there's special magnet near power button using these flashlights holds on metal surfaces it's not it in a set comes a battery and charging device which works with microUSB overall it's a decent product for its price now everybody should be happy it's a second time when I'm buying this gadget because this is super useful thing that we use every day this is a compact meteorological station that consists of two parts this display we live at home and small transmitter we got a place outside and now on display we see not only temperature and humidity inside house but also information about outside weather you can place a display wherever you want and always dress on weather summer has came and this device would be nice if you have a garden or cottage this thing for immunization of trees and now we're gonna see how it works we are an expert in this sphere buds we get the concept cut this branch and using special blades make an exact form on the end of a stick now take a branch from the other tree and do the same thing in the end two branches ideally matches on form we gotta grow with each other so in the future it will provide delicious fruits in a set comes attachments with different forms and instruments for replacement I think anyone will be happy with this kind of surprise because this thing I never seen before we are this popular lights or bicycle where each of them have you bright diodes and have different modes but most important is that you don't need to change batteries because it can be charged with USB port we took apart one of those and found this kind of compact lithium battery it attaches to bicycle using a rubber ring it looks good isn't it now we're in Europe and it's illegal to drive without these lights at night it gets warmer outside and cycling season starts though it can be dark outside pretty quick that's why I bought a decent flashlight for a bicycle it has a special removable mount that allow us to fix flashlights securely and it can take you when you need secure looks cool lights bright and long also has different modes of lighting flashlight has non removable battery and charges from microUSB now at night you can feel more secure remember we showed you this mechanical flying bird we found the exact same but with engine and radio control it bird has built-in accumulator and can be charged from phone charger or remote control itself there are double-a batteries first we try to fly inside the house though it triggered cookies hunter instincts and full of joy then we try to test a bird outside I want to tell you that it was more fun than a drone it looks very realistic and feels like you're controlling real birds the range is pretty good and I was glad to have this toy no less than cookie probably most of you faced with that issue with them a charging cable sometimes from your hamster but our cable won't be thrown away with these damages if you have this issue you just need to cut this piece lock it in a plug and pull out sides now put the whole cable inside and close that's it I can't believe how cool it looks thus we can now adjust the length of a cable if you need it to be a little shorter this thing is a tester using it you can access the performance of your charging devices and cables even if you have a good charger but bad cable it can ruin everything I have two white cables and let's compare them first one could make it to hole nine volts and almost one-and-a-half amps your smartphone will charge pretty quick meanwhile other cable couldn't switch to fast charging modes and may need to only five volts and accordingly will charge your smartphone two times longer similarly you can check power banks not only fast charge but also for its capacity continuing bicycle theme we are presenting you this device it can help you to protect your bicycle from thief you ask but how what kind of Cupid is using tricky moves it changes this to chain for attaching bicycle to a pole it consists of thick parts I think it's impossible to just cut it with pliers or easily break it off you probably need to cut it with chainsaw a lot with passport and through you can choose this version with a key it's actually cheaper chain has the length of 85 centimeter it will be plenty to attach the bicycle rack with the wheel to a pole in the set count with amount of lock to cycle which is located under the seat this product ain't cheap and we recommend you to buy if you want to take care of your bicycle and often have to leave it outside it's better to value security links to all gadgets will be in the description below

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  3. If your materials struck in customs aliexpress pays to sellers and you will loose your money . Beware before placing order .

  4. I once bought a bluetooth speaker on a lie press for 60 euros. The border control stopped it and made me pay an extra 20euros but it was still worth how amazing it works. I have it nor for about 5 years it still works perfectly and is 1/3 of the price of brand speakers from the same size here

  5. The chain for the bicycle is crap! I can pry the links apart within 10 seconds. A real bike thief would probably take even less.

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