★★★★★ Tactical Hair Clips: Tacticlip - Survival Tool Gadget Review - EDC multi tool

★★★★★ Tactical Hair Clips: Tacticlip – Survival Tool Gadget Review – EDC multi tool

Does it cut hair? No. Is it handy? Heck yiss.
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Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits), (Seattle nonprofit) Knok.org
From Beau Chevassus:

little materialistic minions I have in my hair don't tell the TSA they freak out don't have a sense of humor oh look at this right here Oh obviously it's not necessarily designed for men I don't know when the last time you had a hair clip or a scrunchie in your hair unless you have a man bun in that case we need to have an intervention but anyway I'm not here to make fun of all their fellow fixtures out there I'm here to share with you all about the tactic clip if in fact you're interested in this little guy so I'm just gonna set down the camera like so and first of all I'm gonna show you this little knife right here this is my everyday carry knife just a little razor blade like that also doubles as a money clip however what you might find with a lot of females out there is that they don't necessarily have pockets or large large pockets or they don't wear cargo pants like some guys I know and purse pants that you can put lots of knives in instead they have pretty much their hair so they can't of course store a knife in their hair but they can store a tactic clip and so this is how it works so unclip like that let's say for example let's get some hair let's say just pretend that this is some hair and it clips on like that and then it stays put now I would say that the the most common misconception I would guess about the tactic clip is well if it is you know a knife this thing is going to cut my hair I will show you that this does not in fact cut hair as a matter of fact see this little serrated edge right there if I rub my finger on it like so it doesn't actually cut my finger now if I rubbed it about ten times it eventually is going to cut simply because it's serrated like little sharp teeth right there this little tip right here is somewhat sharp but the edge itself is not sharp like a razor blade so this will not cut hair now if in fact you have oh let's say a sharpener tool like this lansky highly recommended on Amazon these are amazing for keeping your knives sharp these little sharpening tool systems now theoretically you could use the to go through and sharpen some of the teeth to make this an actual razor-sharp blade but this is not designed to necessarily replace a razor blade this is designed to be have piercing power not necessarily like slicing power if that was the case well then this would be cutting your hair and obviously the the makers have tact to clip do not want to cut hair or else there would be a lot of disappointed women out there now of course if you do have dry and brittle hair any kind of clip is going to cut your hair if you have unhealthy hair but let's say for example this guy right here so this is the MTA hair clip this I also found on Amazon as one of those multi tool type clips but they're pretty much a dime a dozen and these little guys have like the little wrench on the end they don't actually have the Raptor claw type type tip which is unique and exclusive to the tactic clip used for actual piercing and stabbing power also speaking of stabbing power I would not recommend that this guy actually be used in a self-defense type environment in that case just use your fists and your knuckles don't worry about trying to pull this out of your hair to cause some lacerations with this tip right there I have tested the the little hole right there to strip some wire just some speaker wire fairly thin gauge stuff I've opened up multiple multiple Amazon boxes with these guys and if you were to unclip it like that there is a small little screwdriver right there if I were to take my glasses off that little screwdriver actually fits that screw absolutely perfectly and I can tighten my glasses using that little screw tip right there it also has a bit of a measurement right there those are inches on that side said to me meters and millimeters on that side if in fact you're hard-pressed to really precisely measure something obviously that's probably not the main selling point is a there's a ruler in my hair probably the main points of this guy is simply the serrated edge and stabbing point at this point that just kind of slices into cardboard matter of fact let's test something here so here's a magazine right here and I stab it in like that and then I drag it across like that and and as you can see it cut through there using that little tip like that isn't that pretty interesting so there you go there's a real world demonstrate a demonstration of this tactical hair clip the beautiful part about this is that it's a minimalist it's lightweight and it's easy to hide pretty much anywhere whether it's in your hair or on your shirt sleeve or in your pocket matter of fact I probably wouldn't recommend stuffing this in the bottom of your pocket because it's kind of pointy and you might actually stab yourself so um so keep it where you can actually see it okay alright that's it hopefully this helps my name is beau Chevy soo I look forward to demonstrating and testing more fun things here on 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  1. It's very nice of you to review things for girls (you are a gift from God)!! I was considering this clip but I wasn't sure how well it would work.

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