10 Camping Gadgets put to the Test - Part 5

10 Camping Gadgets put to the Test – Part 5

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What's up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority And today we are going to put to the test camping gadgets Let's check this out Where I'm gonna hike there is not a lot of water and I wanna bring a bunch of water with me So here is a cool foldable water jug So when I'm done with this I can fold it, put it in my backpack It doesn't take up that much space But when I unfold it look at this it's ten liters, let me open this and BOOM¹, look at that you've got yourself a giant water jug and it also has a nozzle right here right now i'm just going to fill it up by the house so i can bring a bunch of water with me and when i'm done with the water and when i don't have any water left and im hiking back all i have to do is just collapse it like this BOOM² close it like that and then fold these two flaps put the cap back on and look how ten liter jug, look how small it is again i really love this water jug, never seen anything like that yep, this is how i would carry this water just hold it like that probably should strap it up behind my back a lot easier to carry it on my shoulders than just carrying it in my hand but that works aswell im not hiking to far away right im going to come back to my favourite spot right here BOOM³ this is always where we always do the reviews of the gadgets by the way there is mint growing everywhere so it smells so good out here let's finish up with you in this one there is a real pain right here you can hang it somewhere so that way you can just dispense water really easily but if you don't want to hang it if you can just sit it next to you on some kind of piece of wood or whatever and that will work as well pretty good BOOM⁴ that looks good very easily accessible to me it looks like a camping pad right handles open up this way there is a lid but there is another surprise on the inside I'm going to open this up and they go that's a little stove for the pot that is actually made exactly for this pot I love this weird things what you need for this little stove is dry filled tablets most of the Emery's have this kind of direct field tablets you can also buy it in a camping supply stores really simple just put it inside here let's make sure it's always steady and let's slide it up and then I'm going to put it inside there simple huh look it's perfect fit then I'm going to fill this up with water look at that just perfect close it and we're going to boil this there you go and we're going to close it like that so it will boil a lot faster so let's just wait and see how long it will take to boil the water for the next gadget we need this little stove once again I'm going to start it up I have here another cup that I'm going to fill it up with water and boil it we're gonna set the diet on the stove okay this one is starting to boil let me check this one this one is getting hot also when this dry field burn out you just add on another tablet and you keep agent established you'll start boiling as you can see it's almost starting to boil as well oh yeah it's done boiling so this stuff is a lot faster than this one that's for sure now let's see how this camping cocky bag works I hear you just open this up BOOM⁵ and let's see what's inside they go there is a coffee bag and what I'm going to do is just pour water inside of it and all the water go we'll go through and sip to in this bigger bag right here so let's see how it works put the scottie back back in so right now because I was using this high power stove this metal handles will be way too hot so there is another gadget is like this you see it's a colored clamp so what I'm going to do is go out like that slide it in and clam it really well so it does not slide out BOOM⁶ just like that and you can see and I don't have to worry about burning myself very cool gadget you can set it down at here for now and now without burning myself I'm going to put hot water inside here slowly you see how good this gadget is now I can hold stuff and not burn myself now I'm going to add some water you see how it slowly seeping in inside of to here into here so it's burning inside of there really well I wish I had a bigger pot so I can fill it up even more water so it's all the way full as you can see there's still a lot of water it slowly seep into the coffee bag into this bigger bag okay then I'm going to just zip tight okay let me put all kill it let me put some cuts in there Wow look at that floor this is awesome fresh boot coffee and you don't have to go actually even use a cup you can just drink out of it BOOM⁷ wow you see there is a simple instruction card to make it okay quick taste test ah the cup is hot because I use this cup to heat up all the water to boil the water so it's still hot how do I fix it we'll check this out this gadget called hot lip what it is it's a little silicone rubber piston it here and it slides on on a cup just like that BOOM⁸ so that way I'd hear when you touch your lip you don't burn yourself okay let's see if it's actually works oh wow it is a lot cooler it helps a lot I love this Leo God you definitely don't go on my bottom lip anymore this time I'm going to make me some food I got your muesli right here fill it up BOOM⁹ just like that and then I'm going to put some hot water now probably should have done the Moosey in this Cup not in that one why not I'm just going to put it all in here instead because this one has a lid I can close it and wait till it's cooks up which is okay you see this cup is pretty dirty now well no big deal I got here scrubber and a brush so this is awesome I can just use it to clean it out like this look at that this one rubber is so bubbly even better to clean it out look at that it scrubs everything out pretty good and as you can see it's a perfect fit out there so that way you scrub it to the side and it's nice and clean all I have to do is just rinse it off you know what it's pretty cool and I think it's very easy to just hang it behind your back on some kind of the rope that way you always have it or cool so I made musi but I forgot my spool no big deal I got this foldable giant spoon it could actually serve like a big spoon hmm wall that's delicious so now we got ourselves some dirty dishes all I have to do is put a little bit of water and just use the scrubber like this just go up everything inside of it or I can even use a brush and just clean everything up in there now I just have to rinse it off a little bit and I contains the Scarborough first of all and BOOM¹⁰ we got ourself a clean pot so this layer Gajic I got kitchen utensils they are foldable like this BOOM¹¹ look at that there is a giant spoon right here and BOOM¹² I forgot how you call this but to flip eggs bacon whatever and there's one of this whatever this is for looks like a stain which is really cool a lot of times you needed how do you close it you see does not close what you have to do is push it here push this too and it closes easily you see doesn't close push – closes very doable I love how it's not too flexible and I love Heights foldable so that way it takes up much less space there is my kitchen utensils it's perfect when you compile for like a week or so that way you can cook in a big pot for many people so this layer gadget this is little fire starter you probably seen it if you go to a camping store let's see if they are actually easy to start I have this giant flint and striker probably what I should do is just break it up a little bit just like that so now I have a bunch of layer dry whatever that is feels like bunch of mulch fine at this time I'm going to shave off a little bit of a magnesium magnesium flakes and now strike it one time and BOOM¹³ you see actually it burns a little well Wow that's not bad at all and it looks like it's burns for a while too all I just have to do is just put little twigs on it and it's going to burn really really well Wow now it's burning even better wow this will lighten ball both burning for very very long time so it's definitely a really good kindling to start the fire with well guys that's pretty much it as you can see I'm done with the water for today now I don't have to carry a giant water bottle is closing this little thing let me know in comments below which Gajic was your favorite thank you for watching don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and I'll see you next time you

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