10 Embarrassing TMI Hygiene Tips To Know!

10 Embarrassing TMI Hygiene Tips To Know!

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This is 10 Embarassing TMI Tips You NEED To Know! What are you tips? Leave them in the comments down below!


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hey guys it's a site here I feel like I have transformed with bedico because I haven't like done glam and so long that when I do glam it's like Oh like okay let's say you can you can look a little grown house just playing around today I was like you know I feel like I should really do something kind of dark and this is what I came up with and I'm loving it so if you guys want a tutorial let me know hair plus makeup because if you notice all this is brown so no blonde showing but in today's video we are going to be doing another hygiene related video you guys seem to love these videos on my channel where I give you guys tips about stuff little things that I've discovered or things that I've found out just so that I can help you ease a little bit of your frustration your embarrassing moments a little bit of something I can help you out with it so that you don't have to be like me and go through those moments and not know what to do so yeah so this is gonna be about embarrassing moments like things that are kind of embarrassing that you really don't want to talk about or that you really don't want to mention that's like okay what do I do in this situation sorry the lighting is getting kind of weird the Sun is about to set so I'm trying to get this video done quick with all that being said let's get started when you're going to the bathroom like number two or number three or number four or number five I mean I don't know choose your imagination you're in the bathroom you don't want any noise you don't want it to splash you don't want people to hear you because you know it's kind of like you're in the bathroom and if it's splashing then people know that you're going number two and then you feel embarrassed a trick that you can do is take a bunch of toilet paper wad it up put it in the toilet first before you go and literally everything just drops on the tissue paper and it doesn't splash like promise trust me it works and this has saved me multiple times I mean I know people don't like pooping in public and trust me this is a lifesaver if you forgot to put it on deodorant and there's been multiple times I forgot to put on deodorant you can use hand sanitizer under your arms but that's only like in a crunch like I don't it's not meant for that it's not meant for your underarms but you know the alcohol in it will help dry out the moisture and also it just overall will help to ease odor if you are a victim of extra sweaty underarms which this was literally so embarrassing for me in school like literally this so embarrassing I was like always sweaty always so sweaty cuz I was always just like shy and like nervous and I was just always sweaty and literally I figured out how to fix it I figured out how to cure it well not cure it but almost cure it and um I want to share with you guys there's a few things that you can do you can use a product called certain dry which I have mentioned on my channel before but I thought it would be appropriate to bring it up again because certain dry is just an over-the-counter product that you put under your arms and it honestly really truly works but if that doesn't work for you you can actually get Botox under your arms which they literally inject Botox inside your underarms and it stops the glands from producing a lot of sweat and so I've gotten that under my arms a few times and let me just tell you it has changed my life like completely changed in my life I would always start my period like at the weirdest times like aiding in like right when school starting and literally it would always be the worst time I would never have anything with me my friends wouldn't have anything and it's like in those situations what you need to do is go into the bathroom water petition paper so that it's just you know not like super bulky but just enough so that you know that it's like a little mini pad put it in your underwear put your underwear on and literally it works just like a pad but this is like just for an emergency like you don't want to use that all the time because I don't feel like that's really secure and it could move especially like if you're in PE and stuff so be careful but it's definitely a life saver people sweat girls sweat under arms like the groin area like especially down there I feel like it can get really kind of like sweaty it actually makes spray for downstairs now you don't want to put spray inside your body you don't wanna put anything inside you don't want to open anything and put anything inside but there's spray that can go outside and it'll help just to you know absorb that extra wetness and also to out like a really nice scent but you want to be careful again don't spray anything inside and I don't have it with me I couldn't find it and I was like where is this stuff because I just got it I was looking forward to my stuff and I couldn't find it but it was sent to me and I was like this is such a genius product like this is actually amazing so I will have the products up here on the screen so you can see it but honestly like if you feel like you need just like a quick little tutorial to smell fresh then that's exactly what you need facial hair for girls I mean it's not really something that's like embarrassing embarrassing but I still feel like it's something that like for me personally I was embarrassed about because I always had like a mustache and it was like you know the hairs underneath and especially if you don't really know how to like pluck or tweeze your eyebrows you know something that you can use is just a face raiser and I talked about like face raisers all the time because they are so convenient and so easy and especially with everybody talking about like the new trend of like derma planing and getting all the hair off your face you can actually use a face razor and just trim up here usually there's hair up here like connecting to the forehead above the brows there's hair like usually above here and then sometimes there's a lot of hair like right here and that's just for me the one thing that I just always have to make sure it's trimmed is like right here down here so I use this facial trimmer but this is just a super quick way to clean up your face if you feel like you know you may have like a little bit of unwanted hair and you don't really know what to do because you don't really like want to pluck anything and you're just wanting like an easy quick way and this is the easiest quickest way to get rid of the hair trust me as I've gotten older my oily skin especially since I moved to LA is so freakin dry out here but the thing is I have oily skin and my oily skin was so bad in school where it was like oily like my makeup was like melting off my foundation would always be like oxidizing and it would just be like melting and it was just like orange melting off my face and that was not cute a trick that I like to do when I was in school is using milk of magnesia which is like the laxative but putting it on my face and a really thin layer to help absorb the oil and then putting my makeup on top and this was the only thing literally I've tried all the primers I have tried everything people like oh I'm really skinny oily skin I had oily skin so bad to the point where the only thing that would work was milk of magnesia and I literally had to put on my face a really thin layer just like a brush like this and I would just apply it all over my face and then I would let it dry kind of like blend in any of the areas that looked a little like patchy or like I put a little bit too much product and then put my foundation on top this helped my makeup to stay on longer and it also helped just with the overall look of my skin because my skin was oily you should just have baby wipes or some sort of like facial towelettes or something in your bag just at all times because you want to just stay fresh and clean you want to be able to clean yourself if you need to clean yourself like let's say like a situation happens you want to just make sure everything's clean and you want to stay fresh and especially if you're at school all day you're like sitting down all day and you're just like in classrooms like sometimes you just need to like keep yourself clean and you just overall feel better if you're wondering if you have bad breath um you can take a spoon and you can literally scrape your tongue let it sit out and then you can smell it and you could see if your breath smells bad and there's a way that you can actually try to eliminate the odor which is of course brushing your teeth and brushing your tongue but getting a specific tongue scraper that you can brush your tongue with will really help to target that odor because I feel like people like they brush their teeth and it's like sometimes they brush their gums but like you really need to brush your tongue like you've really need a brush your tongue please brush your tongue and lastly I just feel like everyone should have sort of like code words to be able to talk to their friends and let them know like what's going on kind of like if you started your period you could say something or if like something's happening just having key words to be able to use and like have little secret nicknames so that you can disguise things without embarrassing yourself and like saying hey I started my period you have a tampon just having like little keywords and little things that you can have with your friends just inside things so that you can say stuff without feeling like you're just telling the world your business alrighty guys well we come to the end of this video I hope that you all enjoyed it of course if you like this video then please make sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I'll see you guys next time

