10 Amazing Toys For Kids You MUST See - Toy Gadgets On Amazon

10 Amazing Toys For Kids You MUST See – Toy Gadgets On Amazon

Kids love toys! Here are the top 10 most amazing cool toys and toy gadgets for kids you can buy now on Amazon.

Toys List:

Anki Overdrive
Parrot Sumo
Ollie Sphero
Makey Makey
Ferrofluid Display
littleBits STEAM

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they're great who's talking I always been talking about karna types is very great little bits work well with library drop-in programs because they don't require a lot of teaching it's really just explain the colors show them how they snap together and then let them start creating there is no high learning curve limits it's very easy you can put a suitcase of Base in front of a group of students and they will teach themselves we encourage their girls to go into puppets website and use a little it's bad for exploration but ultimately it runs itself is plugins and as a principal I'm looking for products that allow teachers to experiment and to feel successful one of the challenges with stem learning in his engineering is usually a topic that the teachers have not had a lot of training in so that have a product where the teachers can learn alongside the children who's also very powerful little bits help children discover that their scientists their pitchers they're problem solvers they're artists and that they're capable a lot more than they thought

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  1. What's the song that plays over the Parrot ad Ollie segments? And the song during the Speks and Ferrofluid parts? They sound awesome!

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