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Available ThinkPad W Series Laptop Lineup

Lenovo's W520 laptop belongs to ThinkPad W Series. This series features laptops that are designed to be portable workstation computers. They are powerful in computing performance and they are portable in form factor.

The Lenovo ThinkPad W520 has all features designed to perform much better than other laptops of its class. A selection of 2nd generation Intel Core i5, up to Core i7 Quad Core is a quite serious leap in processing power capable of increasing multitasking functions by 20%. Its NVIDIA Quadro 1000M or 2000M graphics card with 2GB VRAM, professional-class graphics cards are designed for up to 5x faster 3D performance and 8x faster computational simulation providing you with so much video processing speed and power this laptop can be a serious tool for professional graphic designers.

The ThinkPad W520 is part of a new generation of ThinkPad W Series notebooks. This laptop utilizes Intel's 2nd generation of Core Series processors. Sandy Bridge processors offer faster performance, better graphics, and more efficient battery management over the previous generation of Arrandale processors. The ThinkPad W520 is designed to replace the ThinkPad W510 laptop.

To complement its video processing power, the Lenovo ThinkPad W520 is fitted with a technology called X-Rite Color Calibrator that produces graphics resolution in HD, HD+ or FHD. A USB 3.0 port is added to speed up DTRs (Data Transfer Rates) 10 times faster. To provide comfort and convenience for your wrists and hands, an ergonomic keyboard and Ultranav with TrackPoint and touchpad are available for laptop use.

Like the ThinkPad W510 system, the W520 is also customizable. There are several ThinkPad W520 laptop models, each with a unique base configuration. These W520 laptop models can be upgraded in select areas, such as for the operating system, display, hard drive and memory configurations.

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