28 thoughts on “10 Embarrassing TMI Hygiene Tips To Know!

  1. I find it dumb to have a code name for your period… as if it's like some super secret government thing. It should be normalised by now cuz we deal with them EVERY SINGLE MONTH and it's so stupid when people are uncomfortable with the word. When I need a pad, I just ask for it normally. Idgaf about some immature teen boy laughing at the word. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  2. If the ONLY thing that you have is toilet paper to wad up, try and also use school supplies too so that it doesn't leak through immediately if it's heavy (plastic wallet that you put sheets of paper/notes into (fold into rectangle), tape the bottom down to the underwear if you have any by chance so it doesn't slip around, or use an empty pad wrapper if you have one in a pocket in your bag that you forgot about to put between your underwear and toilet paper to stop leaking)

  3. who didn’t already know the first hack? like you don’t need someone to tell you that! can’t you just use your common sense people!?

  4. Me and my friends had a code for our periods. Everyone knows those random fact quotes on pads, so we found one that said your middle finger is more sensitive while on your period. So we we started saying our middle finger was pissed off whenever we talked about periods and everyone thought we just wanted to stick the finger up at everyone

  5. funny story. when I was in middle school I had to take a dump and right as I was gonna get started girls walked in and were ditching and I didn't know so I was gonna try to wait it out and next thing I know the bell rings do I technically ditched. lol

  6. This is really great what ur doing. Love that ur using ur experience as a way to help others, sorry I couldn't help but admire it. It's nice

  7. My friends and I have codes for when we are on our periods and we need a tampon or a pad. We say Japan is attacking do you have a gun to fight them. The reason for this is Japan's flag looks like this 🇯🇵

  8. When I’d start my period I would say I have prephrial artery disease like that commercial back in the day I know that sounds fucked up… BUT ITS SHORT FOR PAD LMAO.

  9. Thanks for saying 'underarms' and not the much more widely used – especially in the States – 'armpits'.
    In Canada we are told to not say armpits in aesthetics/beauty school.

  10. Okay but the most embarrassing thing is opening a pad in the bathroom with girls in there🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. A long time ago I was told to use “powder” deodorant for razor bumps on my bikini area.
    As soon as I shave I put some along the bikini line and I don’t get razor bumps anymore.
    A lil tip For the people who still have to shave. Lol

  12. Where I live I have always said out loud to my friends if I need a tampon and I've never seen anyone being embarrassed about saying it. Everyone has always been so open. But hey, different cultures!

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